Tyrann Mathieu tweets, deletes Sherman contract commentary


He’s still rehabbing from his knee injury, but Cardinals safety Tyrann Mathieu can backpedal.

In the moments after Richard Sherman’s $57.4 million mega-deal with the Seahawks, Mathieu wondered aloud what teammate Patrick Peterson might be worth.

“Oh boy, I wonder what @RealPeterson21 worth is… 60-70 million??,” Mathieu tweeted.

Sadly, he quickly deleted the tweet, and replaced it with the too-polite-to-be-genuine “Congrats to .”

There’s nothing really wrong with the first tweet, as Peterson could make more simply by being next. While Mathieu might have exaggerated the scale, the idea that Peterson would make more isn’t necessarily farfetched.

39 responses to “Tyrann Mathieu tweets, deletes Sherman contract commentary

  1. Arizona got a bargain on this guy. I don’t care if he misbehaved in college. He has a nose for the game that seldom others do.

  2. Hey Mathieu… let me know when the Tardinals win a Superbowl, or you or your boy Petersen put up Sherman numbers (ain’t happened yet). Y’all pups in this big dog game.

    And frankly, I hope you do sign Petersen to a $70m deal. He disappears against Russell Wilson. AZ doesn’t scare anyone.

    PS – perhaps you should find a QB, THEN start thinking about your CBs. LOL…


  3. As a Seahawks fan I don’t think he is far-fetched in his opinion. Peterson is a great player and deserves the cash, and if Arizona is willing to pay him more than Sherman then good for him

  4. Uhh,

    Sherman is better than Peterson.

    Why should Peterson make more?

    His contract will probably be at or just below Sherman’s deal.

  5. Another Seahawk fan with an alligator mouth and a canary azz! Just like Dick Sherman! The fact is, Petersen WILL get more money than Dick because unlike the mouth, Petersen is actually a shutdown corner! Doesn’t play one side of the field because that’s all he can do. Dick can’t say that. He hides on the right side like a frightened school girl! All Mouth, just like most Seahawk fans!

  6. I guess some people still think since Peterson is a better athlete, then he must be a better CB.

    I’m a big fan of Peterson, but no way is he a better CB…not yet. Does he have better upside? Sure – he’s a better athlete.

    But right now, nobody is better than Sherm.

  7. Peterson is so much better I’m a diehard hawks fan and that’s a fact are safeties are better that’s all wonder what Peterson could do with Thomas and chancellor behind him?no one would have a catch!

  8. Hope Sherman, Peterson, and Mathieu enjoy seeing the back of Lattimore’s jersey running down field into the end zone this season! #Niners2014#Beast#Seattlesdone#Cardinalsdone

  9. Peterson IS the better CB – if he didn’t have to track top WR, his stats would be even more through the roof.

    Peterson and DeAngelo Hall led the league in shadowin WR’s per PFF at 11 each, Haden and Johnathan Joseph were behind that at 10.

    It’s much easier to be the “BEST” when you don’t have to cover the best. He’s a great CB, but it’s not comparing apples to apples.

  10. Seattle’s defense was the best because they didn’t fall for the old adage, your best CB should follow the #1 WR. Why would they change up a great, proven scheme just to appease a bunch of couch coaches?

    Also, watch week 2 game against SF. Richard shadowed Boldin all game and shut him down. It was the only game Pete allowed him to cover the #1 the whole game. Completely unnessacary otherwise.

  11. the fact that Richard Sherman stays on one side of the field is for scheme purposes, not talent. PP is a great talent, to be sure. When his on-field performance outside of punt returns reflects that, he’ll be paid accordingly.

  12. Dudes.. the post clearly shown why peterson is bit better than sherman.. Peterson is like multi position players that play any side of field in defense, AND also he return punts and kick returner.. make sense peterson will command more money than Sherman who only stay 1 side of defense field.. that it.

  13. PP plays both sides of the field and the other teams BEST receiver regardless of which side he lines up on… Dick can’t say that! And PP has Y Bell behind him…. Yeramiah. Bell. Not All-Pros Thomas and Chancellor! So who’s the better CB, well that’s up for argument but you know my choice. The REAL question is who do you want to support? ? Wear their jersey??? Have your kids wear there jersey? That’s a much easier argument.

  14. Besides, he was (PP) a better prospect coming out is HS, a better prospect in college, and at this level BACK hates to take him off the field. He plays D, punt return, and 8-10 O plays/game! Who do you want on your team? A 1 trick pony, or a better athlete, Pro, person?!!

  15. Petersons ability to play offense can be taken both ways . It can show he’s not valuable enough on defense to risk injury playing another position .
    Stop with the comparisons their is not one , Sherman is a cerebral player PP is an amazing athlete . Brains lasts body doesn’t, and sorry shadowing goes against the scheme. You don’t change possibly the best defense of a decade and one of the top 5 of all time and start screwing around because your don’t trust your other defenders . That’s what makes Seattle special is they line up and play ball . Dare you to beat them .

    And lastly I have seen PP get totally worked over multiple times especially against NFCW wr who really aren’t the focuses of the teams . I have only seen Sherman Give up like 5-6 tds in two full seasons including playoffs and preseason . He’s never been worked like PP gets . When your great at something that’s what you do , you can’t give bonus points for gimmick offensive plays .

    Why doesn’t PP play much offense against Seattle ? Bc he’d get smacked and probably hurt . It works both ways .

  16. Better football player: PETERSON
    Better Cornerback: SHERMAN

    Lowest thrown at percentage, top 3 for QB completion %, rating, and catches allowed.

    Not to mention he led the league in Interceptions.

    These are FACTS boys in girls, not some blabber about how someone only covers 1sid of the field

  17. He’s got a ways to go…He’s good,..but, yea, he’s gonna have to play a couple more years before he can really talk some smack.

    He knows it,…that’s why he deleted his weak ass comment.

    Can’t wait to see Percy Harvin burn his ass on a fade route. Can’t wait to see his as burned on a Doug Baldwin post.

    Play another year in the league and then maybe you can talk some smack. You’re not there yet.

    Go Hawks!!!!

  18. He does deserve more because he does more. He is a ballhawking corner, that returns punts and plays WR on occasion.

    You do more you should be paid more.

    Two different style CB’s but both equally good at what they do.

  19. Once again….Mathieu is tweeting before he thinks.

    Peterson is a great corner, but suggesting your guy is worth more will simply cost your team and salary cap more, and possibly cost you some of the money you thought to earn.

    Not terribly smart….but then again consider the source.

  20. I love the Honey Badger and Peterson is a great cornerback who will get paid WELL but Mathieu did the right thing by deleting the tweet. He would be getting humbled and humiliated in a twitter war with the vernacular of Richard Sherman. Saying that, I love seeing the rivalries in the best division in football, the NFC West.

  21. Would LOVE to get Michael Crabtree’s take on who is better.

    The guy that he runs circles around that looks the part.

    Or the guy that gives him fits and he can’t ever beat.

    This comparison isn’t even close. You mind as well start comparing the Cardinals safeties to Chancellor and Thomas and saying they are better too.

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