Bills take a big risk for Watkins


There soon will be a new owner in Buffalo.  G.M. Doug Whaley has opted to do what he has to do to impress the eventual boss.

By giving up the No. 9 pick this year and a first-round pick and fourth-round pick in 2015, Whaley has sacrificed picks that there’s no guarantee he’ll be there to miss.

The chances of him being there increase dramatically if Watkins makes an immediate impact.

With receiver Mike Williams also on the roster, it could be the end of the road for Stevie Johnson in Buffalo.  Reports emerged earlier today that he could end up on the trade block if the Bills move up for a wideout.

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  1. If Gordon falters and gets a year off the Browns will take their annual 2 steps back, a #1 and #4 was not enough, The Jones trade for #6 was 2-#1’s a 2nd and 2-4ths

  2. To move up a few spots and draft Jerry Rice let alone a maybe pro receiver for two serious draft picks shows the GM has little sense and is a major reason Buffalo remains an also ran year after year.

  3. Evans was gone at 9, Watkins is a beast. The Bills are gonna have the best talent on offense in the league, oh, and they’re staying in Buffalo. Hate on you ignorant fools… Let’s go Bills, let’s go Bills, bubububububills

  4. Well…With this the Bills have 4 WRs that could be a #1/2 anywhere in Watkins, Mike Williams, understated Robert Woods and Stevie Johnson. Someone is getting traded. There is just too much for 1 team here

    If the Bills were trading up they REALLY should have gone OT. It doesnt matter if you have playmakers if the QB is getting assaulted because of poor RT play.

  5. Please, when the Bills traded back last year that was “why the Bills remain an also ran”. When they stay at their own pick, its “why the Bills remain an also ran”. There’s lots of reasons the Bills remain an also ran, this move is not it. They went and got their guy. Good for them.

  6. It’s all a crap shoot but this move was stupid. Giving a first and fourth for a untested receiver should get the GM replaced when new owner shows up. Go bubububububills. Really!

  7. Buffalo only paid to much if they tank again this season. I don’t see that happening. A low first round and a fourth is in no way to much for this caliber player.

  8. Buffalo has set themselves up to have the best receiving and running game in the league. The jury is out on EJ but if he fails it won’t be because of weapons. Pick up a RT in the second, and they are on the rise.
    Haters: ” bad move by buffalo, that’s why they are moving to LA, HEY MA!!! GET ME MEATLOAF, NOW!!!!!”

  9. @there

    Defense was solid last year…Petrine is gone,sub d-minded Schwartz, at worst you add weapons for the offense. I don’t like trading next years 1, but if it’s late 20s (god lord it better be!) then, I don’t hate the trade… And I stand by my wgr song

  10. You don’t draft a right tackle in the top-10, let alone move up to get one. They have a young, pro-bowl caliber talent in Glenn.

    There are still plenty of RT’s on the board, they will get their guy if they want him.

  11. This pick is ALL about Doug Whaley and Doug Marrone trying to do what they need to do – WIN NOW.

    Most GM/coaches get 3 years on a rebuilding project and that’s what these guys expected to have. That went out the window as soon as Ralph Wilson passed away. New owners means new coaches and front office personnel. The Doug’s know that their chances of having this job next year are slim and if they don’t get to the playoffs then there is NO chance. They need to take this team to the playoffs this year or there will be no next year for them.

    Of the players available in this draft who made sense for the Bills (i.e., no QBs) is there anyone with a better chance of turning around the team’s fortunes THIS season than Sammy Watkins? Even Clowney, while arguably the more talented player, is a DE which means his impact is limited. DEs don’t put points on the board. WRs do and Sammy Watkins has the potential to put a LOT of them on the board.

    Now it’s on EJ. More than ever before, Marrone and Whaley’s career – along with the fortunes of the entire franchise – rest on Manuel’s shoulders. No pressure EJ…

  12. This would be great move if the Bills were a playoff contender and one player away from a SB title, but the reality is they will be in 4th place in the AFC East as they always are. Seriously, not even being a Hater. It is just a fact. The Good news is they are staying in Buffalo through 2019. Yeah for all of you and Donald Trump!

  13. Let’s be honest, everyone in the building now doesn’t care. They probably won’t be there when the team is sold unless this team is on track for the Super Bowl, so might as well swing for the fences. That reckless mentality created by Wilson’s death was Cleveland’s gain imo.

  14. You can always count on The Boofaloes to be stupid. QB can’t stay on the field, crap o line with no depth…and Cleveland is just going to LOVE the number one pick they got from the Boofs because it will most likely be a top ten again.

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