Manziel says it would be “really, really cool” to play for Cowboys


Apart from the question of whether the Cowboys want Johnny Manziel is whether the player wants to play for a team where, at least for a year, he’d be the backup to Tony Romo.

“I mean anything is possible,” Manziel told PFT Live on Thursday.  “I think all 32 teams are in play, you never know. Some of these teams, they’ve done way wackier things than that.  For me it would really, really cool to go there, but not something I have stuck in my head.  Jerry Jones has been extremely nice to me.  He’s treated me very, very well and we’ve developed a little bit of a friendship over the past year and a half, just going to games or whatever it be.”

Whatever it be could be a quarterback depth chart that, at least for a little while, has Romo, Manziel, Brandon Weeden, and Kyle Orton.

“For me that doesn’t factor in,” Manziel said of not being the clear-cut starter right away.  “Obviously, I don’t get to choose where I go today but also it’s what’s best for the team and that’s what kind of guy that I am.  It’s not that I need to come in and start right away.  I went to [Texas] A&M, redshirted, and sat behind [Ryan] Tannehill and learned a lot.  There’s guys that been in the league and know a lot more than I know going in.  If I need to sit and learn from them for a year or whatever the case may be, then I’m openly willing to do that if that’s what’s best for the team.  That’s all I care about.”

All the rest of us care about is finding out where these guys will be drafted.  It starts in less than six hours.

55 responses to “Manziel says it would be “really, really cool” to play for Cowboys

  1. Smokescreen. Why can’t anyone else see that the ‘Boys are setting everyone up so they can take a player that no one expects them to take.

  2. Every single player in the draft would love to play for the Cowboys. HOW BOUT DEM COWBOYS!!

  3. So I wonder if Manziel was paying for these games he attended with Jones over the past year and a half, or if he was getting gifts while a member of the NCAA…. Oh wait, thats right, he is the one player who was allowed to make money while playing college ball.

  4. Hours leading up to the draft and the ‘reporting’ that comes with it.

    The look on the ‘reporters’/’experts’ faces after Day 1 of the draft when 99.9999999% of the ‘reporting’ is exposed as complete trash.

  5. Jerry feels the same way. It will be fun watching your two egos collide.

    Jones: “Kid, this is the house that Jerry built!”
    Johnny: “Oh Yeah? Well I have the trademark!”

  6. JJ won’t take a quarterback. But in the event he does, then he is even more crazy than I thought he was.

    And It doesn’t matter where Manziel goes…it completely doesn’t matter…at all…not even a little bit.

  7. I don’t think its a smokescreen. Jerry will pick who Jerry wants, need or not. Its all about the drama…….its Dallas!

  8. Poor jerruh, if you would only hire a GM. Then, and only then, will we see a happy jerruh.
    Here’s an idea, try it for a few years, if it doesn’t work, well, you wont miss a thing. But what the hell do I know.

  9. Why can you not see jerry said thier not thinking about qb 1st round but usually when he say something wont happen it usually does

  10. Goodell wanted to turn the draft into a primetime reality show.

    Mission accomplished.

    Now we know what the ESPN and NFLN narrative will be.

  11. “Jerry Jones has been extremely nice to me. He’s treated me very, very well and we’ve developed a little bit of a friendship over the past year and a half”
    I wonder how much cash/gifts Jerry has already given this kid over the last 2 years…

  12. I like Manziel, but if Jerry Jones trades up to get him then he’s officially entered Al Davis territory. He already has a decent QB, a major salary cap issue, and several other holes to fill. It’s not meant to be, Jerry.

  13. I for one am tired of this Manziel crap. At this point i hope he gets picked early so we dont have to hear them speculate all night or i hope he slips into the second round to prove all of these people wrong. If that happens, i hope he saya he wont attend the second night so people start saying things about him like they did with Geno Smith.

  14. Since you’ve spent so much time with him, why don’t you ask your buddy John McClain he claimed Manziel grew up a Texans fan in his first draft story when that has been revealed as false?

  15. Vikings pick #8 to Cowboys for their #1 & #2 this year and #1 next year. Jerry loves him some Johnny Football

  16. Next headline: Agent denies report that Manziel thinks it would be “really, really cool” to play for Cowboys.

  17. Imagine if this pans out … and both Manziel and RGIII live up to their superior potential. It could return the Redskins vs. Cowboys rivalry to the level of its glory days (pre-Jerry Jones and Dan Snyder).

    -Titans Fan

  18. It would be really good to play for a 8-8 team and miss the playoffs every year? On the bright side he could learn all the ways to blow a game from Romo and Orton!

  19. For a while I was worried how the league might survive the breakup of the inestimable Rex Ryan and Mark Sanchez. But this…this could get us there

  20. I’m beginning to hate Johnny football more than Tebow and I never thought that would be possible

  21. the idiocy in these threads is hilarious.

    a guy that was a starter on a national championship team, and has been involved in three super bowl wins knows a hell of a lot more then clowns such as tennesseeoilers.

  22. Dallas a place where QBs go to be average at best. Danny White,Tony Romo, and to be continued…… .

  23. Cowboys draft Manziel… becuase Jerry needs another clown for the circus he’s created in Dallas.

    I love the Cowboys, but I dunno how much more of Jerry I can stand.

    Boycotting all merchandise… no new shirts/caps/etc until Jerry’s gone!

  24. If Jerrah forces this pick, I am done with the Cowboys. Manziel is a circus clown and will be a bust, similar to Jerrah!

  25. Manziel could be like a closer for the cowboys, Romo will play great the first 3 quarters and 13 minutes. Then you bring in Manziel with 2 minutes left in the 4th in clutch situations to close it out. Jerry Jones doesnt get enough credit for how much of a genius he is!

  26. Blah, blah, blah
    Lets wait. So much time and effort wasted on trying to guess who will go where and when.
    Turned into a circus and a proven profit generator. ESPN never one to look elsewhere when a quick buck can be made, is licking their chops on this event.
    Many draft choices are complete busts, but the networks and profits never admit how badly their experts are.
    Opinions are like Butts. Everyone has one

  27. It’ll be easier for him to build a house if he’s picked today, so he’s projecting a little.

  28. Manziel is a Jerry pick if there ever was one. It has it all. Surprise, headlines, controversy, and locally grown hero with following that puts butts in the seats.

    Whether Manziel can win as QB in Dallas is beside the point with Jerry. This makes a splash and Jerry loves him some splash.

  29. I hope the cowboys take another center or maybe a long-snapper as their first pick for kicks and giggles!

  30. The Cowboy locker room isn’t big enough for Manziel and Dez Bryant’s ego!!! I can also see Jason Witten putting Manziel’s head through a locker!

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