Doug Baldwin “in preliminary talks” on new contract


Wide receiver Doug Baldwin didn’t sign an offer sheet with any other team as a restricted free agent this offseason, leaving him to return to the Seahawks if he wants to play in 2014.

Baldwin doesn’t necessarily have to play out the year under the terms of his second-round tender, though. He could agree to a multi-year deal with the team, something that seems to be a possibility based on what he said during an online videochat.

“I will say things are going in the right direction,” Baldwin said, via the Seattle Times. “I don’t know how much time it’s going to take. They’ve got the draft to deal with. So we are in preliminary talks. But hopefully we will figure something out soon.”

The lack of apparent contentiousness appears to extend to the offseason workout program as Baldwin has signed a waiver to participate without signing his $2.187 million tender.

Baldwin has caught 130 passes for 1,932 yards and two touchdowns in three regular seasons with the Seahawks with 16 more catches and a touchdown in five playoff appearances. He’ll join Percy Harvin, Sidney Rice and Jermaine Kearse at receiver for the Seahawks in 2014.

20 responses to “Doug Baldwin “in preliminary talks” on new contract

  1. Baldwin has 12 career TDs. Not sure where the 2 regular season TDs plus 1 playoff TD came from.

  2. I hope so
    He is the 2nd best WR on the roster last season after former viking currenr superbowl champion percy harvin

  3. Seldom does a player sign a waiver and participate in offseason workouts without a contract.

    The front office knows that Baldwin is All In, Part 2.

    They’ll get a deal done.

  4. ADB is beyond clutch. Can’t wait for this deadly receiving corp to silence all you doubters and put this “pedestrian” nonsense to rest.

  5. I like Baldwin… He has made some amazing plays and puts his heart into every play…. I would like to see the Hawks give him a 3 year deal and keep him around he deserves it.

  6. Good. Doug would be a starter on most teams. Especially the 9ers. He would be their best. He has more super bowl td receptions than their mediocre wr.

  7. I remember certain fan bases say the Seahawks don’t take care of their own. Now they are commenting the Seahawks are overpaying to keep their players. Color me confused…. Which one is it lol

  8. Doug E. Fresh is a solid player. My feeling is he might get a little more on the open market. But at least we will get one more year.

  9. The Squawks better sign him to a multi-year contract or some other team will, because a second round pick is not much to give up for some teams.

  10. Why is it Vikings fans are always commenting on Seahawks articles? I can honestly say I have only read one Viking article and that was Peterson leaving the Vikings to play for the Seahawks. Before you get mad, that’s what you guys say all the time about Seahawks picking up ex vikes. Lol.
    Also btw, re read the articles bird poop. It’s saying he wants to stay. I know you aren’t used to people wanting to stay with your team,
    # 48 and counting. Lol
    In case you need it spelled out… Thst refers to the superbowl

  11. ADB was originally an UDFA. The Hawks saw something gin him they liked, and took him on. It has been all gravy for him, and he has contributed by being absolute money on third downs.

    I believe he and the Seahawks have an “understanding”. His needs and concerns are not an afterthought, but in light of present concentration on the draft and the radically more expensive and convoluted contract negotiations with ET and Sherman, Doug has been put on the back burner.

    I trust they will all reach a mutually satisfactory arrangement, and ADB will continue to extend drives with clutch third down catches.

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