As it turns out, Johnny Manziel isn’t atop Cowboys board

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Maybe this is why Todd McShay had Blaine Gabbert ranked ahead of Cam Newton.

After the ESPN draft-talker declared earlier in the day that Johnny Manziel was the No. 1 player on the Cowboys draft board, it turns out he’s lower than that.

According to Clarence Hill of the Fort Worth Star-Telegram (who is in a better position to know), Manziel is actually the second-ranked quarterback on the team’s board, thereby not the top player. Their top quarterback is Blake Bortles.

Now, this could be a bit of semantics, as the team may have a board compiled by its scouting department that differs from the board that exists in the head of the General Manager.

The simple math of needs plus Tony Romo’s contract has made any equation that put Manziel with the Cowboys a bit of a stretch.

But drafting Manziel would create nothing more than attention for a team with an existing quarterback.

Then again, that’s nothing Jones is opposed to either, which is why this thing has become a fire that other Cowboys staffers have had to put out.

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  1. Since Jerry Jones bought a team, he now has vast “self appointed knowledge” of the game!
    Who knows who he has at the top of his list.

  2. I know the COWPOKES have needs yet I believe Manziel is the right guy at the right time for DALLAS. It works. He can sit behind 9 for a couple of seasons, learn the process, learn discipline (in the pocket) and emerge in 3 years as the new Staubach. The wait will be worth every loss. As an EAGLES season ticket holder I want this to happen cause seeing JOHNNY FOOTBALL pounded at the LINC would bring a smile to my face.

  3. if Johnny football ball to the Cowboys.then you can bet a facelift that Jerry Jones a jump at the chance to draft him.Romo will probably never play again, and Orton is in basic retirement mode.

  4. Jerry’s draft board becomes irrelevant once his is on the clock. He has proven in the past to not go by his own board so just about anything is possible. It will likely depend on what he feels will get him noticed the most at the time.

  5. There are several reasons a team might put out false information.

    1) So other teams aren’t sure which leaks are true and which ones are false.

    2) So other teams might feel the need to trade in front of their team and take a position that you don’t care about anyways. If a team trades in front of the Cowboys to take a QB, that is one less bullet they had to dodge if they really want a guy like Denard or Gilbert.

    3) Flush out rats. You don’t realize this, but a lot of organizations will disseminate fake information to certain people so that if the “rumor” hits the media they have an idea of which guys is babbling to the press.

    4) Light a fire under Tony Romo’s ass.

    But more than anything, the first reason I listed is the most accurate. It is impossible to keep everything in house, so you have to leak a lot of BS to keep people unsure what is real and what is fake.

    Also keep in mind that some of this crap is the telephone game. Some low level scout tells a media person that he was surprised Team X visited a prospect multiple times. Then that media person just puts it out there thay they are interested.

  6. I wonder if any of these players that were so excited to be in the NFL already hate the NFL because of how tedious and annoying this process is.

    Could you imagine if finding your job was anything like this?

    Granted, the million dollar payday on the other side of this sure does make it worth it…but…just saying…I kind of feel for these guys. (Until they get that paycheck, of course)

  7. With the draft now just hours away, the Cowboys are being completely honest on this one…

  8. The Cowboys have enough needs that they should take the best player on their board for each of their 11 draft picks. They should not reach for a particular position. The most disciplined teams are usually rewarded over time.

    However, if Manziel is in the top 16 players on the Cowboys board (and I would not be surprised) it is more a symptom of poor scouting and player evaluation. The Cowboys need a repeat of their 2005 draft, not the disaster of 2009 that they claim was a draft. They are not one player away from the Super Bowl, but need to fill a lot of holes.

  9. Jones has perfected the franchise of great value despite very little accomplishment…

    …just for laughs, lets assume he takes Manziel. He would now have a stable of either untested, veteren (albeit semi-broken) or fair weather QBs to choose from. So unless he is using them as trading cards, I don’t see it.

  10. “Maybe this is why Todd McShay had Blaine Gabbert ranked ahead of Cam Newton.”

    Classic reminder.

  11. This based on Clarence Hill who is a reporter. I’m the Cowboy, unlike all the other teams in the NFL freely share their draft board with reporters who probably won’t tell anyone.

  12. Smokescreen by dallas. By hyping up BOTH Bortles and Manziel with their 15th pick, they know that two sucker teams will come in and draft those QB’s, thus essentially freeing up two spots in the draft for Dallas to get someone else whom they have their eye on….

    Dallas will not draft a QB early. They have waaaay too much money committed to their 100 million dollar man- and what is more, Romo isn’t tradable

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