Goodell sees “real value” in May draft


The NFL moved the draft to May this year, ostensibly due to a scheduling conflict at Radio City Music Hall.  Despite fans strongly preferring a return to April and multiple teams and coaches and players and agents expressing concerning about the prolonged pre-draft process, the league could decide to keep the draft in May.

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell took some time on Wednesday to talk up the new (for now, possibly for good) month of the draft.

“The later time period is actually beneficial in some ways,” Goodell told Bart Hubbuch of the New York Post.  “It’s obviously an anxious time for the players, the teams and the fans.  They want to get moving.  But there have been some real pluses, and we’ll have to evaluate that.  A number of our coaches have praised it, too, because it gave them a chance to spend time with their current players and make some determinations about what’s the right place to go in the draft.  So there’s some real value to it.”

Only one coach has spoken publicly in favor of the move.  New Bucs coach Lovie Smith has said he appreciates having the extra time to evaluate his roster and to make decisions about the team’s slew of picks.  Beyond Smith, the overwhelming sentiment has been negative.

From the analysis leading to paralysis to players being exposed to excessive pre-draft workouts to rookies having less time to make the adjustment to life in the NFL to the chase for undrafted free agents conflicting with Mother’s Day (that may not be a major issue now, but it will be in three days), the May draft has been a disaster.

Undeterred, the NFL actually is considering moving the draft even deeper into May, giving rookies even less time to study playbooks and get reps in the offseason program.

It’s hard not to think that, when it comes to the timing of the draft, the NFL is more concerned about maximizing the event (and the money that comes from it) than strategic considerations.  In the end, the NFL will make a decision after studying the ratings and the coverage of the May draft.  If the ratings and the coverage outweigh the negatives — which included inducing an uncharacteristic lull between free agency and the draft — the league will ignore the criticism, focus on the praise, and keep the draft in May.

Here’s hoping the criticism will be so loud that it can’t be ignored.  The draft belongs in April.

111 responses to “Goodell sees “real value” in May draft

  1. Since when does Goodell know anything about football. He’s a pencil-pusher and a suit who makes decisions about what’s best for the bottom line not what’s best for enjoying/playing the game.

  2. When I look at what Goodell has done compared to the other sports commissioners, I think he has done a lot of good. At the same time, some of his decisions lately have been wtf. This May draft is dumb. If it’s some how about profits move it back to April and make it four days than

  3. Agreed.

    “The draft belongs in April.”

    Maybe you could get the crowd chanting that when Goodell first steps up to the podium.

  4. There’s only one way to fight this and that’s to tune out completely.

    But, just like people who think they can drive down the price of gas by getting enough people to not buy it…..not going to happen.

  5. Well yea, he’s a greedy old man who only pays attention to money and doesn’t care about the players or fans. What more would you expect?

  6. Please move the draft back to April. It’s bad enough Goodell ruined the Sat/Sun draft, but having to wait this long I am losing interest…it feels too long since the college season ended.

  7. I really have a hard time with Goodell and his nonsense. Pete Rozelle and Paul Tagliabue had a lot of integrity and ran the commissioner’s office as commissioners. I had (and still have) a lot of respect for both of those men and how they conducted the business of the NFL.

    Goodell runs the comissioner’s office like a politician, and I have no respect for that.

  8. How do you even see any value at all? It doesn’t even make any sense.. Not like he is banking off of it the later it is, it just screws our teams new rookies up with time to prepare for the next level.

  9. I think it shortens the learning curve for rookies because they have less time to get prepared for their team’s training camp. Less time to learn playbooks, teammates, find housing and all the other things that come with moving to a new city. Money before everything though right?

  10. “Sure, May draft, why not? Also, I want a large gold statue of me put in front of every NFL arena- two in New York, I mean they have two teams playing there. Can’t have the fans just worshipping ONE of me.”

    Getting kind of tired of this guy’s ego. Sometimes you’re wrong, Roger- on this draft thing, you’re VERY wrong.

  11. “Here’s hoping the criticism will be so loud that it can’t be ignored. The draft belongs in April.”

    Amen brother, Amen!

  12. Come on, Rog. Get all the way over that shark. Have the draft on opening weekend. Once the team picks, the guy has to quickly suit up in the right uniform then run onto the field for his first play. That would be awesome!

  13. It’s all about money, moving the draft back keeps the product in the spotlight longer. The Hot Stove season is extended so expect the draft to be moved to a later date. ESPN’s draft coverage has been strong for weeks and now at the point where it is taking up about 20 minutes of every Sportscenter hour. Exposure equals dollars and more money will trump any complaints from coaches about having less time to prepare for the regular season. On a personal note, anything that helps carry me across that brutal off season abyss is a good thing.

  14. And Lovie only said that because he was new to the team. He needed the extra time.

  15. Goodell is singlehandedly turning fans against the league all so he can stay in the monetary good graces of the owners. This man only seems to base his decisions on how much money those decisions can generate rather than how they affect the actual game of football. Keeping the Redskins name? Money driven. Franchise in London? Money driven? Draft in May? Money driven. 18 game schedule? Money driven. At what point do the fans come to the collective realization that greed has replaced betterment as the reason behind every one of Mr. Goodell’s decisions and say enough is enough so that our game isn’t detrimentally affected all so a bunch of billionaires can become a little richer?

  16. I hate freaking goodell moving the draft all hes thinking about is money hes not caring about what the fans think or that the rookies coming in are gonna have less time to learn the playbooks or start working out at their teams facility now hes talking about moving it to the end of may. Dang he might as well have it in june right before training camp starts and hes trying to move the extra point back to the 20 yard line what makes him think that when you have a good thing going that it smart to change it up over tv ratings if he continues at this rate i will stop watching the draft and football please leave things alone goo dell

  17. It’s never about ANYTHING but the money!

    It’s not about the players…
    It’s not about the rookies…
    It’s not about safety…

    Money is the ONLY factor.

  18. Of course he does he made the stupid move. Players will still be bust. No trades happen before the draft. Players will still be overlooked. Moving it back does nothing except have media and NFL people earn some extra money.

  19. Just because Goodell keeps saying something doesn’t make it true.

    At some point you have to consider the practicality of something ahead of the financial reward. You can’t tell me the NFL doesn’t seriously cash-in by having the draft in April where it should be.

    The lead-up to this draft has been like a slow-motion root canal. It….may….not….ever…..end…..

  20. Too bad that there seems not to be any NFL owners as perspicacious as Mark Cuban.

    Moving the draft into May has been the worst decision made since Mrs. Leary opted to use a lantern while milking her cow.

  21. Yes because Lovie is going into his first season as the HC there and has no real clue about his roster. I can understand that but overall the extra time has sucked. Let’s get this going already!

  22. This is too similar to the situation when Goodell perceived fan’s complaints about the preseason as the fans clamoring for an 18 game schedule, claiming the fans tell him preseason games aren’t worth it and the NFL has a 20 game season including preseason, ergo, the fans want 18 games. I thought the NFL was concerned with player safety. How does shortening the number of practices rookies/newly signed FA’s improve player safety when the new players have a shortened timeframe to learn an entirely new system. Yee-Haww. Such a puppet.

  23. i pray to god there are people at the draft screaming constantly at goodell “APRIL FOREVER MAY NEVER!!”

  24. You hit the nail on the head: This is more about maximizing the event, extending the NFL calendar & the subsequent tv coverage, than about any practical or game related strategy.

  25. “….So there’s some real value to it.”
    Yeah, an additional month of hype and advertising for a stretched out 3 day draft of 7 rounds. Guess we need all that time, so the experts can analyze why the teams were wrong in not picking the player they projected for them (Who the hell is Mel Kyper?).
    Next they’ll breakdown the first rounds to 3 days. Pick 1 -10, 11-20, and 21-32 on consecutive days. Think of the $$ they could make then! The draft could become a mini-series. They could get actors to hand out the draft jerseys. A red carpet. The works. All over a couple of hundred college kids who end up on kick-offs or may never step foot on an NFL field.

  26. Goodell will do whatever he wants and will again ignore the fans. But the ratings will probably rise for the May draft despite all our frustrations of the delay. It’s really due to mock draft fatigue and the over analyzing between the combines and the draft. I do think it hurts the preparation of the rookies with the shortened time frame to learn play books and work with the coaches. It will end up making a rookie year even more difficult with the shortened camps from the new CBA.

    Goodell is not my favorite commissioner but as long as he keeps driving up profits, and he is, he will continue to do what he wants. Does anyone really think that extra playoff games will not be sold out and have massive TV ratings? See that’s the thing here we all are saying “bad for the game” and “deluted playoffs” and whatever else BUT we all will watch anyway.

  27. Q) How can you tell when does the Commissioner is telling a lie? – A) When his lips are moving.
    The scheduling conflict at Radio City and the perceived benefits of pushing back the Draft are whoppers.
    This greedy man deserves extra loud booing tonight. He is deaf to any criticism. Please give him your best.

  28. I supported Goodell when many others wouldn’t, but he has gone too far with this May draft BS.

    He has to be the most ignorant human being in the NFL, and that is saying something.

  29. Says its all about the fans and player safety. Continually pushes an agenda that the fans hate and exposes players to greater risk.

  30. The draft belongs in the last weekend in April.

    What Goodell doesn’t seem to realize is that a lot of fans are worn out from the boring repetitive analysis and rehashing of the same stories over and over again.

    Keep the draft in May? Sure, but after a long winter, with the weather finally getting better in the Midwest, people can find better things to do.

  31. Roger just can’t help himself!!!! No worries Roger, eventually the fans will go away and the evil empire will fall, but I’m sure that won’t be your fault because you did what the fans wanted!!!!!!! Oh wait………

  32. There’s only one reason to keep the draft in May and it is money. The draft is another way to increase the revenue stream and Goodell will milk it, milk it real good.

    Those extra weeks have generated a new cottage industry and there is no going back, I don’t care how loud the fans scream, they (we) will continue to support the SHIELD.

  33. Goodell is a tyrant who only defines the “good of the game” by the immediate amount of money a decision/change can generate and defines “fans” as corporate entities that will spend large sums of money to acquire nfl affiliation.

    I used to defend this guy but I am completely over him at this point.

  34. Really can’t stand this guy. NO ONE likes it this late and this dope wants to make it later?? If you start messing with people’s Memorial Day weekend you are gonna lose viewers. Can you please make ONE decision with the fans in mind for a change?!

  35. This guy doesnt get it. Is it me, or is he trying to change every single aspect of the game. From the off the field changes to changes during the game, i gotta say i find my time spent more complaining about the game than enjoying the game. Like a 401k, let it grow, make sure its ok every year, make a change if needed. As a baltimore fa i never thought i’d say this, but bring Tagliabue back.

  36. Football fans are fans of other sports as well. Hockey, Basketball playoffs are going on right now and lakes are thawing in the North and Fishing season is starting. Before, the NFL didn’t compete much with these other activities with an earlier draft. Now, they are. I thought Mark Cuban’s statements were crazy, now I’m thinking he might be on to something. I know I won”t be watching this weekend. Too many other things going on.

  37. I love the draft, but honestly, I’m tired of it. I’m not even that excited for tonight. We’ve been on draft over kill for the past two weeks. I honestly just want to get it done with.

  38. My hope is that the English Premier Soccer League drafts Goddell to be its commissar and moves him to London – he can have his “football” team in London and we can say GoodRiddance to Goddell.

  39. You are really bent out of shape about ‘working’ on Mother’s Day. Do you know how many other professions work on Mother’s Day (and Christmas, Easter, thanksgiving, etc) in much more dangerous conditions for likely much less money?

  40. And if they do keep it in May it will just prove what a lot of fans believe, the owners don’t care what fans think and any claims they make to the contrary are BS.

  41. The only value I see in this is now is I have my weekend free. I used to watch all day on Saturday and a little on Sunday now I will only watch Thursday night. This garbage of moving the draft to May had done nothing but make me lose interest in it. Two more weeks of waiting has done nothing to spark my interest anymore in fact it has frustrated me. And if this idiot changes the draft to 4 days forget it I’ll just get the end results when it is over. You’re killing the golden goose GODell.

  42. Few not-for-profits like the NFL(check the NFL’s tax status. As I remember the league office is not-for-profit but the individual teams are for-profit except Green Bay) would go ahead on it’s own without member support. Not the NFL. They will do what they want and the fans, coaches, everyone else can go pound sand.
    We really need a competing professional football league.

  43. I think a petition to remove Roger needs to be started. When you don’t give a damn what the fans think, it’s time to go. We will watch because we love, not because we approve. Guess you could call it a certain level of codependency!!!!

  44. Get ’em Florio! Nobody likes this nonsense but the owners bank accounts.

  45. Anyone who really wants it moved back to April will boycott and not watch so they won’t get their precious ratings. But we won’t. We will watch anyway, can’t help it.

  46. The only reason it was moved to May was to rival the NBA playoffs as a sign of sports dominance,imo.

  47. Old Roger, always in touch with his customers. Yeah Rog, we love paying full price for 4 practice games too.


  48. Easy way to get the draft back to April where it belongs, if they do stick with a May draft in 2015 no one show up. Its all about money you take the money away and heads will fly. If it was about the fans then they would not even be considering a May draft again

  49. It’s Uncle Roger’s delusional world – we’re just living in it… T.V. Ratings and League profit outweigh the quality of the product on the field. Makes sense… I hope the faithful boo him off the stage tonight.

  50. The owner billionaires make the decisions. Always have. Always will.

    That being said, I’m already only watching the first round this year. I’ll always watch the first round. But I’m not watching beyond that when it’s in May.

  51. And there you have it. If you dont like the may draft vote with your remote and dont watch the draft. I know I won’t but thats not because of it being in may. So I’ll join y’all

  52. May Draft AND having to wait until #32 to see who the Seahawks (possibly) pick. Careful what you wish for, Vikings fans. This is torture.

  53. Of course Goodell will say it’s a good thing. He’s the one making all the decisions. To say there was a schedule conflict is just ludacris, the draft is the same time every year at the same venue. And of course the draft ratings on TV will be high, fans have been waiting forever to see something football related. Really hoping this is a one year thing.

  54. Vote with your eyeballs, people. If you don’t want the draft to be in May, do not turn on the draft. Do not open up the league and team websites. (You can still come here or other third party sites.) That’s your only way to vote that counts with the NFL, so take action to back up your words.

  55. The more Goodell speaks the more convinced I become that his decisions are gonna ruin this league. Move the draft back, expand to London, 18 game schedule, more playoff teams. I think his focus is on making every penny possible instead of maintaining this awesome game we love. Change for the sake of profit will kill the NFL.

  56. I stopped caring about what this guy thinks about the sport once it was reported he makes 40 mil a year. All he see’s is $$$, and nothing about what is best for the league/fans.

  57. Avoid the first round…let this promoting fool of a commissioner fall flat on his face…he is ruining the NFL that we know and love and creating some carnival sideshow to divert the attention away from a weakening league.

  58. Used to get together with friends from all over the country to watch the Saturday Draft, cook out, catch up, etc. It was a great excuse to get together right in between the SuperBowl and Training Camp. Having it start on a Thursday means we can only do about every other year due to work schedules & real life stuff. Moving it to Mother’s Day Weekend means we can’t do it at all. Thanks, Goodell. Jerk.

  59. Hey, everyone reading this and is planning on going to the draft tonight make sure you do one thing: Boo Roger Goodell

  60. Wow, I’ve never seen so many posts with a ten+ thumbs up that have zero thumbs down. This topic might be the closest to unanimously agreeing all-time topic in the history of PFT. If this were the old west, the lynch mob would probably be stringing up the town “sheriff” right about now. Justice must be done!

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