Lions go with Eric Ebron at No. 10

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The Lions have given Matthew Stafford yet another weapon, drafting tight end Eric Ebron with the 10th overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft.

Ebron is an outstanding receiver who joins a Lions offense that already featured two other tight ends who can be threats in the passing game in Brandon Pettigrew and Joseph Fauria, plus receivers Calvin Johnson and Golden Tate, and running backs Reggie Bush and Joique Bell. When Stafford drops back to pass, he’ll have an embarrassment of riches to choose from.

But the Lions have plenty of other holes, especially in the secondary, and tight end was not the team’s biggest need. Going with a tight end in the Top 10 is going all-in with the offense, and saving building the defense for later in the draft.

The Lions now have one of the most talented groups of skill position players in the NFL. Stafford has to have a much better season in 2014 than he had in 2013 to make use of all those weapons.

32 responses to “Lions go with Eric Ebron at No. 10

  1. He should have gone outside and smoked a doobe so his draft stock could fall and he could be drafted by NE and catch a bunch of passes from TB12. He won;t be seeing too many balls hitting him in the hands in Detroit.

  2. I think this wasn’t good pickup at the spot . I think they should have traded back if possible and taken some secondary help. But that receiving corps is legit now..

  3. No excuses Matthews… They gave you all the weapons not put it together and make it happen for the Lions… With this move it’s on you Stafford do or fail….Indeed…

  4. Here’s to hoping they can score 60 a game, they are going to need it to outscore the 48 their opponents will put up on the current secondary.

  5. Detroit Lions Draft strategy: Locate the player with the highest drop % and absolutely no blocking skills and then draft him. /facepalm Praying for an 0-16 season so we can clear house of these clowns. Detroit fans have suffered long enough from these inept morons.

  6. No doubt, the Lions now have a potentially lethal offense, assuming the staff can hypnotize Stafford into becoming a smarter QB, but why do they continue to de-emphasize the need to get defensive playmakers? The answer may be that Mayhew and Lewand need to do something splashy to save their behinds and a high octane offense is much sexier in the short run. In the longer run, management may be on a collision course with unemployment.

  7. Lions fans are the only ones not surprised by this pick, because we’re used to picks that don’t make sense. The Lions ran up to the podium like Martin Mayhew thinks Ebron is Jimmy Graham. IMO he’s more like a slightly poorer man’s Vernon Davis. Not a good pick for a team that needs defense, but Lions fans don’t expect any better from our front office. The only reason we’re not disappointed and upset is we really don’t expect anything but incompetence. Our expectations are sufficiently low that we’re just hoping it doesn’t come out in a few weeks that he needs surgery or has already failed a few drug tests.

  8. Wait a tight end? …. Someone explain how this makes sense. Our offense will be fine if our qb doesn’t play bad. But our defense is in need of help. Stopping the run we weren’t the best and our secondary was constantly getting beat. But we chose a tight end…

  9. Fire Millen Jr. Please. Before the second round starts. Another year of scoring 35, but giving up 45.

  10. Something is amiss, the first 15 comments are all trending towards the negative. Not one positive thing to say. Not towards the player but the pick itself, yet they all have a multitude of thumbs down. Have the Lion turned into the AZ Diamobdbacks sending their minions in to vote out any opposition?

  11. Best player available is the Lions motto. Yes this didn’t fill a need on defense but the best players where gone at other positions so why not and grab the best TE instead of the 3rd best LB or CB. HaHa would of been a good pick but his draft grade isn’t as high as Ebron.

  12. Wow, I will trust this pick only because mayhew/xanders had one of the best if not the best draft of all teams last year. Go lions.

  13. This is a Joe Lombardi pick all the way. The Lions offense is going to look a lot like the Saints with this guy lining up in the slot. Safeties will not be able to key on Calvin Johnson anymore.

    This is a very shrewd pick IMO.

  14. No point in guessing how this will work out, total cliche but time will tell. Im not going to sit here and act like my opinion is the final say and thats how it is. (See 95% of above posts).

    Was I hoping for ebron? No, I wanted mike evans or gilbert. Both gone, so what can I say?

  15. I question if some of you so called “fans” watched any of the games last year. The defense was the reason that Detroit was in so many games. Almost all of the losses can be attributed to poor offense down the stretch.

  16. LOL! I have to admit the Lions will have a high powered offense, but here is a typical score for this year:Lions lose 55-53. No Defense whatsoever!

  17. Any true fan knows the defense was solid last year, top 10 in run….we have invested 4 straight drafts to corners, its time to let them develop…slay is legit and we signed Vaughn, a starter from Indy. Stafford needs weapons, megatron’s knees need a break….we walk into stadiums with 30 points already….

    Think of this…2nd and 7…on their own 48….Calvin, Tate,Ebron(slot) , Bush (slot), Joique Backfield, …
    teams will have to pick their poison…and look at each name, arguably elite talent at every match up….

    im just sayin….

  18. Here are a few facts…The Lions were 23rd in defense and 6th in offense. You see that and think they made a huge mistake going offense with the 1st pick. But these numbers are misleading. They were 15th in points against and 13th in scoring, so they were middle of the road on both sides of the ball. Truth be told, a lot of our ineptitude was a combination of poor offense, giving up the big play, penalties and poor clock management. Going after Dennard, Clinton-Dix, or any of those other DBs was a stretch @ 10. I’m going to reserve judgement and watch how the rest of the draft unfolds before I start chanting same old Lions. People were screaming last year about Ziggy, and we see how solid he was. BPA is always better than reaching for need unless you’re one player away, which we’re not. None of us are GMs, so let’s simmer down and see what happens!

  19. Were some of you people even watching the Lions last year? Their defense is not as bad as everybody is saying. The thing that killed them last year was the offense turning the ball over at bad times and not finishing drives with TD’s.

  20. People, please don’t forget that if their offense is better, then their defense will not be on the field as much. A good offense helps the defense.

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