Bengals select Darqueze Dennard No. 24 overall


In need of some youth at cornerback, the Bengals selected one of the top prospects at the position on Thursday night, taking Michigan State’s Darqueze Dennard No. 24 overall in Round One.

Dennard (5-10, 199) won the Jim Thorpe Award as college football’s outstanding defensive back in 2013, intercepting four passes for the Spartans. He also earned All-American honors.

Dennard joins Leon Hall, Terence Newman, Adam Jones and Dre Kirkpatrick  on the Bengals’ cornerback depth chart. With such experience on hand, the Bengals may have the luxury to slowly work in Dennard, but the club has been willing to play rookies right off the bat in Marvin Lewis’ tenure as head coach. Also, Hall is recovering from his second Achilles injury since 2011.

24 responses to “Bengals select Darqueze Dennard No. 24 overall

  1. Good pick.

    NOW… get Andy Dalton a center, a guard, and a REAL #2 wide receiver.

  2. bengalskuta… the Cincinnati Bengals didn’t begin drafting CONSISTENTLY WELL until Marvin Lewis was hired.

    mike browns 1990’s picks were jokes and busts more often than Willies and Dillons.

  3. Cinch fans – you will be happy w/ Dennard. Sparty fan, so I’ve watched every game he’s started.

    Tough as nails, good speed, and he will fight for the ball.


  4. Steelers need a corner and they passed on this guy. Inevitable future bust.

  5. And, they still won’t make it past first round of playoffs until they are smart enough o realize Dalton will not bring them a Lombardi! welcome back to the bottom of the AFC North kids.

  6. i’m an OSU football + huge Bengal fan – sparty has been good to the bengals…..peko

  7. Good value pick at 24. However, it is a concern that so many teams with CB needs passed on him. Good physical tackler, but doesn’t have great speed you’d like to see.

  8. drafted a corner recovering from a 2nd torn Achilles tendon injury? Guys don’t come back right from 1 ruptured achilles tendon injury let alone 2

  9. “excellent pick…way better player than haha.” Now just how do you figure that,maybe because he was picked by your team,if your team had picked haha you would be saying just the is a safety and the other is a corner back, both are very good at their respective positions.

  10. The Steelers not drafting him and the Bengals taking him just solidifies that he will be a stud.

    He and fuller were their top choices. They like complete corners.

  11. Awesome choice here! I also agree, that our drafting has improved with Marvin Lewis here, but would also like to mention that the addition of Duke Tobin in our scouting department, has a lot to do with why we’ve been graded so high on our drafting since 2009.

    I can’t wait to see what we do in rounds 2 and 3. What do we do here? Lots of good running backs on the board from the SEC. There are even a few really good tackles available also.

    That said, many of you may recall, that our run offense drastically improved when we moved Whitworth to left guard. Plus consider he’s 33 now, and his left knee isn’t what it was. Perhaps we could land a really good tackle for the left side, and move Whitworth back to left guard again?

    I’m not saying he can’t play left tackle effectively anymore. Just looking at the bigger picture. I wish we could have kept Anthony Collins (only tackle in the NFL last year to not give up a sack, 7 in total), but you can’t keep them all $$$$$$$

    Let the excitement begin in less than two hours :-)!

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