Mayock: I don’t think Jerry Jones can help himself, will draft Manziel

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Cowboys owner and General Manager indicated that he’s not planning to draft Johnny Manziel in the first round tonight. But the top analyst on the network of which Jones owns a 3.125 percent share doesn’t buy it.

Mike Mayock of NFL Network has published his mock draft, and he has the Cowboys drafting Manziel with the 16th overall pick. Mayock indicated that Jones would love the circus atmosphere that Manziel would bring to Dallas.

“It’s Jerry’s world,” Mayock said on NFL Network. “Can Jerry Jones, and that whole Barnum & Bailey thing, pass this up? I don’t believe so.”

Mayock said he personally thinks the Cowboys would be better off addressing their needs on defense, but he thinks Jones loves Manziel.

“I don’t think Jerry can help himself. That simple,” Mayock said.

Although Tony Romo remains the starting quarterback in Dallas, Mayock said he thinks the Cowboys would find a way to use Manziel as a rookie.

“I think there’d be a Manziel package from Day One. There’d be some of the zone read stuff,” Mayock said.

That would certainly get everyone talking about the Cowboys. And Jerry Jones would love that.

55 responses to “Mayock: I don’t think Jerry Jones can help himself, will draft Manziel

  1. C’mon Spielman!

    Take Johnny Football at 8…guy is going to be a Pro Bowler in 3 years IMO…

    FWIW the more I see Clowney and hear him talk, he’s JaWalrus all over. I don’t think he cares about football.

    And that’s one more reason to take Johnny: he loves the game and is a bigtime competitor!


  2. I’m not a big fan of menziel’s and I don’t think it will amount to much in the NFL, but what makes jerry jones think lil johnny manziel will be available to draft in the 16th round?

  3. He would definitely take him if he is there (or even trade up a bit to do it).

    Jerry does not give two craps about winning, it’s about the publicity. He is like Al Davis in his later years with the Raiders. I love it.

    Hope he lives a long time!!!

    Sad to be a cowboy fan with this egomaniac running the show. Keep up the good work Jerry.

  4. spytdi says: May 8, 2014 5:40 AM

    No way Jerry take Manziel. Worst defense in the league last year. You can’t ignore that.


    C’mon, everyone knows the poor defense was all Rob Ryan’s fault.

    Oh, wait…never mind.

  5. Marriage made in heaven or someplace. They deserve each other. Not sure if both heads can fit in the stadium at he same time with the large video screens.

    But what could be better than two people we already know desire stardom over winning any day of the week and twice on Any Given Sunday.

  6. He isn’t taking Johnny. For one he won’t even be there at 16. Jerry isn’t gonna trade up to 4 to get him cause that’s where he’s going.

  7. There is no way Jerry drafts Johnny Football at 16 with both Donald and Barr out there. This mock draft is awful. Now if both those guys are gone then Jerry will draft Johnny.

  8. As a non-Cowboy fan living in DFW this would be amazing just for the Jerry-backlash. There’s already a slow boil by the fans and this could pump it up to overflowing. Highly amusing to this observer from Seattle that still flies back for the Hawks games to watch a real football team.

  9. Mayock got cutesy with his picks this year. I predict he does not get as many right as he did last year. Not even close.

  10. It’s obvious that somebody is telling mayock to keep saying this for attention

  11. If Manziel was still available at #16, I would think several of the QB-needy teams would be ringing Jerry’s phone off the hook to trade up and take him. Jerry would be a fool not to take that deal and net a hefty ransom for a team move up.

  12. I don’t see Manziel falling to 16. Having said that, it would be a Jerry Jones like move to trade up and get a big name pick like Manziel. I doubt it happens but I see why it’s easy to picture Jerry wanting to make it happen.

  13. If JFF falls to the Cowboys… I would be angry because a bunch of teams would be left with still no good QB… There is no reason to think he won’t be drafted in the top 10… No other position is as valuable in the draft & you either have one or you don’t. Jacksonville, Cleveland, Tampa, Oakland, Minnesota, Tennessee… These teams have a serious lack of playmakers/QB & a guy like JFF puts fans in the stands.

  14. This reminds me of when Mayock predicted Al Davis would draft Darrius Heyward Bey, even though he thought it was a bad pick for where Oakland was drafting. I’ll bet he gets this right. Chip Kelly probably said he loves Manziel just to bait Jones into drafting him.

  15. It’s going to be Manziel at # 3 or #4… but i think Jacksonville won’t pass on Khalil Mack, or Watkins….leaving Manziel for Cleveland….good fit though…will make the AFC alot more interesting ….

  16. Does Jerry really pick the players . Find it hard that a successful man in his own field doesn’t let people who know the game better than him do the job they are trained to do. I bet he delegates more than the media let on as they always seem to have an agenda to ridicule him.

  17. I’ll be surprised if he falls that far. I wouldn’t take any of the QBs this year in the first round but I’m pretty sure someone will, and it will be a bad team that picks higher than 16.

  18. He won’t pick him. Too many needs on the league’s worse defense. But reading comments from all the haters is entertaining.

  19. Jerry could care less about defense, as evidence when he hired a 73-yeard old DC who runs a scheme that’s about as old and predictable.
    Mayock’s right… he can’t help himself. He’ll grab Manziel if he’s still on the board.

  20. Only because we are talking about Jerry Jones do I feel there is the possibility that Mayock could be right on this. The Cowboys more or less committed big time to Romo not very long ago, so under normal circumstances it would be at least one year too early to move on. But again, this is Jerry and this move probably puts the cowboys on the front page of the USA Today weekend edition.

  21. Thoughtful analysis once again from a clown who will say anything to attach himself to the most talked about team…it would bear some hostile commentary if it were not so predictably boring.

  22. I totally buy this. Jones is an idiot who’s all about style, not substance. He should be focused on “D”, which is exactly why I could see him taking Manziel.

  23. The first time Johnny Football gets lit up by a 6’4″ 260 lb lineman coming off his blindside he’s going to have the same expression on his face. Then it will be my computer’s screenshot.

  24. It would be a smart pick. Everyone in the world except for Mike Mayock, Ron Jaworski, and Merrill Hoge has Manziel much higher than 16th on their board which makes him a value pick if he is still there.

  25. Yep. What’s the Texas saying. Jerry Jones is all hat, no cattle. Manziel would bring the hat. Wins? Who cares if all the good ole boys are slapping you on the back for a couple of years.

  26. Romo is 34 and coming off of two back surgery’s so if your Jones and you like Manzeil (I do) it’s not as crazy as it appears. I’m an Eagles fan by the way.

  27. Boys need linemen (both sides), pass rusher, cb and safety. They need to quit worrying about Romo this season, trade down, and fill in the holes on the lines, if not secondary.

    Manziel doesn’t do any of that……and theres always next year to replace Romo.

  28. Jacksonville or Buffalo might draft someone to get more attention. For better or worse, the Cowboys get all of the attention they can stand. Games sell out. The media gives them more attention than an 8-8 team would normally justify. They don’t need to do anything to get attention.

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