Will Texans be as gutsy as they were in 2006?


With the draft less than two days away, no one knows what the Texans will do with the first overall pick.

“They’ve done an excellent job keeping everyone guessing,” a G.M. from another team told PFT on Tuesday night.

When the Texans last earned the right to start the process by selecting a player, the Texans opted to make an unpopular move in Houston, bypassing both running back Reggie Bush and hometown quarterback Vince Young for defensive end Mario Williams.

It ultimately was the right decision, even though it was believed at the time that Williams would need to become Reggie White in order to overcome the anticipated NFL careers of Bush and Young.  The former started slowly and gradually has improved; the latter started quickly and fizzled out.

The Texans now face a similar dilemma.  The fans want quarterback Johnny Manziel.  The pundits believe defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is the best of the bunch.  And the Texans are believed to be seriously considering linebacker Khalil Mack (pictured).

So will the Texans once again ignore the potential fallout and go with Mack?

As one league source explained it last night, the thinking is that the Texans want to trade out of the top spot in order to get Mack at a lower slot, which would:  (1) give them the guy they want; (2) get him at somewhat less money; (3) generate an extra pick or two; and (4) lessen the potential for criticism than if the Texans simply take Mack over Clowney or Manziel at No. 1.

Another league source suggested that the Texans are still believed by other teams to be choosing between Clowney and Manziel at No. 1, if they use and don’t trade the pick.

Yet another league source said that, all along, the source believed the Texans would take Clowney or trade the pick to a team that wants Clowney.  There’s now a theory, the source explained, that Mack really isn’t a reach at No. 1 — and that Mack in the Houston scheme, not Clowney, could ultimately draw significant comparisons to Lawrence Taylor.

If the Texans do what they did eight years ago, they’ll simply take Mack at No. 1.  It will take the kind of guts they showed eight years ago, especially since a division rival once again sits two spots behind the Texans, waiting to possibly pounce on one of the guys they don’t take.

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  1. Now this is actually a well thought out and presented piece which is quite the treat on the day before the draft with all the BS being thrown at us.

    Thank you

  2. DE over RB was a no Brainer – it didn’t take guts. This draft isn’t that hard: Either they believe in a franchise QB or they don’t. If they don’t they wait til pick 33

  3. The fans DO NOT WANT JOHNNY MANZIEL. Why does the national media keep hammering this fiction? Maybe ten or fifteen percent of Texans fans want Manziel. Most of us want Clowney, a trade, or some other quarterback.

    For the love of God.

  4. Obviously you know nothing about Houston. The only “fans” who want Manziel are the fans of A&M. The other 75% of Texans fans want nothing to do with Johnny Goofball.

  5. If they like a guy #1 do it. Trading back in hopes of getting their guy is senseless for what an additional pick? they have 9 picks this year.

  6. Not a Texans fan, but if I were, I would much rather see Mack lining up in the 34 as a rush “joker” linebacker. I may be alone here, but I personally am afraid that Clowney is too much of a ME ME ME person and could end up being a bust. I say go with Mack and then grab McCarron top of the second so you can have Kathrine Webb in the crowd all the time….BONUS!

  7. Thank God the draft is finally here. If I have to hear one more ” (team name here) might take (player name here)”, I am not going to be able to stop puking for a month.

  8. Umm yeah, how were they right the last time ? Williams is no longer on the team and bush was key piece to winning the Super Bowl for the team that drafted him. Just saying seems like I would take the saints end over the texans

  9. Honestly, was Mario Williams the right choice? Hes a great pass rusher, but he didnt seem to generate wins for that team. Reggie Bush was a key part of one of the elite offenses in the NFL for a 5 year span and got an SB! Vince Young got wins that the Texans had never sniffed before and he would have energized a pretty tepid fanbase.
    In retrospect Mario Williams wasnt a clear cut right choice!

  10. Seems the Jags always get the short end of the stick when one of their division rivals is picking right in front of them … (At least they only wasted 3 seasons on Gabbert.)

  11. You media guys put way too much emphasis on draft slot. If a team has the first overall pick, they were the worst team in the leagu and therefor should take the player they deem to best help their team. Doesn’t matter what the fans want or who sports writers rank at the top of a list. Take the player you deem best fits your team at whatever slot you have. Throw Jimmy Johnson’s draft chart in the garbage where it belongs. Value isn’t determined by picks and rounds, it’s determined by what player you want and how badly you want him. At least this year some people in the media have figured that out. Took long enough.

  12. It’s curious that Houston could deem Mack as the best player and simply trade down and get him later.
    Why are they the only team that could determine that?
    It’s possible they trade to #4 the see someone else thank them for leaving the best player on the board.
    If he is the best player take him.

  13. Can someone explain to me why the Texans would use the #1 pick on a 4-3 defensive end when they don’t run that scheme? Clowney is not as good of an OLB prospect as Mack, so for the love of God why do people think the Texans would take Clowney and change his position over going with Mack?

  14. “and that Mack in the Houston scheme, not Clowney, could ultimately draw significant comparisons to Lawrence Taylor”

    The guy hasn’t played one down in the NFL and he is already being compared to Lawrence Taylor? These scouts/coaches talk out of there asses! So tired of hearing that crap talk when everyone knows that you have a greater chance of not making past the first couple of years in the NFL than you do at becoming the next Lawrence Taylor. And I’m not even a Giants fan or a Lawrence Taylor fan.

  15. Khalil Mack makes more sense for the Texans. He is a 3-4 outside linebacker which is perfect for Romeo Crennels system. Clowney is a 4-3 defensive end.

  16. Was Mack just compared to LT? Dear god let this draft start already. Everyone is loopy.

  17. It amazes me how many people are against Johnny Manziel.

    You’ve got a QB who was not on the best team by any means who put up insane numbers carrying his team like few leaders can.

    You’ve got Clowney who basically tanked all of last year.

    One guy has shown he will give you EVERYTHING he has to win. The other has shown you that with a minor injury he’ll be more than happy to take a seat.

    People forget about heart. Johnny Football bring heart to a team that desperately needs it. The Texans didn’t just become bad, your QB fell off the map. You bring in Johnny Football and you’re an instant contender. You bring in Clowney and you’re still a team that’s a QB away from being a contender.

  18. “(2) get him at somewhat less money”

    I recently looked this up and I recall that the top 10 draft choices make the same salary based upon the position they play. So if a QB is taken #1 overall he makes no more than the #10. The amount they make is based upon a percentage of the top salaries for that position. A #10 draft pick who is a QB would therefore make more than the #1 if the #1 was a running back since that position pays less.

    If that is true, the only way Houston could save money by picking Mack later would be if they chose him after #10 when the next tier of pricing kicks in. Not likely he would be there at that point.

  19. I read on ESPN the Bills traded up for Clowney, giving up 6 draft picks over a 3 year period. I told everyone about it.

    Turns out it was just some idiot’s mock draft.

    Mock drafts are stupid.

  20. Comparing Mack to LT is irresponsible. Can’t name one school in Buffalo’s conference, can’t even name the conference itself! This guy is a heckuva player, but played some weak sisters along the way.

  21. Andre’s Johnson says:
    May 7, 2014 7:53 AM

    The fans DO NOT WANT JOHNNY MANZIEL. Why does the national media keep hammering this fiction? Maybe ten or fifteen percent of Texans fans want Manziel. Most of us want Clowney, a trade, or some other quarterback.

    For the love of God.

    Do you listen to sports talk radio in Houston? It’s a lot bigger than 10-15%. It’s not that same fervor that they wanted VY. But just because you and your buddies don’t like Manziel, don’t think you speak for all Texans fans.

    And @r8rsfan…

    Mack did play against Ohio State…

  22. r8rsfan says:
    May 7, 2014 11:08 AM
    Comparing Mack to LT is irresponsible. Can’t name one school in Buffalo’s conference, can’t even name the conference itself! This guy is a heckuva player, but played some weak sisters along the way.
    Couldn’t name anyone in Eric Fisher’s conference, that didn’t stop him from being #1 taken.

  23. A mixture of truths and conjecture.

    The Texans fans who say only Aggies want Manziel are not being honest here. I know a lot of non-Aggies who want Manziel. The facts are, the vast majority of Texans fans who want Manziel, know he’s not worth the #1 pick. Manziel at #6-#10 would be more fitting his value.

    Those who’ll say, if he’s your top choice, just take him, don’t understand the draft process.

    If Houston stays at the #1 spot, it will be either Clowney and his question marks (year-off) or Mack and his question marks (small school). No clear-cut #1 this year.

    The Williams pick was absolutely the correct one. He had several above average years for the Texans.

    Bush was a complimentary player in New Orleans and Young was the beneficiary of a great Titans defense. Rookie of the year, who lost his job in year 2 to Kerry Collins.

  24. Manziel is just another Doug Flutie. Too short for the NFL. Off to the CFL in 3 years!

  25. Actually, picking any of the three players over trading down is gutsy: Pick Manziel and you get a short QB with an “OK” arm who is either going to be a total bust or a total stud; Pick Mack and you get a guy who was a stud against mostly mid-major competition now trying to play against seasoned pros; pick Clowney and you get a stud SEC DE with a questionable motor and work ethic who will either be the next Bruce Smith or the next Albert Haynesworth (I know he was a DT, but I think you get my point).

  26. Mel Kiper STILL thinks the Texans should have taken Reggie Bush. What a joke.

    And enough w/ this Johnny Manziel already!!! This is not Andrew Luck we’re talking about here. He’s going to get over drafted by a bad team & we all know see happens to young QB’s w/o protection–they get killed. Manziel does not have the frame to withstand the punishment in the NFL & his ‘Houdini act’ will not work against the best defensive players on the planet.

  27. While Clowney was CLEARLY not the same player this season as he was in 2012 I just don’t see how you can pass on a prospect with the rare combination of size, speed, & strength that he has. I hear all this ‘work ethic’ stuff but if anyone watched Clowney’s Pro-Day you saw what kind of shape this kid is in.

  28. They did a poll on 610 Sports website, and majority of fans want Manziel over Clowney. Even Houston Mayor says she rather Manziel. Celebrities in Texas says Manziel. Even I say Manziel.

    Quote from owner Bob McNair, “Clowney is the best player in the draft, but he’s a defensive end. He’s not a quarterback.” Read between the lines. If you can’t figure that out, you need your brain check.

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