Texans asked for an RG3-type deal for first overall pick


If the Texans are going to move down from the first overall pick in the draft, they want a huge bounty of picks. Which means they’re probably not trading down.

According to Jay Glazer of FOX Sports, when a team with a Top 10 pick contacted the Texans to ask what it would take to trade up to No. 1, the Texans responded that it would take what Washington packaged to move up and draft Robert Griffin III two years ago: Three first-round picks and a second-round pick.

“The Houston Texans said, ‘If you want our pick, it’s three number ones and a two,'” Glazer said. “When RG3 was traded, that’s what they got. . . . But, no. No one’s giving up three number ones and a two.”

What we don’t know is where in the Top 10 that team wanted to move up from. It’s possible that the Texans might be willing to accept less if a team in the 2-4 range asked them to move down just a couple spots. Glazer added that the Texans’ trade demands are on “a sliding scale,” meaning they’d ask for more compensation the further back they were going to move.

But as it stands, it sounds like, given what the Texans are demanding, they’re keeping the first overall pick.

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  1. Damn – three #1s and a 2nd seems pretty steep for RG3 – let alone anyone in this deep draft.

    Still plenty of time for Griffen to show he was worth it, but as of yet, if I were the Skins I think I’d want those picks back

  2. Perhaps the team considering trading up called Washington and asked them if they felt it was worth it. Then again, anyone watching the NFL the last two years has seen it wasn’t.

    More picks > Top picks in a salary cap era

  3. Those demands are crazy theres no andrew luck in this draft move back a few spots for 2014& 2015 1st rd pick and a 2014 2nd or 3rd round pick they are stupid if they dont

  4. If they aren’t comfortable picking there, they should take what they can get.

  5. I don’t buy this for one second, it’s just a smoke-screen to start high & see what comes up.

  6. If Clowney lives up to his physical ability with a long career, he’ll be worth three 1sts and a 2nd. Edge rushers are hard to find, it often takes two or three 1sts to find a good one, as several teams’ fans can attest.

  7. Exactly what the Texans should ask. The precedent has been set. However…I think if the Texans really want to trade down, the price will drop when they are on the clock. Two 1s and a 3 might do it. Still too much in my opinion, but hey, sometimes Teams fall in love with a player and cave.

  8. And look at how well the Rams are improving with all those #1 picks they acquired in that deal….

    The price the Texans are pitching are for today. Once they are on the clock I bet Doug Whaley secures a more reasonable deal for the #1 pick.

  9. It’s a very deep draft this year but only a handful of immediate game changers. Any team who would consider dishing out that much for the overall #1 pick, much less ask that much is smoking some really good stuff. I think the Texans should feel fortunate if another team offered to switch 1st round picks this year + their #2 this year and a #1 next year. Of course that depends on who the team is and where they are scheduled to pick.

  10. Please, the first year the kid played he was the ROY and helped the Skins win the division. Obviously at the end of the year he was injured and still was up 14-0 against the Seahawks in the playoffs with ONE leg! This year he has no issues, he’s healed and looking like the old RG3. One thing is for sure, Clowney nor Johnny Football is worth 3 number 1s and a 2nd round pick. To be honest no player is but the clock is still running on RG3.

  11. Logical response would be, “There’s only one team stupid enough to do that!”

    Texans should just draft the top player available to fit their system. With Romeo Crennel as the DC, I believe it will be LB Mack.

  12. No one in the draft is worth anywhere near that. With RG3, it was a lot to give up, but the Redskins hadn’t had a good QB (except for maybe a year of Brad Johnson) in about 20 years when they made that trade. If there was a year to make a deal like that, 2012 was that year.

  13. IF Clowney plays to his potential it would be well worth it. A team that is a perennial 25-32 pick should consider it. He is a rare talent.

  14. Regardless of whether RGIII ends up working out or being a bust, the position is so important the trade was the right thing to do.

  15. So 3 #1s and a 2nd rounder got the Skins 23 turnovers in less than 2 years (plus some vague potential in the years to come). Yeah, I’d be a little gunshy about trading up for the top spot if I were a GM.

  16. With the evidence of how that turned out for Washington, I’m guessing they won’t get it.
    After all, Washington doesn’t have a first to give up.

  17. Why does everyone keep saying 3 First rounders? We swapped first round picks in 2012. The price for moving up was worthy. 1st rd picks exchange in 2012 was a win for the Skins, we moved up multiple positions. Rams won 2nd rd because they had our pick. The other two 1st rounders 2013 & 14, Rams win because they have our pick . Skins gave 2 firsts and a second to draft Griffin. Get it right.

    Kiss our Grits,

    Skins fans.

  18. Danny Snyder would do it, but he can’t understand why he has no picks to trade.

  19. Yes, 23 TOs, after only committing 7 (5 INTs. 2 FMBL. NFL Rookie Record). The 16 last season was on a rehabbed knee. You guys crack me up.

  20. The only way a deal would ever get done is on a franchise QB….too much talent in top 15 to make a move… Clowney isn’t a difference maker to warrant 3#1s and a #2

  21. Nobody is paying a RG3 ransom for Clowney. I know some Skins fans that are made they paid the RG3 ransom for RG3!

  22. It’s obviously way too early to judge the Skins/Rams trade as RG3 had one excellent season and one playing through injury. I think after 2014 it will be fair to determine the value of moving up. All of that is sort of irrelevant in terms of 2014 draft though. If I’m in the top 10 I don’t do this year’s switch of 1sts plus 2 1sts and a 2nd for Clowney, but I doubt it takes that much. Plus you better be a 4-3 defense if you are willing to good all out on Clowney. With a 3-4, he’s still the #1 pick, but not worth nearly as much.

  23. Maybe to get Andrew Luck… there is no QB worth taking #1…

    And taking the Clown number 1 isn’t so bad, but NOT if you get there to take him #1 by giving AWAY all of that…

  24. Don’t worry Skins fans…

    D-Jax is here to save the day, and gonna make ya’ll forget all about that.


  25. Gotta give to Snyder though, dude bets big…

    A fool and his money are soon parted.

  26. Washington didn’t give up three number ones. They swapped first round picks with the Rams in and second rounder in 2012, and then gave up two number ones 2013 and 2014. I wish people would get this right.

  27. Just because Skins were stupid to give up those picks doesnt mean another team is. Not even Raiders would do something that dumb. Horrible move, set that franchise back.

  28. That “Three Number Ones to move up” for RG3 is so misleading since one of the number ones is the spot that the Rams slid down to.

  29. Like they say on wall street.
    Bulls make money
    Bears make money
    and Pigs get butchered.

    Now we know why they are such a great organization.

  30. I agree with people that it isn’t worth the texans demands unless the top prospect in the draft was a front line QB!! The texans should go got a deal like this. Swap first rounders with a fellow top 10 team. Get a 14 second and 4th rounder. And a 1st and 3rd in 15!

  31. No player or pick is, was, or ever will be worth three 1st round picks and a 2nd! That trade has set back the Skins at least 5 years, even if RG3 goes the hall of fame. Just plain stupid to even ask for it and even stupider to ever offer it.

  32. ‘Skins had to give up what they did because the Browns were offering #3, 22, and 37 to move up one slot.

    Nobody’s offering Houston anything like what Cleveland did, such that anyone else has to go over the top to beat it. As long as it’s not a division rival, you’ll see a trade that’s at least typical, if not entirely reasonable.

  33. I wonder if the Texans GM can be held legally liable for giving another GM a heart attack???

  34. After RG3-13 last season, I’m guessing there aren’t many GMs willing to part with three 1’s and a 2.

    And not a single coach that would be willing, that’s for sure…

  35. Draft positions are of course a product of records or trades.Many times that spot doesn’t truly reflect the actual state of the franchise. Houston isn’t a terrible team,much like Indy was when Manning was hurt,as soon as they got a good QB,they were back in the hunt. The Texans obviously need a QB and a few upgrades,so it wouldn’t kill them to draft either a need or want at #1,nor would it ruin them to trade down for picks. Either way they can snag a serviceable QB at some point.

  36. I hate when people claim Washington gave up three first rounders to get RG3….Washington swapped picks the first year and gave two additional first rounders the following two years. Technically we only gave up two first rounders and a second. Still a lot but I’m have a feeling this is a bounce back year for him

  37. And which of these players is a RG3 type of talent? Clowney? Uh right. Manziel? LOL. Even if Manziel were 6’2 217lbs with RG3 accuracy and his 4.3 speed who would take that chance given his wreckless style?

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