Mike Pettine: It will be difficult for anyone in draft class to beat out Brian Hoyer

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Browns General Manager Ray Farmer is enjoying the cloak of mystery surrounding his intentions with the fourth and 26th picks of the draft and coach Mike Pettine is doing a good job of helping to keep things up in the air.

Pettine disputed a report that the team would not select Johnny Manziel with the fourth overall selection, saying that Manziel remained under consideration by the team. Given the other options that will be available, using the fourth pick on a quarterback would come with a fair amount of pressure for him to start early in his career and the Browns have expressed confidence in Brian Hoyer as the 2014 starter. Pettine has done so again, comparing Hoyer favorably to the quarterbacks available in the draft.

“There will be competition, but I think it will be very difficult, based on my evaluation of this year’s draft class, it will be very difficult for anyone in this draft class to come in and beat [Hoyer] out. I really believe that,” Pettine said, via Lindsay Jones of USA Today. “There’s that certain it factor he has. Just the way he’s attacked his rehab, the way he’s attacked learning a new offense. What jumped out was his accuracy. I think him going through the drill work that we had put the quarterbacks through in their workouts, and compared it to those guys — it was encouraging to see.”

Given all the work they’ve done evaluating them, all the shuffling doesn’t do much to mitigate the feeling that the Browns will have a new quarterback on the roster soon. With three of the first 35 picks at their disposal, they can keep everyone guessing about when they’ll take one.

30 responses to “Mike Pettine: It will be difficult for anyone in draft class to beat out Brian Hoyer

  1. And this is why the Browns won’t be picking a QB until the second, or possibly third round. So much for the Manziel hype. let Jerry Jones have him and the circus that surrounds his over rated stature.

  2. Johnny football is going to slide far like B. Quinn. They are setting up the drama so people will watch.

  3. Wow… Lol…. This is why the stains can’t win 6 games the last 6 years… Thought u heard it all then this… Only in neverland or Believeland

  4. Mike Pettine looks like Jesse Venturas younger non-mulleted less conspiracy theory-esque not as curmudgeony long lost brother. But yeah, Brian Hoyer looked just fine last year.

  5. If we really have our QB in Hoyer, then beautiful. I’d love for that to be so.

    Pick up another QB with a later pick then to sit and learn and be ready when the time comes.

    Go Browns!

  6. If I am a Browns fan with season tickets and I hear him say this, and he proceeds to pass on Manziel if he’s there…I sell my tickets. Holy crap is he dense. There’s probably 5 QB in this draft you want over Hoyer. LOL at the Clowns. They keep hiring these morons and wonder why they continuously blow. One less team my Steelers have to worry about

  7. “Mike Pettine: It will be difficult for anyone in draft class to beat out Brian Hoyer”

    This year, Hoyer is the veteran mentor, just Like Gary Danielson was for Bernie

  8. I think Shanny Jr can get one or two Schaub type years out of Hoyer – especially with Gordon, drafting sammy watkins, cameron…they have some weapons.

  9. If Cleveland drafts Watkins and Hoyer plays like he did last year with their defense they Will win a Playoff game this year bank it And I’m not a Cleveland fan

  10. All i know is when the Bills played the Browns, Hoyer was looking DAMN good. I definitely was not upset when he got hurt, maybe cheered a little….and then KARMA came around and EJ went out. Lesson learned….

  11. I have a hard time believing Cleveland won’t be taking a QB with one of their 1st round picks. Hoyer looked ok compared to Weeden, but he only played 9 quarters before going down for the season. That’s a pretty small sample size to anoint someone your starting QB. Who knows how well his knee will even hold up. Throw in the fact that their backups (VY/Thigpen) weren’t even on rosters last year, it seems like they need another body.

  12. With the alleged $100K they spent on a QB study, it would be Clevelandesque is they do not take one in the first three rounds. Add Watkins to Gordon and Cameron and they have the means to put up some points.

    And to think they wanted to trade Josh Gordon last year…

  13. Hoyer has paid his dues – first backing up Brady and then after getting a shot to start, tears up his knee. He deserves the chance to succeed. I root for him to be the starter and lead the Browns to be a perennial playoff team.

  14. Ha Ha, he threw 96 passes last year and is coming off a major knee surgery. Be careful everybody before you completely disregard the QB position. Anybody in this league can look great for two games, then teams adjust.

  15. It is HILARIOUS that Browns fans are so delusional that they actually believe Hoyer is a franchise QB.

    He played a mediocre game until the 4th quarter vs the Vikings, one of the worst teams in the league. And he played a mediocre game against the wildly inconsistent Bengals, in a game that ultimately was clearly won by the Browns defense, and people think he’s a world beater.

    The Factory of Sadness will be resuming its regular holiday schedule for yet another year.

  16. Where do the Browns continue to find such clueless coaches and front office personnel?Embarrassing.

  17. Concur with Pettine. Hoyer may not be the long-term “franchise” QB(how many are?) but he played well enough before the injury to be given a shot. He is certainly a better “risk” than any QB in this draft class because he already knows the offense and doesn’t have to adjust to life in the NFL. Plus the Browns can use those draft picks to build a better supporting cast.

  18. Sure, Hoyer’s been in the league several years and that’s good in that he knows how to break down film, look for tendencies, game plan etc…

    But, in ALL the time Hoyer’s been in the league, he’s ONLY attempted 192 passes in his career.

    That’s like 5 to 6 games worth of pass attempts for QB’s…

    What does this mean? It means that Hoyer is STILL untested as a full time starting QB in his career.

    The MOST passes he attempted in any ONE season is 92 passses and that was last year.

    He had 53 pass attempts in ’12
    He had 27 pass attempts in ’09
    He had 15 pass attempts in ’10
    He had 1 pass attempt in ’11

    The league and the Browns do NOT yet KNOW what they have in Hoyer…

    A player HAS to play first to know what he’s able to do on Sunday’s in the league…

    Some on here are saying he looked good last year before he got hurt…

    We’ve ALL seen QB’s who play well for a few games in a row (or even a season, See Anderson, Derek of the 2007 Cleveland Browns and his pro bowl season… how did that work out for him OR the Browns?

    What does this mean? It means that EVEN if Hoyer plays well this year, makes the pro bowl like Derek Anderson did, he could STILL bomb out and be a ONE YEAR WONDER.

    I’m NOT saying he will be a one year wonder either.

    My point is that he HAS not really played yet in the league and even after one full season, if he plays the entire coming season, won’t be enough to know how he’ll do (Anderson, Derek).

    Gotta WAIT and see what transpires…

    TALK is cheap…

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