Gerald McCoy: I won’t move to nose tackle to accommodate a rookie


Buccaneers defensive tackle Gerald McCoy has seen the mock drafts pegging former Pittsburgh defensive tackle Aaron Donald to Tampa Bay with the seventh pick in the draft. And McCoy has one thing to say about it: I’m not changing positions for a rookie.

McCoy currently plays the three-technique tackle position, and there has been some talk that if the Bucs draft Donald, they’ll move McCoy to the nose tackle and let Donald play three-technique. McCoy wrote on Twitter today that he thinks that’s ridiculous, and that there’s no way he’ll move to nose tackle no matter who the Buccaneers draft.

Some fans responded to McCoy by saying that’s a selfish attitude, but McCoy said it’s simply a matter of knowing what he does best. McCoy says he can best help his team as a three-technique tackle, and that if the Bucs draft another three-technique tackle, they’d be better off giving that rookie the starting job and having McCoy as the second-string three-technique.

“Knowing your strengths and weaknesses are what makes you a professional,” McCoy wrote.

McCoy is an excellent player, and it seems strange that the Bucs would be considering moving him. Then again, McCoy is heading into the final season of his rookie contract, and it’s possible that the Bucs are already planning to let him walk next year. If that’s the case, it would make a lot of sense to draft his replacement, whether McCoy is ready for it or not.

31 responses to “Gerald McCoy: I won’t move to nose tackle to accommodate a rookie

  1. Why would you take an All Pro DT and move him out of position, that’s stupid. You don’t move Warren Sapp over to accommodate Booger McFarland.

    I can’t wait for the draft to be over so we don’t have to constantly hear rumors about what “people are saying.”

  2. I love how arrogant the nfl is, not McCoy, but nfl coaches and execs. If they think they can draft his replacement the bucs are idiots. Sounds like revis all over again, no wonder chi town doesn’t miss lovie

  3. “Knowing your strengths and weaknesses are what makes you a professional,” McCoy wrote.

    Being a humble hard-worker with dedication to the team is what makes you a professional.

  4. All these stories will be reflective vs. speculative tomorrow.

    To quote the wise Bartholomew Scott, “Can’t wait.”

  5. If TB drafts Aaron Donald, then McCoy is simply seeing and reacting to the inevitable writing on the wall. It only seems fair that he find his own little “wall” and jot down a prologue of what’s to come as far he’s concerned

  6. In a couple of years shariff Floyd will surpass Gerald McCoy.not to mention shariff will have a ring by that time.i sure as he’ll know McCoy won’t have one.SKOL

  7. Gerald McCoy is a pro bowl tackle that is coming into his prime of his career. If the Bucs draft his replacement instead of re-signing him when his deal expires, it will be the start of horrible moves by the GM. Aaron Donald hasn’t proved anything in the pros, he might or might not succeed, I don’t know. But if Jason Licht let’s McCoy walk, it will be the beginning of another disastrous era by the Bucs. Hopefully this is a story with no substance to it, to write something that kills the time until the Bucs draft.

  8. If you think the Bucs have any interest in moving the nations best 3-tech, you’re an idiot. They still might draft AD as insurance and rotation, and maybe put him at NT on passing downs. But those fools thinking the Bucs will move him or not resign him couldn’t look more ignorant.

  9. Fine fine with Donald if you trade back the top 3 wr and ol are gone but no way in hell do I want McCoy to take a back set on getting after the qb

  10. I understand McCoy is better where he is playing but if moving him over and putting Donald in that spot makes the team better then I don’t see a problem and McCoy is just being selfish while trying to get a pay day instead of wins

  11. So I guess we’re just going to ignore the FACT that Lovie said that McCoy was the engine of this defense.

    If they do take Donald, it’ll be to be the 2nd string 3-technique and to play in the pass rush package (it’s been said that Donald can rush off the edge as well).

    Passing downs:
    Johnson, McCoy, Donald, Golston

  12. You’ll play where we tell you to play. And if you don’t like it, then don’t let the door hit you in the ass on the way out. You gotta put people in their place. I don’t care who you are, you are not above the team.

  13. No, being paid is what makes you a professional….and if he doesn’t do what the team want, he won’t get paid.

  14. Please let the draft happen now, not in a few hours. No more idle speculation. Nobody is moving Gerald McCoy from his spot, the guy’s phenomenal at that spot. The Donald talk is just speculation; they signed Clinton MacDonald from Seattle, and Akeem Spence played well at the nose last year. Another DE, maybe, but DT’s not a screaming need. DE, QB, WR.

  15. Well the fact is McCoy hasn’t lived up to the #3 overall spot he was taken at. Greatness is a frame of mind. All things are possible if your willing to put in the work and burn the midnight oil while others are sleeping, eating, watching TV etc. He sounds like a man who questions his ability to put forth the effort, because surely he has the talent. So I don’t accept that type of selfish response to adversity. Stand Up and earn your money and your reputation young man.

  16. McCoy is a top tier talent at a place, the NFL, wear only the best even make it long enough to be called journeyman. While on the surface, contextually the TWEET seems less than fortunate, professional athletes don’t achieve much success without a level of confidence that can at times border on arrogance, not to mention it appeared to be directed at legions of talking heads at this time of year. All it would have taken is three letters, be, as well as adding a d to move, and the TWEET takes on a completely different tenor. While humility is an admirable character trait and serves those well who wear it, a professional football player it does not make.

  17. Donald will have a great career somewhere.

    McCoy won’t ever be asked to move out of position in Tampa.

    Donald-talk is just more smoke to misdirect.

    Spoiler! Evans, Lewan, Barr, Matthews or we’ll move down.

  18. Once in a blue moon has happened: I can actually understand an NFL’er’s tweet.

  19. Dear Mr. McCoy,

    Your Tweet SHOULD have said this:

    I GUARANTEE this….. I WILL. I repeat WILL move to nose, if that is what Coach thinks will make us a better team regardless of who we draft!!

  20. “Then again, McCoy is heading into the final season of his rookie contract, and it’s possible that the Bucs are already planning to let him walk next year.”

    No, it’s NOT possible. The Bucs haven’t drafted ANYONE so how is it possible that they are planning on letting him walk already? You isiots made the draft and NOT the Bucs coaches/GM. Until the Bucs draft another DT, this is a moot point!

  21. Pure stupidity to say “McCoy hasn’t lived up to the #3 overall spot he was taken at.” He’s an All-Pro, the best 3 technique in the NFL, more productive than Suh. And Sharif Floyd played like nothing more than a bust.

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