Detroit Tigers will start game earlier to accommodate Lions’ opener

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See how easy this is, Baltimore Orioles?

The Detroit Tigers have announced that they will move their previously scheduled game on Monday, September 8 from a 7:10 p.m. first pitch to a 4:08 p.m. first pitch, as a result of the NFL scheduling the Detroit Lions for the Week One Monday Night Football opener on the same night.

The Lions and Tigers’ stadiums are next to each other, and parking and traffic would be difficult if the two teams were playing at the same time. The new start time for the Tigers game alleviates those concerns.

Last year the Baltimore Ravens had to turn down the traditional Thursday night opener for the defending Super Bowl champions because the Orioles had a game scheduled for the opening Thursday night. The Orioles declined to accommodate the Ravens, but folks from Detroit look out for each other, and the Lions and Tigers are willing to work together.

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  1. The average baseball game lasts over three hours, so it seems like people will be coming and going at the same time. Wouldn’t that cause traffic and parking problems?

  2. Now that’s how two of a city’s pro sports teams logically work things out. Take notes Baltimore.

  3. There is a great chance the baseball game does not end at 7. There’s going to be a huge traffic issue. You can laugh at the Orioles all you want then.

  4. Isn’t playing the first Thursday of the season something that a team would want? That way you get it out of the way and don’t need to have a short few days of recovery and preparation later in the year…

  5. Don’t care what anyone says…I love living in Detroit.

    I’ve lived in Phoenix, Los Angeles, Denver and Atlanta. Each and every one of those places is more attractive, has better weather and a better economy, but you simply can’t beat the people in Michigan. Nothing against those other places – I loved those places! However, Detroit is my favorite.

    I know it’s popular to call Detroit a cesspool or this or that…and when you’re in the immediate surroundings of the downtown area, it is. But every city I’ve ever been to is like that. Nice downtown, poverty surrounding it, nicer as you get to the subs. Detroit is no exception to this rule.

    The people in Detroit have each others backs. It’s unlike anywhere I’ve ever been. And, if you have a chance to spend a Summer in Michigan, you’ll love it. You can’t drive 15 minutes without hitting a body of water to enjoy.

    Plus, the sports here are pretty solid. Wings have been in the playoffs 23 years in a row. Tigers have been strong…up and down…but strong. I know the Lions always struggle but it doesn’t matter…the fans here love them regardless. It’s like nothing I’ve ever seen. Detroit fans definitely aren’t fairweather fans…that’s for sure.

    Anyways…there is some love for Detroit because it rarely gets any. Go Lions!

  6. Not excusing the Orioles, but this situation isn’t exactly analogous. The Orioles and White Sox – the game in question from 2013 – had both played night games the night before outside of Baltimore and there was an issue with the union regarding playing at night and the next day with travel. This isn’t the case in this situation as the Tigers play at home the day before and the Royals will be in New York for a 1:05 start with the Yankees.

  7. So people will be leaving the Tigers game as those are going to the Lions game? How about tailgating??

    Sounds like a nightmare to me…

  8. dunno if anyone heard this but rumor has it the Cowboys are drafting Johnny Football

  9. totally not the same. Detroit is in the middle of home stand, Baltimore was flying in from Cleveland. The Baltimore stadiums aren’t just next to each other, they share the parking lot. Playing at 4:30 would have done no good.

  10. I love that they moved the time of the Tigers game, but wouldn’t a start time of 3:05 been better to ensure that those with tickets to both games get to see both games in their entirety?

  11. This is from the owner who kept the auto makers signs up in Tiger Stadium for free when their funds were low and we’re in the process of restructuring. You rock MR. I

  12. Maybe Hunter or Scherzer could play in the Lions’ secondary after the early game.

  13. So by the tigers moving their fame which was scheduled first, that’s then working together? How is that not the tigers basically giving in ? Isn’t it kind of arrogant of the nfl to schedule the lions at the same time as the tigers game ? Seems kind of shady of the nfl

  14. You are absolutely right. I was first stationed in Michigan out of boot camp from Ohio and was terrified that i had to move to Detroit. I was sent to Portland than Los Angeles, there is no City like Detroit and no people like it either. I loved it and tried to move back but the new job sent me to Cincinnati which i love as well. No body believes me when i tell them my favorite place to live was in Detroit. Great city great sports town!

  15. A lot of people will be leaving the game while others are coming in. That would sound like a problem but it is better than two sets of fan bases vying for the same spot! One is going to be giving up a spot while the other takes it. Congested yes, but the flow of people is better when one is leaving and one is arriving.

  16. Wow MDS I’m seriously proud of you. This is the nicest post I’ve ever seen you write about anything Detroit related. Go Lions! Go Tigers!

  17. I think the plan for a good amount of fans would be to go to the Tiger game, leave, go 15 feet across the street into Ford Field for the MNF game. I’d do that, that sounds like a pretty good day.

  18. A hell of alot of those Tigers fans attending the game will simply walk across to Ford Field and watch the Lions in action.

  19. “Traditional” home opener as in tradition for the last 4 years? Seems like if the baseball team has the schedule out first they shouldn’t bother changing it. I know the baseball schedulers (when it was done by hand) scheduled around the nfl, now the nfl (with a few thousand fewer games per year) can’t work around the MLB schedule that is so simple to look up? These conflicts should be predictable and avoidable.

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