Richard Sherman: NFL wouldn’t ban a Donald Sterling-type owner


NBA Commissioner Adam Silver has been almost universally praised for banning Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling for life after Sterling was recorded making racist remarks. But one of the NFL’s most prominent players says that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell wouldn’t stand up to an owner the way Silver did.

Asked in an interview with Time if he thinks Goodell would act the same way, Seahawks cornerback Richard Sherman answered, “No I don’t.”

Sherman elaborated that the NFL has an opportunity to show leadership on racial sensitivity by changing the name of the Washington Redskins. Instead, the NFL is refusing to take a stand.

“Because we have an NFL team called the Redskins. I don’t think the NFL really is as concerned as they show. The NFL is more of a bottom line league. If it doesn’t effect their bottom line, they’re not as concerned,” Sherman said.

Goodell said this week on NFL Network that he sees no connection between the Sterling issue and the Redskins issue, but Sherman says the discussion about Sterling using racially offensive words should also initiate a discussion about Daniel Snyder owning a team that uses a name many consider offensive.

Sherman’s new status as one of the highest-paid players in the NFL isn’t changing his status as one of the most outspoken players in the NFL.

184 responses to “Richard Sherman: NFL wouldn’t ban a Donald Sterling-type owner

  1. Perhaps not, but all the players could just demand a trade or refuse to play for him until he sells the team, just like what will happen if Sterling fights to keep the Clippers beyond this season.

  2. Good for Richard Sherman. Keep shaking the tree young man. Any player with the stones to rip Goodell is a-ok with me.

  3. Please Sherman, just shut up already! Why do I get the feeling since he is shooting off his mouth about his contract he is going to be even harder to live with…

  4. Though I love Sherman, I too don’t believe the Redskin name change is the same as the Sterling incident.

    For that matter, though, I don’t believe recording someone in a private conversation should be used to prosecute someone in the NBA or elsewhere. I don’t agree with how he feels or what he believes, but I also don’t think any organization should get so involved like that in someones personal life.

  5. He’s right about it being a bottom line league. But he’s wrong to think the NBA acted because of anything but the bottom line. It was widely known that Sterling was a racist for a long time. But the NBA did nothing because it didn’t affect them. Then this came out, and sponsors left, and players were going to boycott. It was going to affect the bottom line, so the NBA acted.

  6. Not sure about this, but he was right about Riley Cooper. Guy made racist comments (caught on video) and got mothjng more than a slap on the wrist by the Eagles, nothing from the NFL. And then got a contract extension from the Eagles. Wow, he learned his lesson.

  7. Well the NFL didn’t ban an owner caught driving with tons illegal drugs and $30 grand in cash.

    I think that’s a bit worse.

  8. Way to play the race card Sherman, even when there’s no need to play it.

    $40 million guaranteed turns people into morons.

  9. It wouldn’t ban a Donald Sterling like player either like a Richard Sherman who makes racial remarks, or Riley Cooper for that matter.

  10. Counting down till this dopes 15 minutes are up…. Enough Richard, we get it. Everyone and everything is racially motivated.

  11. Sterling made multi-millionaires out of an awful lot of minority players. His issue was about his “girlfriend” and her behavior putting him in embarrassing situations with some of his peers. I really don’t have a lot of respect for any of the people involved, but in my opinion the whole thing was a witch-hunt, and nothing much was really gained here.

  12. Everything is racial with this guy. I can’t stand the Seahawks because most of their team has been popped with doing “adderall”. Yeah whatever, we know what is really going on with Pete’s latest program. Sherman at least has been great on his own I believe but he keeps coming across as an ass with comments like this. Just shut your mouth and defenses down.

  13. I love this. Someone asks Sherm a question and he responds and the only thing some NFL fans can say is that they don’t like Sherm talking. Probably the same type of people that complain about less articulate players have a hard time describing their thoughts. Get over it. He’s a human. He’s good at his job. He pays his taxes and is well aware of the privilege he’s being given. Don’t like his side of politics then argue the facts, otherwise you sound like a kid complaining about who gets the microphone.

  14. Sherman just might be right on this one. It’s pretty remarkable that there has been absolutely nothing, not even a slap on the wrist, done to Irsay. Imagine the PR nightmare if he plowed into a family tomorrow and the NFL hadn’t done anything to him from his last drunk driving arrest. It’s nuts they haven’t even tried to cover their behind concerning him.

    And Haslam is likely going to be charged in his company’s fraud case and I wouldn’t bet they’ll do anything to him, either.

  15. This guy gets old.

    I wish the NFL hated me enough to set me up for life in my mid-20’s.

  16. Richard is such a blowhard, no one outside of the pacific NW gives a flying bleep what he has to say. Every time he opens his mouth it’s a train wreck.

  17. That is correct! The NFL would never ban a racist owner. As long as we keep watching, the league will continue making the $$$$!!!!

  18. “The NFL is more of a bottom line league. If it doesn’t effect their bottom line, they’re not as concerned,” Sherman said.

    The Clippers were losing corporate sponsors left and right. If you devalue a team, you devalue the league they play in. So this did effect the NBA’s bottom line.

  19. Sherman should be fined for making derogatory comments about the league. He’s basically calling the NFL a racist organization.

    He should just shut up and get ready to play.

  20. Maybe Sherman should give back his 57 million and show he is not going to stoop to the level of the NFL….guess not, it probably affects his bottom line….

  21. “Because we have an NFL team called the Redskins. ”

    …and an owner who is not going to change the name, yet plenty of minorities have no problem taking the paycheck to play for the redskins. hmmm….

  22. Interesting that he’s calling out the league that just afforded him the opportunity to sign a deal for $40 million!

  23. Sherman is right, the NFL is a bottom line league. He’s wrong though, that the NFL wouldn’t act if there was a Sterling like situation. They’d act…if they judged not acting would effect their bottom line. As of right now, the Redskin’s name doesn’t effect the bottom line which explains why they aren’t acting, but at some point if it does, they’ll convince/bully Snyder into doing something.

  24. He kept it real, don’t see anything wrong with that. I like him more for having the stones to call Roger out. We all complain about how playoff expansion and pushing the draft back for bottom line purpose are causing a lot of fans to lose interest. Sherman is just calling it how we all see it.

  25. If NFL players feel that strongly about the Redskin name, then simply boycott their games and don’t play against them.

  26. If it wasn’t in print how would we know what Sherman said? By all accounts he sounds like he has marbles in his mouth.

  27. Come on Sherm that money has you talking crazy. Are you serious? My dude, you just got a new contract so I know you know this all about the money. If audio was released of an NFL owner talking like that the same thing would happen. These players know they have the power. If they stop playing for one week the NFL will lose tons of money. Theres a lot more basketball games in a season than there are football games. Just my 2 cents.

  28. He’s been on a roll lately with these types of comments, but he’s incredibly naive if he thinks the NBA did what they did out of some sort of moral obligation. If that were the case, Sterling would have been taken to task long ago. The NBA’s move was nearly 100% motivated by money, as in: what do we do so it looks like we care and our players, coaches, fans, and sponsors don’t freak-out on us?

  29. It’s nobody’s business but Snyder’s. I don’t care who’s offended or not. This has nothing to do with someone being offended. This has to do with free speech and the 1st amendment. Liberals are all for free speech as long as you agree with their view. They are the most intolerant people around.

  30. I love Sherman, but these comments are RIDICULOUS.

    The NFL is trying to be as PC as possible. You think the NFL would stand for an owner using the N word?

    Look what happened in Bullygate. The alleged bullying Jon Martin went through is/was totally acceptable in every locker room. But hte NFL put their foot down. And now with Michael Sam coming in, they have put the word out that he better be accepted and treated right.

    But you are saying the NFL won’t stand up because it’s the “N word”?


    All of the recent evidence shows the NFL would.

    So you only said that to help change the “Redskins” name, or, like a lot of things, you did it for a self-serving reason, to self yourself some more.

    Nothing wrong with that. Just calling a spade a spade.

  31. What a really smart, no punches ever held back, athlete Richard Sherman is.

  32. For someone quoted saying “Don’t you ever talk about me”….on national TV. He sure can dish it out and talk a lot about other people. Maybe take your own advice, shut your BIG mouth and keep your opinions to yourself.

  33. I completely agree with Sherm on this one. The NFL has a team that is literally named after a slur against native americans and they aren’t going to do anything. Native Americans aren’t a very big demographic so why should Goodell care? He’s too busy trying to move everything to Europe and moving the draft into June.

  34. Man… Enough with the Sherman pictures… He looks like cheerleader…

  35. He lives like he plays the corner position.

    Good for Sherman. Get in the guy’s face and make him show what he can bring!

    Keep in mind that the Republican Party successfully lobbied the NFL to not do any public service work for Affordable Health Care Act., which would have helped the lowest wage earners in this country

  36. I honestly don’t think Donald Sterling should be removed as owner. He was taped during a private conversation by someone he trusted at the time. I find it just AMAZING that Magic Johnson was one of the people she was asked not to bring the game and now he’s trying to buy the team? Has anybody asked Magic if he had any conversations with V?
    Many people will regret this move if it goes through. Where does it end? I agree what he said was horrible, but he was outted, he didn’t expose those thoughts in an open forum. Better think long and hard because if I were him I would go to court and fight and that tape is not amissable so the NBA has nothing. And Sterling loves to scrap in court.

  37. One of these days he’s going to open his big mouth, accidentally swallow the mic, and choke on it. It’ll be great

  38. I Love it! Sherman is 100% right. The Washington Racists need to change their name. Black eye for the league. Really Sherman is doing the league a favor by moving the discussion along. The sooner the NFL and the fan base in D.C. realize how ugly this is, the better.

  39. Anybody who can’t the see the nuance and difference between a politically incorrect name and a blatant racist who has a dark history with some heinous audio to back it up is completely ignorant.

    So yeah, it’s not surprising Richard Sherman said this.

  40. Ah,the same guy that says dropping a N-bomb is ok because it’s part of the culture (sorry bro,not all of us use that),is offended that the Redskins name,which has been part of the NFL and yes,national culture,still exists. You invalidate your own arguments with your own arguments.

  41. This is a calculated move by Sherman, designed to generate hits on his blog.

    If saying that the nfl would act in the politically correct way would garner attention, he would say that instead.

    He’s being provocative.

  42. Would Richard Sherman and the Players Union allow teams to terminate contracts and reclaim signing bonuses based on any offensive language players might utter in the privacy of their own homes?

  43. The 40 million didn’t turn him into a moron. He was a moron long before that.

  44. Oh right, Richard, the NBA is far more enlightened.

    This guy gets paid to play football, not to think — a fact rather pregnant in the subtext of the interview.

  45. When will the plates figure out that they don’t run the league. They are employees and if they don’t like how ifs run they can always go someplace else to play

  46. Ever see the movie Groundhog Day? I swear this is a nightmare where every day I wake up and read something this blowhard has said. I guess somebody had to pick up the attention-grabbing slack in the league when T.O. left… only difference is, T.O. was at least entertaining

  47. Sherman trying to get as much attention as possible before the DRAFT. His statement is just a headline grabbing attempt to get Richard Sherman’s name out there. Shut up Richard ,you know that if any owner got busted like Sterling the other owners would kick him out in a nano second. Finally,shut up,count your money and let the 2014 NFL DRAFT begin !

  48. he is right, the truth is the truth no matter how much you dont like the guy. Colts owner, Redskins, and Riley Cooper proved his point

  49. Overrated and classless. In no way the best corner in the NFL, not even top five, strictly a zone corner. Without Earl this guy would get burnt regularly. What is really sad is that people support this jerk and his antics, only in America. #alltalk

  50. If he’s concerned about the nfl’s racial sensitivity then why did he himself say the word redskins? If its so damaging and insulting shouldn’t he have censored himself from that word or is it really not that big of a deal?

  51. If Goodell was confronted with the pulling of corporate sponsorship, and threat of player strike he would not hesitate getting rid of owner. Silver didn’t do anything heroic, he acted on common sense and no other choice.

  52. Hey Richard if you feel the Skins should change their name don’t play in Week 6 against them take a stand that night. You won’t do it because you are just talk and no action.

  53. Indian owned casinos on Indian reservations taking bets on nfl games don’t seem to mind the Redskins name now do they

  54. 40 million is fully guaranteed after 21 months? SMH sounds like the Seahawks set up the contract to bail before year 2 no way they are going to fully guarantee the contract.

  55. get ready for the “Big contract Curse” look up every player who has signed a big contract and their stats that year…

  56. There is no comparison between the Redskins situation and Sterling. I don’t think Goodell would ever let a Sterling situation slide. People forget that Goodell represents the owners and their interests. Do you think other owners would just be okay with a slap on the wrist of a guy who gave the league a black eye? I highly doubt it.

  57. Too bad they couldnt re-engineer this clown to not have a mouth like they did with Deadpool in Wolverine Origins. Then he’d be the perfect player.

  58. Sherman is right, they let Cooper say the ‘N’ word without repercussion. Why would we expect different if an owner said it?

  59. Sterling only got in trouble when he was recorded making his idiotic statements. All the lawsuits against him & his wife about their discriminatory housing practices didn’t matter to the NBA or the players who took his money until it was way out in the open. The guy is a pig who got caught! Guarantee there are plenty of business owners running fast food restaurants, sports stores etc… who share his thoughts.

  60. For someone who is so smart you think he would know when to pick and choose his battles. Every player who has challenged goodell has lost. Richard Sherman will be called for a lot more penalties. You heard it here first

  61. I don’t even necessarily disagree with what he said… But ugh… This guy is insufferable. I literally cannot believe the people who jump up and say how ‘articulate’ this guy is. You did see him after the NFC championship, right?? Sounded like nothing more than a common street punk. But he’s so highly intelligent, right? Give me a break. Where I come from- you don’t diss a league that just made you a multi- millionaire. Shut up Sherman. You are a grossly overrated player making millions to play a kids game. Yes, I said grossly overrated. And anyone who knows football knows he is. Sorry. He will flame out very quickly. He plays hard and works at it, but is a limited talent who holds every play and consistently mugs receivers. 15 minutes and counting… Anyone remember Larry Brown?

  62. To Sherman the NFL is already racist for banning him from saying the N-word.

  63. Ha ha, he would gladly accept checks from the Redskins organization…..just like his other fellow NFLers.

  64. he is 100% CORRECT. Goodell would only care if American Indians were a large enough ticket buying base to affect his bottom line.

  65. The man was asked a question. He answered it honestly. What is it with some of you. And yeah, Redskins is a racist term. Ask yourself (assuming you’re not a racist), would you call a Native American a redskin to his face? Enough said.

  66. And Sherman is the same guy that thinks banning the n word would be an atrocious idea so I guess him and the commish are cut from the same mold

  67. why are so many people telling this d00d to shut up? if all the players in the league just shut up then what the hell would you read about on this website?? huh geniuses?

  68. Sherman is an idiot. Great football player and Super Bowl MVP but still an idiot. Expect some type of return action from Roger Goodell just to prove a point.

  69. And yet no one complained when an “anonymous” team official said nobody would Draft Toby Garhart because he’s white. Not that the guy was wrong but still

  70. Is this Mullingyan gonna ever shut up , im tired of his big bouth , i hope he breaks his neck than he can go back to starring as predator.

  71. Not a Redskins fan but love Dan Snyder for standing up to the moral police. He paid for the team, he has the right to keep the name of his team the same as it has been for 80 years (or however long they’ve been around). He didn’t name the team. Just drop it now – let’s get back to Bullygate already so everyone can get back up on their high horse. Sherman’s opinion is worth a wooden nickel.

  72. I can’t stand to hear another comment about EVERYTHING from this super-sized ego blowhard. I don’t care what he thinks about nursing in the airport, stoplights taking too long, the Ukrainian situation, who should be the Democratic and Republican nominee for President, how to stop Iran from making nuclear bombs, and finally, taking over for Dennis Rodman as the North Korean leader’s best friend. SOMEONE SAVE US. This is only the beginning.

  73. So players can drop an n bomb every other word but the redskins owner is keeping a name that’s been there for 50 years?

    Ya, it’s the owners who have the problem. Could be the black culture. But that’s just too obvious for the left media to accept. If you have 30 players on every team dropping n bombs what do you think their private conversations entail? Hypocritical much?

  74. I like how everyone is telling him to shut his mouth and stop talking. Umm he was asked a question in an interview and he answered it honestly…

  75. He must think that he is the voice of the NFL. I wish someone would wet his lips and stick him to the ceiling.

  76. Sherman has issues with the NFL but no problem with taking a huge contract from “THE MAN”.

    He is selective with which “crackers” he doles out the smack on.

    When is this clown going to shut up? Comparing the Redskins to what Sterling said? Really? Yeah…definitely the same idea, not!

  77. I am writing to thank you for your opinion, Mr. Sherman. I will keep it in my files in case a need arises for me to care.

  78. Dude you got your money now shut up and begin to decline in your career like a good pro athlete.

  79. And you wonder why you are quickly becoming the most obnoxious player, ever. Now that is something to be proud of.

  80. Lots of people want Sherman to shut up, but what you don’t seem to realize is:
    1) He is being asked to talk by the media
    2) The media is asking because when he is quoted the articles gets lots of readers
    3)Every time you post that you want him to shut up, the media sees another reader
    4) When the media sees another reader, they continue to ask Sherman questions

    If you want him to shut up, don’t post about your feelings.

  81. This idiot will make Terrell Owens look like financial genius because by the time he hits say about 38, 39 he’s going to be unemployed, broke and looking to star in any type of reality show he can find. Just shut up already $40 million does not automatically make you an intellectual .

  82. Yes people stay stupid things. But until Sherman allows us to record his personal conversations in his own home. He needs to just be quiet. As well as anyone else who is blowing this beyond the realm.

    He said something dumb. Yes. But he doesn’t deserve to lose his property. People wanna cheer the NBA commissioner for his knee jerk reaction . But are we ready to accept those consequences when we make a mistake ?

    We has a CEO get fired for donating his personal money to a political pact to vote no gay marriage a few years ago.

    Stop trying to knock people down when they make a mistake. It’s not right. It doesn’t make you any better.

  83. Apparently intelligent because he went to Stanford?
    When will this idiot ever show it? Yes, he needs to quit talking.

  84. Everyone knew Sterling was a racist, but as long as he was writing checks, people were willing to look the other way. I like Richard Sherman, but his ego is getting way out of control.

  85. Now that you’re a certified multi-millionaire, you are THE MAN, helping to keep down the little people with your concentration of wealth. Until you give away more than 59% of your money you are just words.

    As long as some people are offended by your sick rich lifestyle, you are part of the problem with the disparity in this country.

  86. Yeah, it’s all about Sherman and not the way a known racist owner would be dealt with by the League.

    Why do bigots hate Sherman more than Sterling? Oh, I now because you identify more with Sterling and Bundy than Sherman.

    Goodell would have no problem dealing with a racist owner, but he other owners would. They would not vote him out.

  87. Sherman’s statement wasn’t unsolicited, he was asked a question. As to his response, it pretty much hits the nail on the head. How can so many of you have such profound knowledge about discrimination and what it feels like if you’ve never “walked a mile”?

  88. Ricky Sherman is right, the Redskins name is offensive to some people.

    The name should be changed to the Washington Sherman’s. That way it would be offensive to everyone equally.

  89. I think he needs to shut up. I’m sure he’s out there sayin the n word in everything he says. He’s got no room to complain about someone else.

  90. I’m a 49ers fan, so I obviously am not a huge Sherman fan……….and granted, he does say a lot of stupid stuff, but the guy also is rather insightful. I agree with him, if the NFL won’t do away with a name like Redskins, whats to say they wouldn’t just slap a year or so ban on an NFL owner who did what Sterling did?

    Yeah, would probably be better if Sherman didn’t speak quite as much, but that is who he is. I give the guy credit, he is balling right now.

  91. Having a name that a minority of the population finds offensive = bad

    Cheating the NFL’s doping policy by damaging a cup and then squeaking by on a loophole = fine

    Yeah, Richard Sherman has great moral superiority.

  92. Does Richard Sherman ever shut up? Since when has he been the moral compass of the NFL? He showed his true colors when he dissed Tom Brady in an absolutely classless manner. Richard Sherman is classless in every sense of the word and is setting an awful example for today’s kids. Absolutely embarrassing.

  93. First of all, Richard Sherman was in an interview, and he is supposed to shut up?

    You people bashing RS, are the same ones who complain about PC answers. Which way do you want it?

    I, for one, do not want the NFL to be full of cookie-cutter players. You need some players on a team with an edge. Wake up, these are not choir boys.

  94. So isn’t this the guy who said they shouldn’t ban/penalize the use of the “N” word from the field? Yeah, I agree with most other posters here…he should just shut up already.

  95. Richard Sherman, again I see your mouth moving, but nothing of substance is coming out.

    Roger Goodell is about one thing: money. If an NFL owner pulled a Sterling, that owner would threaten the financial prospects of his team and maybe even the league. And Goodell would not have that!

  96. Players that yap all the time are often like Primetime… funny and smart, but unfortunately they can be like Richard Sherman…. bitter and shallow.

    The organization he is slamming (over a completely hypothetical situation) is the same one that just allowed him to become rich beyond any of our imaginations.

    Eventually guys like this lose their talent and no one listens to them anymore… they just stay bitter and shallow by themselves.

  97. Just keep talking, Richard. Keep talking. The more of a side show you become history tells us the better for your competitors. So, keep on flapping those lips.

  98. I wonder is all the negative comments about Mr. Richard Sherman (called him Mr. Richard Sherman because he earned my Respect) is because they do not like him and he is successful or because he is correct in his speaking and successful either way can not deny the fact that Mr. Richard Sherman is successful…Indeed…

  99. People forget that the constitution protects your rights to your opinion, even if you’re a bigoted hateful bastard.

    I am against racism in any form. I am even more against a society that treats an opinion as a crime, which we are becoming.

    Sterling is entitled to any opinion he wants, let the fallout of that be a natural consequence. (i.e. players not playing for him, etc…) When he has to sell the team cause he can’t compete, the message will be clear to him.

  100. I literally rolled my eyes and said “here we go” when I read the headline…Then I read the article and Richard Sherman is 100% correct to state what he said. All you Washington diehards can try all you want to make the point that your team name is not offensive when in FACT it is. I don’t care if every Native American Indian alive today came out publicly and stated they don’t give a crap about the name. I still want it changed. I see nothing wrong with Indians, Warriors, Seminoles, Apaches, or whatever other native american inspired team name, but this IS OFFENSIVE. I can not stand people who bring race into arguments with no basis but for the love of GOD its a derogatory term used to describe a entire race of people we almost committed full scale genocide against.

  101. I think Richard Sherman is a smarter guy than people give him credit for, but I don’t understand where his frequent accusations of the NFL being a racist organization are coming from. Granted, I’m not an NFL player, I’m a spectator, so maybe he knows something I don’t. But, as a black man, from where I standing it seems as though the sports world is one of the only spheres in history that could truly be described as “postracial”.

    Secondly, to equate the Washington Redskins with Donald Sterling’s remarks is beyond ignorant. No matter how you feel on the Redskins issue, racism is a matter of intention and action, not perception. Comparing Sterling’s despicable words to the name of a team is insulting to black people, insulting to Natives, and insulting to yourself, you’re smarter than that.

  102. The original Redskins team of 1933 had four Native Americans on the roster. Orien Crow, Larry Johnson, David Ward, and Louis Weller.

    Is Sherman saying these men were insulting themselves ?

  103. Considering revenue sharing 1/32 of Sherman’s 40 mill bonus essentially comes from the Redskins. would he be willing to forfeit it… you know to put his money where his mouth is?

  104. Oh waaaaah. Did Sherm hurt all your little feelings yet again? God forbid he give his honest opinion on a question he was specifically asked. The only people he is embarrassing is the mediocre receivers from YOUR teams!

  105. Sherman annoys the heck out of me, but he’s a phenomenal player … and a really smart guy.

    I’m not a Goodell fan by any means, but my first reaction to the Sterling story was that the NFL wouldn’t allow that. Goodell has proved himself extremely sensitive to race issues as they apply to African Americans. The Redskins situation is complicated because, while you can’t argue it’s an inherently offensive name, the majority of Native Americans polled don’t take issue with it. The majority of fans don’t want the change. The owner is between a rock and a hard place, and so is the league.

    And now Sherman’s just positioned the issue in a way that gives Goodell no logical comeback. Very smart indeed.

  106. Someone already said it but I’m gonna repeat it. He was asked a question in an interview & he answered it. Why all the hate? Would it be better if the NFL were a league full of weenies that just walked the corporate line whenever they were asked a tough question? If that’s what you prefer go watch Nascar. They’re all corporate drones. They will never offend you & all their comments are interchangeable.

  107. Why would they?They won’t ban a loud mouth with a mop on his head……

  108. Yeah, yeah…Let’s blast Sherman for answering a question…He didn’t post this idea/response on his blog, he simply answered a question. IF you don’t like it, tell the press to stop asking him questions. I’m sure you would blast him also if he refused to answer.
    so many haters.

  109. I should have made clear, in the above, that it was the sheer numbers of our tribesmen which spelled existential tragedy for the Indian. That, along with their own lack of resistance to the diseases which had ravaged the Old World for millennia. (East of the Rockies, some estimates suggest, mortality may have been as high as 98%, owing to the lack of an extensive hierarchical support system for those who were suffering. Basically, when everyone is sick, almost everyone dies, expiring from lack of attention.)

    The Indian wasn’t so much defeated, as he was exhausted. The pity is that it took so long to call a halt to conflict, on account of the mercy rule. Partly, that was on account of blood debt, which motivated men like Andrew Jackson, but mostly it was because of the narrow personal interests of a few wealthy men, who used their corrupt influence to great, if malign, effect.

  110. There’s a far greater need to put the PC police up against the wall than changing the name of a football team. A society working towards equality is one thing. One that thinks it’s perfectly acceptable to destroy people’s lives just because they decide someone racist jackhole is tyranny.

    The Redskins clearly, no question, chose that name to honor Native Americans and Native Americans of those days took it as the compliment it was meant as. YOU think the entire world should change just because YOU reject the actual intention of an act or name and YOU decide to pervert it into YOUR broad unthinking definition of racism? If YOU can’t take something in the spirit it was given, it’s YOUR problem…it’s YOU who is the problem.

    Redskins forever.

  111. Here’s a newflash Sherman. There are wife-beaters, rapists, convicts, drug addicts, and racists in every sport. The only time anybody cares about them is when they become national news. If they aren’t national news, sports organizations will take no actions against them.

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