Jadeveon Clowney: I think I can do what L.T. did


There are plenty of people who believe that defensive end Jadeveon Clowney is the most talented player in the 2014 draft and some of his biggest admirers have opined that Clowney has the potential to have the same kind of impact on defense that Lawrence Taylor had during his Hall of Fame career.

Carl Banks, one of L.T.’s teammates with the Giants, scoffed at the comparison last month by saying there were a lot of levels that Clowney needed to reach before anyone could mention him alongside Taylor. It’s hard to argue with that view when discussing a player who has yet to take an NFL snap or even find out what team he’ll be playing for, but the expectations are going to be high for Clowney. On Wednesday, Clowney embraced those expectations by saying he thinks he can do the same kinds of things in today’s NFL that Taylor did back in the day.

“I think I can do what he did –- run around a lot of guys, make a lot of plays, even though you can’t hit like they were hitting back then,” Clowney said, via NJ.com. “I watched him do some hits and he was trying to kill people, take their heads off. You can’t hit like that no more, so you have to do it the right way.”

Comparing Clowney to perhaps the best defensive player of the modern era seems like a pretty good setup for disappointment unless you also recall that there have been plenty of great defensive players who never quite reached Taylor’s heights. Should Clowney fall into that group, whoever picks him will likely wind up feeling quite good about their decision.

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  1. A lot of these rooks are coming in with a LOT of ‘tude.

    They refuse the requests of teams, insist they don’t want to play here or there, threaten teams who don’t draft them with years of regret and compare themselves to Canton-enshrined legends before ever taking a snap on a Sunday.

    My suggestion would be to come in with at least some humility — and then, be ready to work and earn the respect of your teammates, coaches, fans and your mates in the NFL. Let your actions do the talking. Butkus, Sweetness, Mean Joe, and other NFL legends were known for their play — not their mouths.

  2. Really, give the kid a chance to prove himself before you hand the accolades around his neck that pull him down to the ground….

  3. Is Clowney talking about football… or… buying drugs from undercover agents and underage hookers?!?

  4. One of the most telling compliments ever paid to L.T. was the story Joe Gibbs tells about his 3 Tight End formation. You know, the one that changed football for more than a decade (almost as much as Gibbs 1-back formation)?

    For years, people talked about what a genius Gibbs was to come up with that. (Before that ,3 tight-ends would only be used by teams in goal line and short yardage formations.) As Gibbs has explained it, this formation wasn’t hardly a move of brilliance on his part. I reality, it was a move of desperation. He has said he was so tired of seeing his QB getting punished by Lawrence Taylor that, on the fly (during a halftime of a game), the only thing he could think of to stop him was to pull a wide-receiver and have a third tight end help with blocking. It worked! (Until that famous flea-flicker years later, of course.)

    Then Gibbs fleshed out other advantages to having 3 tight ends on the field and began using the formation quite a bit against other teams. Just another way L.T. changed football …

  5. Has yet to even play with the Pro’s and has “admirers” already fitting him for a HOF jacket.

    There was only 1 LT, just like there was only 1 Jordan. And there will never be another.

    Let’s see if this guy can even make it to his 2nd contract w/o being a bust.

  6. I think if you put him up against LT right now he’d end up covered in grass stains and regret.

  7. If Clowney had brought it up, it would have been pretty ignorant and disrespectful, but since someone asked him, I have no problem with his answer.

    He could have answered it in a way that wouldn’t have created the headline if he just said something like “I hope I can do half of what LT did in this league. He’s the best ever”.

    But, he was truthful. He believes he can be great.

    Nothing wrong with that.

    Of course he has almost zero chance of being anyhwere near that domininant for many reasons (The over all athletic talent is better, hitting has changed like he mentioned, etc.), but that doesn’t mean he shouldn’t believe in himself.

  8. This guy has some nerve saying this. He would be better comparing himself to Julius Peppers or Jason Taylor. Yes, LT did some crazy off field stuff, but he is the de facto standard for OLB rush the QB era. That barely existed before him and he perfected it, whether on a called Blitz or just straight up coverage. LT was and is the greatest at his position. I’m not a Giants fan, just a super fan of the game.

  9. this guy is overrated. he only had 3 sacks for the year against college kids. he wont do much against the men in the NFL. he gonna be a bust. LT is probably laughing at clowneys comments.

  10. what is this dude gonna do when he’s on the field and the offense starts running a no huddle on a 12 play drive. The guy got winded last year after 5-6 plays on a regular basis. compare himself to LT. Yea O.K.

  11. You mean partying all night and being high all the time? Or actually playing like one of the most dominant defensive player ever?

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