Raiders may have Evans ahead of Watkins

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As the draft approaches, buzz has been building that Texas A&M receiver Mike Evans could end up in the top five.

He actually could end up ahead of receiver Sammy Watkins, as the first wideout selected.

As one league source who is as connected on matters of the draft as anyone explained it to PFT, the Raiders are believed to prefer Evans to Watkins.  The question becomes whether both are still on the board at No. 5, and whether the Raiders choose to pick a receiver.

The Jaguars also could be in play for Watkins at No. 3.  Jacksonville also is believed to be seriously considering linebacker Khalil Mack, if he’s still available.

There’s a chance the Aggies deliver three picks in the top 10, with Evans joined by tackle Jake Matthews and quarterback Johnny Manziel.  All three will be in the green room at Radio City Music Hall tonight, and two of them (Evans and Manziel) will join PFT Live at 12:00 p.m. ET on Thursday.

36 responses to “Raiders may have Evans ahead of Watkins

  1. Only if Watkins is off the board. I don’t want another DHB before Crabtree situation.

  2. There is a lot of appeal to have the taller Evans. My Lions need a WR and I had Sammy Watkins #1 on my WR board before all the pundits did, yet I also know that Matthew Stafford has trouble throwing to shorter receivers, so for somebody like me it’s hard to fully appreciate what it means to draft a guy like Sammy Watkins since we have no guarantee that we can pass to him efficiently if Stafford doesn’t improve his game. That could make Evans a better fit for a team like the Lions. I just think there is a premium placed on accuracy and timing and passing skills if you select the more diminutive player, and if you aren’t sure you have a QB like that then it might make sense to take a closer look at Evans.

    The Raiders need to get confident regarding who their QB is going to be before they can fully buy in to investing into Sammy Watkins. It’s no fun to draft a WR if you don’t have a great QB to match with that WR.

  3. So they’re saying Watkins will be gone by then, and if you want Evans you have to trade up. I don’t think anyone who’s sober really thinks they grade out that way on Reggie’s big board.

  4. A smart team if Watkins Mack or Robinson wasn’t available would trade down and get picks.This isn’t a smart team so enjoy drafting someone projected as a fourth rounder

  5. I agree that you’d want to have your QB in place before drafting a star receiver but that didn’t work last time…passing on Calvin Johnson to get Jamarcus Russell.

  6. Drafted Heyward-Bey over Crabtree AND Jeremy Maclin. Don’t worry. Whatever they decide to do, their pick will under perform and either be a backup or out of the league in 3-4 years.

  7. Smokescreen. Sometimes I think these execs are infatuated with just making up stories. There has to be a staff position just dedicated to misinformation and lies. You know, like the FBI, but the NFL version. (Just kidding FBI) wink wink

  8. They’ll take Watson or Mack if they’re on the board (which is doubtful unless someone takes Manzel or two of the tackles in the top 4).

    Assuming Clowney, Mack, Robinson and Watson are off the board, taking Evans, Matthews/Lewan or trading down all make sense to me.

    Stop with the DHB non-sense, that’s just stupid and irrlevant. New scouts, new decision makers – not related at all.

  9. Another Hayward–Bye move. Pitiful ! Watkins will be in hall of fame, since the 49ers showed interst, now the Raiders want him, 49ers playing bluff, Reggie to ignorant to be doing draft anyhow. Get ready raider nation, Fred Flintstone Reggie will screw up the draft again. Remember they use a dart board in Oakland, not a draft board since Reggie came to town. By the way Reggie…there is only one JOHNNY FOOTBALL. Other pieces are available through out the draft. You won’t be around next year anyhow, so start packing and get that return ticket to Green bay.

  10. Al Davis isn’t making the picks anymore. Trust in Reggie. I for one actually love what he’s done this offseason. Will the Raiders make the playoffs this season? No, but the playoff teams that they face in the regular season will know that they were there. I say if one of the big 4 aren’t available then trade back and acquire as many draft picks as you can get. Go RAIDERS!!!!

  11. Evans can catch, DHB could run fast. So yeah, it’s just like that time…. Pftrrrrrt. Watikins is not Calvin Johnson.
    You don’t get to call Watkins a clear favorite unless you were saying so before three months ago.

    Also: day-of draft rumors are always a great way to show who the suckers are, suckers.

  12. When I did my draft board I had the Raiders taking Evans, but I had Watkins already gone. Probably not the same… hopefully, this is RM trying to get teams to give up more picks to be at 5.

  13. Wow!!! Comparing Evans to DHB… really?

    When DHB was drafted every one I knew said “Who?”

    Evans is the concensus #2 guy on the board and his size and leaping ability make him a huge red zone target. Easy to see why someone might have him as the #1 guy instead of #2….

  14. If this happens it will be classic Raiders; drafting measurables over production. Al Davis always had that man crush on Big, fast guys whether they could play or not. He hit on some of them but missed on way too many. Marinovich, Russell, DHB and on and on. FWIW look how many times Evans double caught the ball on his catches.

  15. Haha at all these haters!! Reggie already indicated he liked bigger taller stronger receivers, it wouldn’t bother to take either one to be honest though. And to all the niner and chiefs wasting our oxygen with their speaking, aj Jenkins,rashaun woods, Quinton Patton, Jonathon Baldwin,0superbowls. Jealousy is a woman’s trait ladies! GO RAIDERS!!!

  16. I’m not going to pretend to be an expert, but c’mon Reggie. If this is true (as well as the thought they also like Lewan more than Robinson), and considering he would have picked DJ Hayden with last year’s 3rd pick, it’s proof Reggie doesn’t know what he’s doing.

  17. I guess I am the only one who thinks Crabtree is just mediocre? There has to be at least one other.

    Thanks Richard

  18. Ppl making brash comments based on a draft day rumor with no back bone.

    Wait for the night to play out. Reggie has an opportunity to make a big mark on this team over the next 3 days.

    Get it done Reggie. Go Raiders!

  19. As much as I want Mack 1st, then Watkins, I would be more than satisfied with Evans… he would look awesome in Silver and Black, and give us a #1 target and red zone beast for years to come. So with those being my top 3 wish list, I did look at a lot of film on Taylor Lewan… what a stud and would be a huge upgrade over Veldheer or anyone we have on our line now. Easily the best left tackle (at least in pass protection) to plug and play and easy to see why RM loves him so much. I wouldn’t be upset if they traded down with Tampa and picked him. And move back up into the 1st and go get Carr! If he’s gone, get Jimmy G!

  20. And if Watkins is gone and we pick Evans, RM can tell him he was our guy all along… GREAT leak Reggie, LOL

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