McShay: Johnny Manziel’s top player on Cowboys’ board


It’s becoming increasingly obvious that no one has the slightest clue where Texas A&M quarterback Johnny Manziel is going to end up later today.

But it’s also becoming obvious that a certain owner has a six-shooter in his pocket for Johnny Football.

ESPN analyst Todd McShay said earlier today that he’s heard Manziel was the top player on the Cowboys’ draft board.

That’s a board assembled by others, but ultimately decided upon by the man who declared two years ago that he wanted him some “glory hole.”

Drafting Manziel the year after giving Tony Romo a contract which will pay him $57 million over its first three years is such a Jones move that perhaps we’re just hoping it happens for the fun which will ensue.

But it would also be a troubling sign for a team which needs so many things on defense, that it would use a fixed-price commodity like a first-round pick on a backup quarterback.

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  1. Makes a lot of sense. The Cowboys are in love with overrated QBs. I’m so glad that my Redskins, who are GOD’S CHOSEN TEAM, have the best QB in the history of the NFL in RG3. #HTTR #Redskins2015SuperBowlChamps

  2. Well, Todd McShay had Ryan Nassib going to the Bills in the top 10 last year, so it’s not like he’s ever been completely and utterly wrong on a QB before, right?

  3. Rams front office: “What a coincidence, Johnny Manziel is the top player on our board too! This is a smokescreen, by the way.”

  4. This would wreck the Cowboys chances of contending for the next couple years, given the holes on defense that need plugging. So while you could never put it past Jerry Jones, just go back and look at everything McShay said about Nassib last year, which is why I’m ultimately not taking this seriously.

  5. Hate to say this but the Cowboys from now until Jerry dies will be in the same boat as my beloved Raiders were from 2004 til Al Davis died. Older, previously successful owners with all the power over their franchise desperate to get back on top at all costs. It’s gonna get worse for the “boys” before it gets better.

  6. More and more,McShay has become a pipeline for GM’s to spread whatever misinformation they want out there.

  7. At this point I don’t even care who goes where I’m just ready to sit back and watch it all unfold. Skol!

  8. So much for 8-8. 4-12 here we come!! Jones is the best thing for other NFL fans. Keeps the Cowboys irrelevant. I bet he thinks he was the brains behind their great run in the EARLY 90’s.

  9. But, but, how can it happen if the Texans are so high on him? Noway he gets past the Rams and the Jags and the Browns, etc.

    Cue the Southwest Air commercial … picture Johnny deep into round 1, inside the greenroom. “Wanna get away”?

  10. anyone want to take a friendly bet that Dallas does NOT draft Johnny Football in the first round, at least not unless they trade for a second first round pick?

    Thumbs down if you think Dallas really does either move up to specifically take him, or takes him in their orignal spot, thumbs up if you think Dallas takes someone else in the first.

  11. Just something to remember about McShay and Kiper.

    Last year Kiper got 0 picks correct in the first round.

    McShay got 4.

    So don’t listen 2 closely to either of them.

  12. C’mon Jerruh! Please make it happen! The Big Top will need an addition built if that happens!

  13. Lol. It will be the worst move by Jerry since he let Sean Payton walk

    Best player in this year’s draft – Jarvis Landry

  14. A prima dona can be a successful receiver or defensive end, tight end or even running back.
    Can a prima dona really be a successful quarter back?

  15. People say this would be a disastrous move to make, but it may be the RIGHT one to make. Look, I’ve been a Cowboy fan since the late 70s. And I think the past ten years have been way more frustrating than even the first season with Jimmie Johnson. I don’t know what kind of plant Mr. Jones was smoking when he decided that giving Romo god-like money last year was a smart decision. At what point does Jerry realize that his starter of NINE YEARS is a bust? Let’s call a spade a spade: he’s not a Manning (either one), Brees or a Brady-level QB. And never will be. Ever. So it’s time to move on from this decade-long mistake. Jerry should swallow the sword, trade up as far as he can to get Manziel (and I’m NOT saying this kid will be a success – we never know), and cut Romo NOW.

    The sad fact of the matter is that no matter what happens over the next 3 days, the Cowboys aren’t going to be a contender for the next 3 years. I’m still dumbfounded they let DeMarcus Ware get way for FREE. Hopefully Sean Lee can stay healthy as a horse for a long time. But there have been so many STUPID moves the past couple of years that it’s going to take a while to fix it all. The question is, does Jerry Jones have the guts?

  16. So, because he is at the top of their draft board, that means…? Isn’t the draft board basically a ranking of how they feel about all the players in the draft?

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