If Bills draft a WR, Stevie Johnson could be on the block


The Bills have been rumored to be one of the teams looking to move up in the NFL Draft tonight.

But if they do, one of their current stars might have a new address.

According to Joe Buscaglia of WGR-550 in Buffalo, wide receiver Stevie Johnson will go on the trade block if the Bills are able to land a top wideout early.

Johnson’s coming off a disastrous 2013, though coach Doug Marrone was talking him up earlier this offseason.

He has some value, but the Bills appear serious about adding a young pass-catcher, which could make him expendable.

24 responses to “If Bills draft a WR, Stevie Johnson could be on the block

  1. So stupid.

    They have a WR’s under 6-0…they don’t need to trade one just to draft another. Get size (Evans) and keep SJ!!!

  2. Stevie Johnson plus a 3rd or 4th to the receiver needy Panthers for Pick #28. Then Bills #9 plus the newly acquired #28 to move up and get Sammy Watkins or Jake Mathews.

  3. While I like the idea of him gone, and think he is GARBAGE for a #1- he’s a #2, without a doubt, but he should be no one’s #1- I don’t want it to be for the sake of a draft pick.

    Now if Stevie were used as bate for an already proven, good NFL player that satisfied a need, that’s another story.

  4. Yeah that makes sense, they are drafting a WR cause they have enough quality on your team and then trade 1 so you are back to square 1

  5. There will never be a better touchdown celebration than the Plaxico shoot yourself in the leg dance

  6. If I was Philly, I’d say our 3nd rounder for Stevie Johnson, that would let me draft a DB at 22.

  7. cap hit: 8,500,000
    dead money: 10,225,000

    Doesn’t make too much fiscal sense to cut or trade him.

  8. A trade would NOT go in favor of the Bills. Johnson is a stereotypical WR diva. I wouldn’t give more than a 5th for him… IF I really needed a WR. This draft is so deep, it’s really gonna depreciate WR values.

  9. If the Bills do trade up n go offense, than it’s Watkins or a big wideout like Evans. I still think Bills should go defense n get Clowny. The hits hurt a lot more come December n Clowny could spell the difference as a game changer for a late playoff push. The Bills r knocking on the playoff door n a good draft by Whaley could get them through.

  10. Typical Bills, get rid of one player to just replace him and be at square one. I believe we were doing just fine with the running game when we had Freddy Jackson and Marshawn Lynch (two 1,000 yd backs) then we draft Spiller……..so we pick up a 3rd 1,000 yd back and get rid of Marshawn for nothing. And all that leads us back to two 1,000 yd backs. What a waste!

  11. And Panthers fans just started wetting their pants. Rightfully so … I hope they get him.

    -Titans Fan in Charlotte

  12. To the people speaking to losing WR talent. The point is that a first round WR will most likely be an upgrade over Johnson. And this is with understated Robert Woods, talented(if not troubled)#2 Mike Williams and speedster Marquise Goodwin on the roster already. The point being that if they take a WR, they have talent to burn at the position. If they do grab a WR, I fully endorse trading professional diva and butterfingers spokesperson Stevie Johnson away.

    That being said, im hoping for OL because it doesnt matter who your QB has to throw to if hes getting sacked off the right side of the line every other play…like last year

  13. i think stevie was mad at management for getting rid of fitz…those 2 were boys and came to prominence together and i think ej likes / has better rapport with woods, goodwin and 7/11….cause chandler is in a similar situation, him and fitz were on the same page, but not him and ej….whether this is hackett’s play calling or ej’s reluctance to throw into coverage to stevie and chandler is debatable. but what isn’t is we need an OL in rd 1 to give him time to throw and get the run game back to 2012 levels…cj reverted back to a rook bouncing outside and not hitting the gaps between tackles without levitre this past yr

  14. The Cripple Bills seems gettin more worse and worse as week pass by, first the Dareus then 2nd Johnson… So much bashing on Jets being circus when there is none, and there bunches of midget clowns hiding in Bills mascot uniform suit…

  15. All the so called bills fans who want to cut or trade stevie are actually still blaming him for some reason for the time he got td celebration penalty in loss to the Pats when they beat us half a hundred to 20 (49-20) yes hard to believe but the nitwit fans blame that loss on him.lol smh almost half-hundred points they ran up on us and somehow its his fault?!

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