Casserly: Manziel “by far the most overrated player in the draft”


Charley Casserly ran a draft room 18 times in two stints as an NFL general manager, first in Washington and then in Houston. And he hasn’t often seen a player he likes less than Johnny Manziel.

Casserly published a mock draft at this week in which he projected Manziel as falling out of the first round entirely, and although Casserly acknowledges that there are plenty of people around the NFL who like Manziel enough to use a first-round pick on him, Casserly believes those people are wrong.

In fact, Casserly believes that Manziel isn’t the top prospect at anything except getting more credit than he deserves.

“I think this guy is the most overhyped player in the draft, and he’s by far the most overrated player in the draft,” Casserly said on NFL Network.

Whether he’s overrated, underrated or properly rated remains to be seen, but this is clear: Manziel is the most polarizing and most discussed player in the draft.

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  1. I wonder if he felt the same about the most over-hyped player of all time…Mike Vick.
    Vick, like Manziel is/was over-hyped. Vick floundered in the NFL and is a coach-killer.
    Will Manziel hone his skills and become an NFL success story or will he be a flaming bust?

  2. Casserly I couldn’t AGREE more. Your talking about a guy absolutely protected by talent from Joekel, to Matthews, to Amaro, to Evans, and even Christine Michael. He had all the time in the world to run around like a chicken without a head.

    Go to Cleveland and find out why you need a 6’5″ 230 pound beast of a QB. Its called AFC North ball. Your tiny hiney will get obliterated by Ravens, Steelers, and Bengals D.

    6’0′ 207 running around lol ill give the guy a break and say he has potential but not worth worth a 1st round pick. Maybe a third

  3. I agree I think Johnny Manziel is a smaller Don Majkowski. Very good comparison. And he acts like a total jag on and off the field. Flashing the money sign standing up on things on the sideline making it all about him.

  4. Overrated or not he is a winner. He made everyone of his offensive team mates better. I like guys who make those around them better and WIN.

  5. I’ll always remember when Bill Belicheck said “when has Charlie Casserly ever been right?

    It sure wasn’t when he picked David Carr #1 overall.

  6. It’s an epic mistake to underestimate this kid. He has one of the best arms in the draft, he can make every throw, he throws the best deep ball out of all the prospects, he has an uncanny ability to evade the rush and extend plays, he’s always looking downfield when scrambling, he threw for 70% when throwing from the pocket, plays through injuries, and he’s a natural leader who rallies teammates. The most important facet to his game is that he elevates the play of his teammates. Only the best QBs do this.

    Nobody has shredded the SEC like this kid did two years in a row. The biggest knock on him is that he’s short but even at his height he had no problem with balls getting batted at the line.

    Manziel clearly has the best top-end QB talent in the draft.

  7. Remember, Casserly is the one who convinced the Texans’ front office that the same was true of Reggie Bush and Vince Young. And he was right.

  8. Definitely overhyped. NFLN has spent about 70% of their endless draft coverage today talking about Manziel, even stooping so low as to ask Kevin Frazier what Manziel will wear tonight. Shades of ESPN’s reaction to every move Tim Tebow ever made.

  9. “I think this guy is the most overhyped player in the draft, and he’s by far the most overrated player in the draft,”

    Did anyone say this about JWalrus?

  10. Johnny CPA will not have much of a future in the NFL.

    He’ll be an accountant in his daddy’s oil firm sooner than later.

  11. “Polarizing” is a nice way to say ‘hated’. Manziel is the most disliked player in this draft. He’s abrasive, arrogant, self important and smug. Those aren’t the best traits for a locker room leader to possess. In addition, he’s small (I mean physically now); short for an NFL QB and skinny. I wouldn’t want him in my locker room or under center on Sunday… but he’ll certainly get his chance starting tonight.

  12. Why does anyone take this guy seriously? If i remember correctly he never hit the lottery on a QB so his statement is invalid.
    Casserly AKA Jaworski.

  13. The NFL should thank the Gods of Football that they still have the marquee QBs they do have instead of trying to sell this latest crop of untalented egotistical morons who will be humbled in their first practice by 3rd string defenses!

  14. He is right.

    This kid won’t be able to do the things in the NFL that he did in college (all the scrambles and throwing up prayers) that made him “polarizing.

    He is more worried about the things he shouldn’t be any way, like what market he is going to be in. He isn’t the kind of character anyone should want out of a franchise QB.

  15. Casserly is old .. and very overrated.. and I’m a long-time Redskin fan

    by far most overrated IMO is Bradley Roby (don’t think this kid can play at all… I actually watched games…typical combine inflation)

    2nd choice….. CKuandijo (again, just don’t think the guy can play)

    3rd choice… AJMcCarron (if drafted before rd 3).. this one, inflated by team, don’t see arm or talent

  16. “Manziel is the most polarizing and most discussed player in the draft.”

    Sounds like another former Heisman-winning, top college QB we all used to know…

  17. I’m no huge Manziel fan but i’m getting bored with people saying hes so bad etc etc

    NONE of us know for sure how good/bad he’ll be, if GM’s did they would be drafting Tom Brady in round 1 etc.

    As PFT said its a huge lottery, a gamble really, a player whos great in college might not translate well to the pros and vica versa.

    I kinda hope Manziel does well to shut some of these comments up. No one knows at this stage

  18. Uh,all you O-line pundits…how many great QBs have you seen win behind a crud line? Of course Manziel was great behind a good line,so was every other college QB. but it really must’ve not been so great if he had to scramble so much.

    I have no idea why he’s hated. Wait until next year when Jameis “Crab Legs” Winston declares,that shouldbe a guy you hate,he’s been involved in crimes three straight years.

    As for Casserly,there’s a show called The Experts with nothing but fired coaches on it. How can you be an expert after getting fired? Same goes for GMs.

  19. I don’t know Johnnie should be a 1st rounder, but he isn’t overrated… I’ve seen the guy placed in rounds 1-3. I would think a guy with such a wide range would be the opposite of overrated… unless Casserly is saying he should go undrafted.

  20. Sounds like another former Heisman-winning, top college QB we all used to know…

    Jim Plunkett?

    Ahhhh crap – all these prognosticators all try to spout some sort of hyperbole to differentiate themselves from everyone else. If Jim Brown was coming out in the draft in this age of so called experts on social media, tv, etc. he would be called the most overrated, worst load of sh!t, lucky he knows how to put on a helmet, never mind get drafted player ever

  21. I say leave him alone and lets see what he can do. He is either bust or not bust. A chancy pick for sure but he could be your next Tarkington? I would hazard to guess he makes more this year than I made in my lifetime so who is the winner here?

  22. He may not turn out to be the best QB, but some team will be very lucky to end up with Bridgewater as a late 1st or early 2nd round pick. Of the 4 QBs most discussed, he will probably end up being the one drafted at the right spot and turn out to be a decent QB.

  23. jesus christ charley, we get it. you don’t like him. why do you keep telling us, as if it will have any outcome on the actual draft? i’m far from a manziel fanboy but something about an ex-GM being so outspoken rubs me the wrong way.

  24. He admits his own personal opinion is different than other GMs/scouts, then let’s his personal opinion dictate his mock draft– which is supposed to be about where ACTUAL CURRENT GMs will draft players– then crows about how Manziel is not a first round pick?!?

    Nonsensical. No wonder he is out of the league.

  25. Casserly is a clown. Go look up his drafts with the texans early years, he didnt get fired for being a genius (or having that dead squirrel on his head).

  26. What do Tracy Rocker, Andre Collins, Bobby Wilson, Tom Carter, Heath Shuler and David Carr all have in common? They were Charley Casserly’s 1st picks in the draft through the years. This guy is an AUTHORITY on putting the “crap” in “crapshoot”. Seriously.

  27. This just in, Andre Johnson is PO’ed with Texans,
    may be trade bait during the draft.

  28. Lol at the guy who compared manziel to Mike Vick. Go watch some falcons Mike Vick highlights and you will see that Mike Vick has an NFL arm, although not the most accurate, definitely had the arm strength, ran a 4.3 40!! And had Jukes like the best kr guys in the Nfl. Manziel is a bust.

  29. Overrated doesn’t mean “not talented.” Overrated means “overly talked about in high regard.” Manziel definitely fits that description. And the media (Casserly included) are to blame.

  30. I don’t know – half the talking heads think he’s great. The other half think he’s a bust. I wouldn’t say that’s overrated.

  31. Look at the highlights that ESPN insists on showing of Manziel to promote him. The number of times he just threw the ball up just to have Evans bail him out is amazing. He will do well with a team that has limited offensive output or play makers.

  32. With the 3rd pick in the 1994 draft, Charley Casserly selects…HEATH SHULER. With the 1st pick in the 2002 draft Casserly selects DAVID CARR. Like Manziel or don’t like Manziel listening to Casserly talk about Qbs is insulting.

  33. Mike Evans is the most over-rated player in the draft. Need proof – watch the Texas A&M vs Mizzou game. DJ Gaines ate his lunch and shut him down.

  34. I hope that Manziel proves his critics wrong. As a Jags fan, I would love to trade down and pick him. To pick him with the 3rd overall pick scares me. If we were able to get him with the 10th, I say go for it.

  35. I don’t like what I’ve seen/heard about Manziel the person but between the lines dude is a straight up baller. Any of the QB starved teams need to take a good long look.

  36. All of the sudden, I really want Manziel to succeed. After all, it’s not like Casserly is THE authority on drafting QBs.

  37. With Charlie at the controls of the draft and expansion draft, the Texans went 18-46, including 2-14 his last year.

    His choice of Carr wasn’t the problem, it was his lack of selecting offensive linemen to protect Carr.

    Excuse me if I don’t get too excited about what Charlie has to say.

    In addition, you do realize the “hype” is the endless articles on PFT,, ESPN etc. Not really Manziel’s fault.

  38. Let the church say amen! Manziel will get a GM fired if he’s taken before the 3rd round. He’s Tebow 2.0 with a different set of skills/flaws.

  39. The NFL QB is a funny beast. There have been plenty of very talented QBs who had little or no success in the NFL–and lesser talents who won Super Bowls (Russell Wilson and more than a few others). A lot depends on the teams you are on, and the coaches, and the systems. Any QB who has Manziel’s agility and running ability will be a success in college. Doing that in the pros is a lot harder. Vick was the darling of the league for two/three years, then he got hurt a lot and turned out not to be a very good pocket passer. Doug Flutie wasn’t an especially good NFL QB but he played like Manziel and stayed in the league for 10 + years (mostly as a backup).

    Manziel’s best-case scenario is to basically a replication of Wilson’s situation in Seattle: excellent defense, offense that rolls him out a lot (neither Manzy nor Wilson are really tall enough to stand in the pocket and see down the field). If he gets a situation like that, he might succeed. But it won’t be easy for him.

  40. Every single QB who won the Heisman Trophy since the early 90s has been an outright bust or just average. None have been a true franchise QB. Think about that before praising Manziel too much.

  41. In fairness to Casserly drafting Carr was right the only problem was that he had no offensive line to protect him. 76 sacks and countless hits, no QB can ever recover from that.

  42. Whoever passes on Manziel is going to regret it. How is a guy over-rated when you look at what he’s produced in his collegiate career? The Blake Bortles and Messenbergers are a bit over-rated but not Johnny or Teddy. Those guys were great and college and you can’t take that away from them. All the speculation, let the draft begin!

  43. To put this into perspective, Casserly had a similar opinion of Cam Newton, who went on to have one of the best rookie years for a QB in NFL history.

  44. Won’t be watching draft tonight The Super Bowl Champs dont pick until Friday the 34 pick over all anyways.

  45. Based on my time watching the NFL I can conclude that no experts actually know what they are talking about when it comes to QBs.

    Manning and Leaf went 1 and 2. Manning is going to the HOF and Leaf went to prison.

    Montana went late in the 4th round, Jamarcus went first overall.

    Brady went 6th round, Rodgers went 24th overall, Kaepernick second round, Wilson 3rd round.

    Every team had a chance to draft these guys. Every team!

    Luck and Cam went 1st overall and have less success so far (although they show promise).

    Alex Smith was first overall… is he better then any of these guys?

    I have to say the experts have no idea how to pick QBs at all. There are basic requirements for arm strength, accuracy, intelligence, agility, athletisism etc. But, somehow no one knows the formula at all. Not even close.

    Not to say Johnny Football is going to be a guaranteed superstar, but saying he is overrated is just as much of a shot in the dark as saying he is going to be good.

  46. If Manziel was 6’3″, 230 pounds, and had no offseason drama he’d be the unanimous #1 QB in this draft. I think people put too much stock into his size and popularity being a problem.

    I just don’t see how a guy who is tragically undersized and doesn’t care about football goes and lights up the SEC and wins the Heisman as a freshman. Just don’t see it. Hell he has the highest wonderlic in the draft and the best pocket passing QB rating of any QB in the draft.

    He’s like a young Drew Brees who can move like Vick and improvise (and party) like Favre. He’s the surest thing in the draft. His freaking nickname is Johnny Football for crying out loud.

  47. And with comments like Charlies it’s obvious to see why he’s not a GM in the NFL anymore. All this hater tude from him towards Johnny is also obvious. And I hope Johnny Manziel goes in top 3 and Charlie starts cleaning the rotten egg off his face. This guys still a joke! Prove him wrong Johnny

  48. But he immediately abandons any scripted play the moment his first read appears covered, and instead relies on his above average athleticism to run for up to several positive yards! What’s not to love?

  49. This is coming from the man who drafted Heath Shuler and set the Skins back for almost 20 years.

  50. Casserly had better be right. He’s made such a fuss about Manziel that it almost seems he has something personal against him. If he’s wrong, a lot of people aren’t going to let him forget it.

  51. Thank you Charlie Casserly! Finally, someone who isn’t afraid to insult this little rich kid. People have been showering this kid with praise and dancing around criticizing him since the day after the NCG. They point to how well he played in two games versus Alabama as an indicator of his pro potential but don’t mention how lousy he played in two games versus LSU. Even Ron Jaworski and Merrill Hodge, who originally didn’t like him, both backpedaled a bit after some blowback. I hope Charlie doesn’t do the same. BTW, I totally agree with him. As an Eagles fan, I hope he does slip to the Cowboys at 16.

  52. Even if some teams and some X-GM’s ( who in their own right are VERY over -rated insert C.Casserley here)..It only take one team to believe in Johny Football. maybe he isn’t the #1 pick in the draft, maybe he isn’t a top 10 prospect but every team in the league has him rated the # 1 QB prospect in the draft. So, for casserly to say he is a 3rd rounder is just as dumb as his glass’s and hair look. What NFL would not take this kid if he fell to round 2 ( which won’t happen)..He is going to suprise some team if he gets on a team with a good nucleus…He IS the best QB in the draft, period. Bridgewater is a bust..Bortles hasn’t had a decent level of experience, Tahj Boyd might shocksome, and AJ McCarren has a hot girlfriend..and that’s about it

  53. When you compare Manziel to Russell Wilson, you are making a huge mistake. While they are the same height, Wilson broke the passing records at 2 different Div I schools and was a much more polished passer and QB than Manziel. Much more ready for the NFL.

    I urge everybody to go to youtube, watch Manziels highlights (you can watch just his pass plays, too). While your watching, ask yourself if you really think that he can be a good NFL QB and if its worth risking a top pick on, or your job for that matter.

  54. Who is Charlie Casserly to talk when he’s responsible for drafting not only David Carr but Heath Shuler too!!! C’mon Man……

  55. Overrated? Let’s compare Manziel’s highlights from the last year to Clowney’s from the last year. Now which is projected first overall, and which is the one who was practically invisible the entirety of 2013?

    It wasn’t Manziel.

    Which is getting every flaw overlooked, and which is getting hammered by every draft pundit, “news” reporter, and internet commenter?

    Yeah. Overrated. Sure.

  56. Don’t forget, CC also traded a high 2nd and high 3rd for Phillip “Ole!!” Buchanon.

  57. Im not going to be one to defend Manziel here because he is overrated and wont be good in the NFL. but Clowney is FAR more overrated than him. 3 sacks in 12 games in college 2013, and everyone expects him to be some star in the NFL? complete joke

  58. Next time Charley opens his mouth about this, will someone please ask him these two simple questions:

    Is Manziel better than Heath Shuler?
    Is Manziel better than David Carr?

  59. Casserly is the guy who picked Heath Shuler, David Carr, Amobi Akoye, and Jason Babin in the first round. Casserly picked Dave Ragone in the 3rd round and Dave Ragone couldn’t hit water if he fell out of a boat. Casserly is the guy who traded a 2nd and 3rd round pick to the Raiders for Phillip Buchanon just as the Raiders were about to release him because he couldn’t play anymore.

    Why his opinion matters on any prospect is beyond me. I just can’t figure out how the guy still has a job. He’s terrible.

  60. A large part of Manziel’s game is his ability to scramble.. Yet he is slower than Cam Newton while being seventy pounds lighter. That should tell you all you need to know about his chances to succeed in the NFL.

  61. It’s so easy for Casserly to declare a bust. It’s so hard to succeed in the NFL that that predicting a bust is going to be right most of the time.

    Even the most sure thing, Andrew Luck, started throwing picks all over the place in the playoffs. Who says he shakes it off and becomes the next Peyton Manning. He may never be that guy.

    It’s too easy to always be the naysayer.

  62. LOL at the comment defending Vick because of his arm strength. Jeff George had better arm strength than anyone this side of John Elway but that didn’t make him a quality QB.

  63. Yeah, he’s also the bozo who said that Bruce Irvin was the worst pick in the 2012 draft and all he did is get 9.5 sacks as a rookie and start at OLB on Super Bowl winning team. I’ll pass on your evaluations Charlie.

  64. These college QBs don’t feel pressure like NFL QBs. When guys like Manziel and McCarron can stand in the pocket for 15 seconds to find an open receiver, it doesn’t say much. I can find an open receiver with that much time.

  65. Manziel is also going to put butts in the seats. People forget star power is important.

    If he’s just good and fun to watch, even if he’s never great, he’s worth the Browns pick.

  66. JFF will bust… He’s too fast for the NFL. The NFL prefers very slow qbs that take career ending shots in the pocket.

  67. If Manziel is overrated as Casserly claims, it will soon come to light with the Cleveland Frowns. If Vick is the Coach killer, than Cleveland must be the QB killer. They’ve had at least 100 QBs since they came back into the League in 99. So any QB that is overrated will certainly get exposed and dumped in the trash heap.

  68. Johnny Football can party all the time if he wants and not worry about playing the game.

    He doesn’t need the money, remember his family comes from big oil so the NFL is a hobby to him.

    it must be the way he treats his “football career”

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