Sherman’s $40 million will be fully guaranteed within 21 months


So how much will Richard Sherman really make under his new four-year extension?

Sherman’s self-report of $40 million guaranteed and $57.4 million over four years is close to being completely accurate, but it’s not completely accurate.

For starters, the deal has a five-year, not four-year, value of $57.4 million.  (Actually, $57.431 million.)  It comes from the $1.431 million he was due to make in the final year of his rookie deal plus $56 million in new money over the next four years.

Of the amount, only $12.431 million is fully guaranteed at signing, via the $1.431 million base salary in 2014 plus an $11 million signing bonus.  The rest of the guarantee ($27.569 million) covers injury only at first.  By February 2016, it will all be fully guaranteed.

The first chunk, a $10 million 2015 base salary, becomes fully guaranteed on the fifth day of the waiver period after the next Super Bowl.  The remaining $17.569 million ($12.569 million in 2016 base salary and $5 million of his $11.431 million base salary in 2017) becomes fully guaranteed on the fifth day of the waiver period after the Super Bowl to be played in February 2016.

If the Seahawks cut Sherman after one season (highly unlikely), he hits the market next February with $12.431 million earned under the new contract.  If they cut him after two seasons (possibly but not likely), he walks away with $22.431 million for two seasons, and becomes a free agent.

If they don’t cut him by February 2016, he’ll earn $40 million guaranteed.  If he plays out the full deal, he’ll make $57.4 million and hit the market while still under the age of 30.

It’s a darn good deal for a guy who was still a year away from becoming a free agent (or having the franchise tag applied) and who had no leverage to force the team to give him the kind of contract that few fifth-round picks ever receive.

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  1. I’d love to be in his shoes when he gets to open his bank account each month. Must be nice!

  2. And watch while Sherman fades into oblivion with 40 million reasons/incentives NOT to play….

  3. That’s what, 25 million a year for 2 guys that combined were making about 3 last year?

    Plus the looming Wilson contract. You can’t blame any party here, the players for wanting to max amount of money they can get, or the team for giving them the money they’ve earned. But, even with the cap bump, I don’t see how you can pay those guys that much, and keep the talent level around them where it was.

    Like I said, a 22 million bump for Thomas and Sherman, which will be much closer to a 40 million bump after Wilson signs. Last year, the 3 of them were under 6 mil (don’t know the exact figures). That kind of increase on just 3 guys has to effect the rest of the roster

  4. “Now find someone to cover the other side of the field.”

    You mean Byron Maxwell, who was statistically one of the best CB’s in the league last year based on his relative playing time?

  5. So what happens when Russell Wilson gets his 20+ a year contract? I’d not be patting the GM on the back quite yet. Bask in the glory my friends, it may be short lived.

  6. It would be interesting to see how much income his tipped pass generated for the Seahawks.

  7. Good for him. The guy is a great player, speaks his actual thoughts and doesn’t hide behind a false persona for the media. Ya gotta like that.

  8. I like Sherman a lot, but it’s hard to agree to this deal without knowing what he could generate in return via trade and then having to rely on the team’s ability to replace him and see what they can do with a draft pick haul. Not to mention some team would probably serve up quite a nice offer for him. It would suck to lose Sherman, but this is just too much money and not a team friendly structure. I think the Seahawks can find and coach and develop other CBs and the extra draft picks and money saved could go to some other high quality moves. Don’t worry there’s plenty of talent to buy, and arguably too much!!

    He slipped all the way to the 5th Round and nobody seemed to want him, what if the Seahawks didn’t pick him then? Maybe his life would be different, maybe he wouldn’t have won the Super Bowl and had a chance for this deal, he should be appreciative and amenable to hooking them up with a little less stiff of a price tag.

  9. Seahawk fans mostly have faith in how the front office handled Sherman’s contract.

    Seahawk haters and those jealous of his abilities are the ones posting all the negativity.

    What make me REALLY happy is you jokers will have to listen to him for 5 more years – lol!!


  10. The entire Seahawks defense had basically the best year of any of their careers last year. Even if they don’t come back at that same level, they will still come back playing at a high level. And they will compete for the top of the mountain again and again. The front office will continue to push numbers around and make hard choices. The Seahawks as a team are going to be fine and keep findings ways to win.

  11. Will not impact Russell Wilsons contract. Guy is smart and a team player. Gets great endorsements, hangs with a lot of celebrities but is not flashy, doesnt party, will save and invest his money (his father was a lawyer so he’s disciplined).
    Unless the NFLPA complains about him impacting the qb contract and franchise tag numbers I could see him taking 5 mill per season for 5 seasons or a 2 year 25 mill so he can extend it when more space comes available

  12. Now maybe he can afford to have surgery to close that large cut under his nose

  13. 5 years, 57 million. IT’s a 4 year extension, but it averages out to a little more than $11Million a year.

    Bargain… especially by 2016 considering cap hikes.

  14. The Seahawks will have to clear out the big heads before the compete in the ‘Bowl again. Revisit in 5 years.

  15. Joe Flacco (remember him?) makes $20M per year. No way Wilson signs for anything less than $15M per year, and that would be a hometown discount.

    Problem is, you need 53 men on your roster.

    Give credit to the Hawks, they won their Superbowl, but this is exactly the intended result of the salary cap. No one team stays on top forever. It is by design.

  16. Yes, Seattle will eventually have sustainability issues. When they do, I propose this: Thomas and Sherman are more indispensable than Wilson, and they’d sooner part ways with Wilson than either of them. Wilson wants Flacco money? Nope, they’ll deal him or take their 3rd round compensatory pick and be on their way.

  17. This is certainly not hating on the Seahawks, but they better Win the SB for the next few years too. This ALWAYS end ugly strictly on the finances. Sherman does deserve the payday, but look what happened to the Ravens when they paid Flacco. Cap space gets cramped, FA Agents leave and Team Chemistry is broken. Not wishing this on Seattle, but this is guaranteed truth. I hope the Seahawks vs Broncos rematch is not as lopsided. That was the worst SB in my 40 years of watching.

  18. For those that don’t understand the cap, even without losing anybody else the Seahawks should have about 19 million plus in cap space available next season.

    Possibly more. Should be enough for Russell Wilson and then some.

  19. A good square deal for everyone involved. The Hawks were wise to lock this up now. Now they know exactly what they have to play with in tomorrows draft…

    This shows how the Seahawks operate. You come in and perform,…you’re gonna get paid. Late round draft pick?,..You are gonna get a shot at getting paid. Undrafted?…Doesn’t matter. There is a level playing field in the Seahawks organization and with a solid core of veterans in their prime setting the tone for the next 5 years, the young guys are in good hands.

    Sherman signs a multi-year deal the day before the draft,…yep, it’s good to be a Seahawks fan…sorry.

    Go Hawks!!!

  20. Seattle will certain have the team worth watching in 2014. Not sure if Sherman is worth that much money. . . .

    It is going to be interesting to see how SD plays them in the pre-season and again in week 2 of the regular season. Pagano said he wants to copy some of Seattle’s schemes in the secondary. Of course the Chargers will need to draft a couple of CBs. . . . .

  21. I wouldn’t be surprised if Revis decides to hold out for a new deal w/ the Patriots.

  22. A lot of talk about the salary cap and how the Seahawks are blowing it by compromising future opportunities.

    I disagree.

    The Seahawks have probably been more pragmatic in their approach to the offseason than other club in the league. They held off on signing overpriced veterans past their prime in free agency and most certainly will address any needs, which are few, in the draft. They also let a few bloated contracts go in free agency as well, giving them good clearance under the cap. Something tells me they have a plan,..a good one.

    Schneider and Carroll know how to be competitive with young players on rookie contracts and proven veterans. You gotta pay some of the guys, can’t get around that, but you can take advantage of the available youth out their and still win championships. Seahawks won the Super Bowl with the 4th youngest team in the league.

    Go ahead and doubt the genius of John Schneider and Pete Carroll. They love it!

    Go Hawks!!!

  23. I love Seattle fans enjoying a $12+MM cap hit in 2015 and YoY after. Let’s see what a flash in the pan corner and FS can do with a bunch of rotating scrubs and a midget quarterback for next few years. My guess? Scrape the bottom of the West. Keep cheering Seachickens, keep cheering.

  24. people say great deal… terrible deal.. today u r all guessing, period. The team has a plan. Their plan has worked great .. it took a few yrs to get all the people in the draft and free agency and trades, but now the Seahawks have a good core group. They have proved they can draft talent, in all rounds. Now very interested to see them draft.. GO HAWKS

  25. In other news, Skip Bayless signed a $50k contract over 5 years. However he will be cut after 2 cuz no one watches his show.

  26. Everyone keeps saying “wait till they have to pay Wilson”. Unless Wilson can show over the next season that he can win a game when the defense isn’t getting out done i don’t see him getting much more than $5 million per. Superbowl or not he’s a capable qb that, IMO, falls into the journeyman category. Btw, this opinion is coming from 38 year die hard hawk fan. Been there through thick & thin & seen them miss on so many qb’s. I love Wilson & believe he can be great but until he shows he’s willing to pull the trigger on some of the wide open deep routes, which he balked on many times last season he will not get a max deal. I hope he develops into a true pocket passer but until he does his value & earning potential is limited.

  27. I remember when fools said things like, pete carroll is just a college coach, seattle can’t win on the road, seahawks should t make so much wins till they win something, Russell Wilson is too short, 49ers are the hot team going into the playoffs, Peyton Manning is unstopable, the Seahawks won’t be able to pay all their stars etc… So go ahead and say something else. I can’t wait, but then again I don’t have to wait for anything, The Seahawks are the defending Super Bowl champions.

  28. Just think he gets this kind of money… I can’t wait to see what Patrick Peterson (A DB that can lock a reciever up no matter where he goes on the field) is worth…

  29. Cap is increasing and will continue to increase. For all those questioning how all the contracts will fit you need to review how much the cap is projected to increase. The Seahawks might lose a player or two but it will not be the premium irreplaceable guys. The draft will replace those guys.

  30. Wilson isn’t gonna take peanuts. He needs to set himself up for life too. 20m plus for wilson. Then the attrition starts.

  31. Seahawks are the NFL’s model franchise. They are rewarding their key players with contracts of what they are worth. They arent overpaying marginal player ie Golden Tate.

    Petey has competition at all positions like he did so effectively at USC. They are tough, and hard hitting on the defensive end. Have great safeties and corners. On Offense they can run the ball and pass the ball all over you when u try to stop the run

    They are the most impressive organization right now in all of professional sports

  32. Every great team has expensive players. It is all a part of the game.

    QB – $20 mil per year.
    CB – $12 mil per year
    S – $10 mil per year.

    IF they can draft good, and later round players can earn playing time, these contracts wont hurt at all. The problem will lie in the teams ability to let good players go and replace them with draft picks.

  33. $11.5 million per year pretty evenly spread out over 5 years, it’s not back-loaded. He’s still in his twenties at the end of the deal. Seahawks have several chances to opt out of the deal, but there’s no balloon payment looming. You never know what’s going to happen with injuries, but otherwise you can see this deal going the full five years.

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