Khalil Mack’s mom told him not to enter last year’s draft


Khalil Mack listened to his mom last year when deciding whether to enter the 2013 NFL draft. Smart move.

At the time, Mack was told that he was viewed as a fourth-round pick. After a brilliant senior season at Buffalo, Mack is now certain to be one of the first few players to have his name called tonight. He’ll make several million more dollars as a result of his decision to return to school, but the decision was less about the opportunity to increase his draft stock than to please his mom, a teacher who stressed the importance of education.

I couldn’t do that to my mom, couldn’t leave school without my degree, couldn’t do that to her or myself,” Mack told USA Today.

His mom, Yolanda, gives the credit to her son for taking his education seriously.

“He’s an amazing child, we’re very proud,” she said. “He will do a phenomenal job at the next level. An education was always very important for Khalil. That’s why he didn’t play a lot of sports in school.”

Mack played only basketball until his junior year in high school, when the football coach convinced him that he was simply too big and strong an athlete not to be a football player. That was good advice, as was his mom’s, to finish his college career.

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  1. I love this and seriously hope this guy is the No. 1 overall pick–even though that means my Titans would be facing him twice a year.

  2. Seems like a great kid with a great future ahead of him. There’s no such thing as a can’t miss pick but Mack comes about as close as you can get. He doesn’t strike me as nearly the risk of Clowney or Manziel.

  3. How do you go from 4th to Top 5 in one year? Because he stepped up his game? Funny a guy with physical skills who steps it up his last year is usually called a one year wonder.

  4. The more I hear and read about this kid solidifies that he is the clear cut choice for the 1st pick. His attitude and demeanor are night and day different than Clowney. He will be a team leader and pro bowler for many many years.

  5. A true senior from a nothing program. I would even consider using a first round pick on him. One great year. Kyle Boller had one great year and how did that work out? Wanting to please his Mom and wanting to get an education are fine things, but they don’t make you a playmaker.

  6. All the reports of Buffalo wanting to trade up. I guarantee that this is who they are targeting. In the past 5 years, every Bills 1st round pick has visited. Mack is the only player that high in the draft to do so. Plus, same town!

  7. Love the kid. My only concern is that he played in a conference with much lower competition. Then again I’m likely nit picking here. There is no “sure thing” but if all that can be said about him is he was better then his competition, that’s a good sign. Go Mack

  8. Smart mom and smart kid who value education. He’ll go far in life with or without football. We need more people like his mother. There are way too many people in this country who devalue education, especially the sciences.

  9. Uhh, Mack was far from a one year wonder. Had a great CAREER at UB. Guys from conferences like the MAC aren’t recruited by staffs telling them “hey, we’re gonna get you ready for the draft.” He had no other offers at 17 yrs old, grew into a man, developed his skills and now is going at the top of the draft. Great kid who will be a great pro. Comparing him to a one yr wonder qb is plain stupid.

  10. Talk about a smart kid. He listened to his Mother who obviously has a good head on her shoulders. Not only did Khalil Mack get a degree but increased his worth x100.

    As Bobby Boucher said, “Momma’s right!”

  11. Character..

    you can tell everything you need to know about someone with the way they treat their mother.

    draft this guy.
    let him crack some skulls & give some ambulance rides……
    and then buy his mom a puppy for mothers day.

  12. Hey, all you he played in the lowly MAC idiots. His best game last year was against Ohio State.

  13. The NFL needs to start connecting the dots if its serious about players safety. possible #1 overall pick doesn’t play until junior season of HS = more rounded athlete, less wear and tear on knees and brain. No need for pop warner.

  14. For those of you that don’t know Mack holds the NCAA Records for most forced fumbles and most tackles for a loss. Mack has shined against Ohio State, Baylor,Georgia & Pitt as well as against MAC foes.
    The guy can flat out play.

  15. Smart kid. Even with his impressive ability the odds are that he, and most of this draft class, are out of the NFL in 5 years or less. Life will present him with plenty of challenges that an education will help deal with even more than the money. But lots of money does still help with most of them.

  16. There’s a reason he went to the university of buffalo instead of a real program…..

  17. Yes, El Pollo Loco, and that reason is because he didn’t start playing football until his junior year of high school.

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