A quick look at how the top 10 could unfold


Between interviewing prospects and posting content and prepping for PFT Live and having lunch with Mrs. PFT, I’ve been trying to get a feel for how the top of the 2014 draft will unfold.

Here’s the best info we currently have for the first 10 picks.

1.  Texans:  The Texans are telling teams that if they don’t get the package they want for defensive end Jadeveon Clowney, they’ll simply draft him.  Some buy that, others don’t.  G.M. Rick Smith previously has said that they know who they want, and that they may trade down to get him.  Owner Bob McNair has said Clowney is the best player in the draft.  Taken together (and assuming it’s not some of the stuff that the creature on their helmet logo would leave behind him in the grass), this suggests that they want someone other than Clowney.  So will they ultimately cut the best deal they can get to trade down for Khalil Mack, Johnny Manziel, or Blake Bortles?  Or will the Texans take Clowney?  The prevailing view among league sources I’ve polled is Clowney.

2.  Rams:  They’d also like to trade down, but signs are pointing to tackle Greg Robinson being the pick.

3.  Jaguars:  One of two teams believed most likely to move up for Clowney, they are believed to be considering Mack, receiver Sammy Watkins, Manziel, and maybe Bortles if Jacksonville uses the pick.

4.  Browns:  All signs are pointing to tackle Jake Matthews.

5.  Raiders:  We’ve heard they prefer receiver Mike Evans to Watkins.  There’s also a whisper or two that owner Mark Davis really likes quarterback Derek Carr in this spot.  Which would be the quintessential Raider move.

6.  Falcons:  If the first five picks are Clowney, Robinson, Mack, Matthews, Evans or Watkins, the Falcons are screwed.  With either Evans or Watkins and both Manziel and Bortles available, they could trade down.  Some think they could panic and trade up to No. 1 to get Clowney.  There’s also a chance they trade up to No. 2 for Mack, but this would likely result in the Rams losing their clear shot at Robinson.

7.  Buccaneers:  If Evans or Watkins are left, that’s the pick.  Jay Glazer reports that the Manziel talk was a smokescreen.  Aaron Donald becomes an intriguing option here, notwithstanding the presence of Gerald McCoy and Clinton McDonald on the roster.

8.  Vikings:  Aaron Donald or Bortles/Manziel, with the possibility of their highest-rated corner.

9.  Bills:  Could they take receiver Odell Beckham if Evans and Watkins are gone?  Best available tackle is an option.  Eric Ebron would be a surprise but not a shock.  Also, Donald could be an intriguing pick, given Marcell Dareus’ recent off-field issue.

10.  Lions:  Evans or Watkins if there, Donald if there, or best available corner.  Possibly a tackle if Taylor Lewan is still available.

74 responses to “A quick look at how the top 10 could unfold

  1. The Falcons wouldn’t be screwed in that scenario… they would simply draft Lewan. Only way the are screwed is if the first 5 picks are Clowney, Mack, Robinson, Matthews and Lewan.

  2. Whatever….and i have the money to buy the clippers which is also a lie. Gimme a break already on all this speculation my goodness!

  3. Thank God the first part of this is almost here.
    At least after tonight we’ll have some kind of substance to talk about.

  4. If Clowney, Mack, Robinson, Matthews, Evans and Watkins all go in the top five picks a lot of teams are going to feel “screwed”, not just the Falcons. I think there would be quiet murmurs of protest at least.

  5. When you think you have Fisher’s draft pegged, think again. It will be Watkins or Mack at 2. Not a lineman who is a project in the passing game.

  6. Falcons wouldn’t be screwed, Lewan with the 6th pick is a good pick. I think he goes ahead of Matthews actually simply because he has more upside and is a plug in starter now; not as polished as Matthews but still a plug in starter.

  7. The Lions taking Aaron Donald makes even less sense than the Vikings taking him. Both teams are already set at DT and have much more pressing needs.

  8. Silly story. How can there be 10 teams picking when there’s only one Johnny Manziel?


    …what’s that..?

    …so you’re telling me that there are other guys in the draft too? That’s not what I’ve heard!

  9. NOW is the time for teams to squeeze veterans to sign for the minimum. If they decide to wait, the team might draft their replacement and there will 1 less team interested in that veteran NFL player.

  10. If the Lions take that dirtball Lewan, I’ll be buying a lot more Browns gear from now on.

  11. My predictions

    1. DE or QB gut says Defense
    2.QB or DE gut says QB
    3. S
    3.RB or OT gut says OT
    4. OT or RB gut says RB

    If the Vikings trade down the extra picks will add a Corner and/or ILB they could trade up into the 1st round IF Bortles drops past 18

    with the off season trades pick up and drops of vets the above are the most pressing.

  12. My hope is that the Vikings trade down to mid teens, maybe with Chi/Pit/Dal and can still get Donald/Gilbert/Dennard. Then trade back into the mid 20’s and take Bridgewater.
    However, if they stay at 8, I think there’s a good chance they pick Mosley. He’s the best ILB in the draft by far and they need a MLB desperately.

  13. Most educated Vikings fans want Johnny or Teddy. These guys are more like the 2012 crop than the 2011 crop and their college stats back that (too long to list, go look yourself). Please Rick, give us some hope for the future! Stop building great teams with no QB!

  14. The Vikings will trade down into the mid to lower part of round one, and accumulate extra picks, including an additional second round pick.

    The idea that the Vikings need or are going to draft DT at #8 makes zero sense, considering the investments they have made in Sharif Floyd and Linval Joseph as starters for the foreseeable future. Not sure where Peter King got that info, but it sounds like he might have bitten on the fake.

  15. .

    Picks 7-10 should be interesting :

    7. Tampa – new regime needs a HR with its first choice

    8. Vikings – some years they forget to pick

    9. Bills – best player 5’9″ or under

    10. Lions – it’s Millen time!


  16. I just heard from a guy on the corner who watches football sometimes that he informed him that his cousin, who is a janitor for a local school, believes quite strongly that someone will get picked at #1 by 8:15pm eastern. I couldn’t believe it either, but thought I’d share with the rest of you.

  17. If they can’t trade back, I hope the Vikings take Gilbert or Dennard at 8. If they can trade back, they’ll probably still be able to get one of them, or Mosley. I’m sure Donald is great, but #8 is not the place to be drafting for depth.

  18. This is a pretty solid prediction of top 10 here, have 2 guys pegged at a certain spot and the rest depends on who goes where.

    Here is my bold top 10 prediction:

    The Texans, Rams, Jags, Browns, Raiders, Falcons, Bucs, Vikings, Bills and Lions will likely each select one of the following:

    Clowney, Watkins, Mack, Robinson, Evans, Manziel, Mathews, Bortles, Donald, Gilbert, Beckham, Lewan, Ebron, Martin, Barr, Fuller or maybe even Carr, but not in that order.

  19. Jerry Jones chooses Johnny Manziel with first round pick and promptly trades him away for a lifetime supply of Philadelphia Cream Cheese because its “irresistibly delicious”.

  20. What if the Falcons just said eff it and took Watkins if he’s on the board? And don’t give me the thumbs down. As ridiculous as it is, I’d rather see this than see them trade up.

  21. Didnt the Vikes just drop about 80 million on their D-Line? ok lets go ahead and draft anoteht DT. Way to go guys. Dumpster fire

  22. If the Texans are really serious about trading down, then take ATLs first and second to move down five spots. Sorry, but that is the best they could hope for.

  23. I hope to God the Vikings have the chance to take Manziel…..and do so.

    Go Pack.

  24. Dear Mr. Gettleman,

    If some combo of Clowney/Mack/Watkins goes 1-2, please give the Jags your entire draft except the 2nd round pick and take Greg Robinson. (We’ll need the 2nd round pick to get a receiver.)

    Please don’t leave us fans unable to sleep at nght for the next 6 months by leaving any possibility out there that Byron Bell could be on Cam’s blind side.

  25. Stop it already…We’ve waited this long, can’t you just wait 5 more hours.

  26. Stop it with the Mike Evans to Tampa Bay garbage. Mike Evans is not the speed in space guy the Bucs need. I believe he is good and we will need someone beside Jackson with talent similar to Mike Evans soon, but if we get Evans at 7 I will be disappointed. Then again, after the Morris/Schiano years, I am used to the disappointment.

  27. It’s the Vikings. No matter who they draft it will lead to the MN claiming the title of off-season paper champions for the 52nd consecutive year.

  28. Do you actually get paid?
    Because most of dont get paid to do this stuff.
    But we all know that Houston has no desire to trade this pick unless they get a kings ransom like St. Louis did with Washington.
    Nobody is waiting in suspense to see who HOuston drafts, we all know.
    The only people in suspense over pick number 1 is those whose teams have been rumored to be looking into trading with Houston.

  29. Gotta figure the Jags won’t pass on Manziel.

    Despite the Super Bowl ring that stellar defense gave out– Manziel is better than Russell Wilson RIGHT NOW.

  30. Hey… what about yesterday’s “Final” mock draft?

    Is “final” not “final”, or does it only count since it’s only 1/3 of a mock?

    By the way, this list is different than that one 😉

  31. Clowney is supposed to be a once in a decade player and yet no one is willing to trade up and get him. Sounds like none of the NFL GMs are buying into the BS “Clown”ey hype.

  32. With the 8th overall pick the Vikings select Aaron Donald DT from Pitt

    With a trade from the Seattle Seahawks, swapping the Vikings 8th pick in the 2nd round and also the 32nd pick in the 2nd round (formerly acquired by the Vikings in the Percy Harvin trade) the Vikings select QB Zach Mettenberger

  33. BREAKING: Goodell announcing draft will be postponed until Tuesday due to technical difficulties.

  34. It kills me how these teams sitting at the top of the draft try to use ridiculous deals from past years as “the bar” for any deals this year. The ones done in the past were under completely different circumstances and completely different teams. There should never be “a bar” as to negotiating a trade down. The “bar” is the CURRENT demand, and if it isn’t as great as it was for a different player in years past, then what was given up at that time is IRRELEVANT.

  35. 1. Texans – Derek Carr
    2. Rams – Jason Smith
    3. Jags- Matt Jones
    4. Browns- Quinn Weeden Couch
    5. Raiders- Some Fast or Fat Guy that Sucks!
    6. Falcons- Bruce Pickens
    7. Bucs- Bo Jackson
    8. Vikings – PASS
    9. Bills- Aaron Maybin
    10. Lions- Charles Rogers or any WR not Calvin Johnson

  36. How many angels can dance on the head of a pin? What happened to Judge Crater? Who was Jack the Ripper? Did the natives eat Michael Rockefeller?

    All this speculation isn’t worth a cup of warm spit.

  37. The Browns trade 1st round picks with the Texans, plus their second round pick and their first round picks for 2015 and 2016. Then, with the first pick in the draft, the Browns select….Ryan Leaf, QB, Crossroads Correctional Facility, Shelby, Montana.

    The dawg pound goes wild!

  38. And with the 9th overall pick in the 2014 draft, the Buffalo Bills have traded with New Orleans for Jimmy Graham…..

  39. Donald to the Vikings at #8??? Hardly, unless the Vikings already consider Shariff Floyd to be a bust, I don’t see this happening. I’ve got Donald going to Tampa at #7, as Lovie Smith looks to add a Warren Sapp clone to his Tampa-2 defense…

  40. Here’s to the Vikings. After cleaning up in free agency, again, it’s off to the 2nd leg of their annual offseason Championship, the NFL Draft.

    There will be plenty of high fives and pats on the back as the draft progresses, as the Vikes achieve the pinnacle of success. (At least in their minds.)

    Always good for a few laughs, especially when eventually the season kicks off and real football begins.
    And then their team implodes on cue.

    Hilarious! Please keep the good times coming Viking fan. And as always skoLOL!

  41. Not sure why everybody and his dog thinks the Vikings will draft a Defensive tackle. Drafted Floyd last year, signed Joseph and Johnson as free agents. Another free agent Wooten can slip inside, and resigned Evans and Griffen. Why on earth would they use the 8 slot for another Tackle, when they could draft the top safety or top CB in the draft. Look for them to attempt to trade down, if they can find a partner. It would not even surprise me if they traded down a couple of times, then used those picks to trade back into the first. One thing I AM sure of, at the end of the day today, the Vikings will have drafted 2 players. (at least)

  42. HOUS will be nuts to draft the clown man, he only cares about money and going number 1. he will be a HUGE BUST!!! that is a no doubter!

  43. Assuming the Vikings even get their pick in on time, they will reach for a QB and that qB will be a bust and off their roster in 4 years time.

    Do you find that hard to believe? Look at Ponder.

  44. The Vikings will take a quarterback,they have to,they are trying to run a team with a dud at the wheel. AP deserves a good qb before he retires to injury.

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