Ray Farmer: Best part of draft is that no one knows what we’ll do


Browns General Manager Ray Farmer is running the front office in a draft for the first time and he’s enjoying himself.

As he should, what with Browns history saying it might be his only chance to run the show in Cleveland.

Specifically, though, Farmer likes that he’s been able to keep everyone guessing about what the team will do with their two first-round picks. Farmer said that he’s gone so far as to keep five or six names off the draft board in the locked room where it is kept in the event someone who isn’t authorized to be there happens to find their way into the inner sanctum.

“I recognize that everyone is going nuts, ‘They’ve got to take a quarterback!’ No one knows what we’re going to do, and that’s the best part about it,” Farmer said, via USA Today. “It’s good to lay low and in the weeds so that no one knows what you’re going to do.”

As part of the effort to keep things as cloudy as possible, Pettine and Farmer also said that quarterback Johnny Manziel is still in the discussion for the fourth pick after Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported that the team will not be using that pick on the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner. Even without Manziel, there are several ways for the Browns to go and it seems we’ll all just have to wait until the moment comes to find out the choice.

34 responses to “Ray Farmer: Best part of draft is that no one knows what we’ll do

  1. No one knows who they will draft, but everyone knows the sorrow of the Dawg Pound will not end.

  2. If Mack is availiable at #4 we take him for sure. If he is gone and watkins there we have to trade back. Watkins will never be a #1 wr. He is built to be a #2 or 3 wr which we have already. Trading back gives us a chance to maybe take Best CB or Olineman availiable.

  3. No one knows and quite frankly, I’ve gotten to a point where I’m not sure I care anymore.

    These two extra weeks have taken a toll on my patience and my interest in the whole thing!

  4. Sounds like a GM getting ready to fake himself out…..

    Ray this isn’t tough, take Evans/Watkins at 4 (or the defender Mack should he fall), then take the QB at 26 (or 35) Carr/Garrapolo, and you still have the 35th pick.

    But go ahead and take an undersized, media saturated QB first, and then you’re looking at Cooks/Lee, Robinson at wr…..

  5. Ya see…The thing is that if you tell people that you are “waiting in the weeds” then you lose your advantage which you obviously needed in the first place because you were (wait for it) “Waiting in the weeds.”.

  6. It must be hard to be a newbie GM and HC, not wanting to make a mistake with two 1st rounders and ownership and fans watching your every move. They can’t help but fail…it’s a no win!

  7. A lot of people have no clue what they’re talking about. The Browns GM prior to the one year with Mike Lombardi was VERY good and his draft day deals where part of the reason to watch ESPECIALLY in the first round (hence the teams FIVE pro bowlers this past season all DRAFTED by Cleveland). Not to mention their ability to find diamonds in the rough that others didn’t see talent in (Josh Cribbs, Josh Gordon, Peyton Hillis, Kelly Holcomb, Thad Lewis, Chris Ogbonnaya etc).

    They’re issue has always been that they IGNORE the QB position and not that they draft bad ones. Since 1999 they’ve only drafted 3 QB’s in the first round and only 1 of those QB’s were their first pick in that round (Tim Couch 1999). One step further from that EVERY qb drafted in 2007 was a bust so it’s not like they can be blamed for the Brady Quinn pick (especially since they got 10 wins out of Derek Anderson that year aka another diamond in the rough that no one thought would get anywhere)

    Bad management: Yes, Horrible ownership: Yes, Questionable coaching: Yes, Toughest division in the AFC: Yes, Horrible drafting: NO!!

  8. Sorry to burst your bubble Ray Farmer, but I know exactly what you are going to do. You are going to draft people that are football players instead of choosing people that are not football players.

  9. Ray Farmer Has Done An Excellent Job Hiding His Hand, But That Is Half The Battle. Here’s To Hoping He Knocks It Out Of The Park Tonight! I Have A Good Feeling That He will.

  10. I love all the “Doesn’t matter-they’re the Browns and they’ll screw it up anyway” stuff.

    Sorry. New owner, new GM, new front office, new coaching staff. 100% different organization than it was a year ago or at any time before that. This regime has made a lot of good moves and bears zero resemblance to the last couple regimes- regimes which all stemmed from Randy Lerner hires- and he’s long gone. The Browns made the playoffs (into the 2nd round) the year before they left Cleveland. the only thing that’s different between then and now (since ’99) was Lerner ownership all these years. That’s over. So is the “loser culture” in Cleveland. SORRY.

    So, sorry- the “they’re the Browns” garbage is irrelevant now. Lerner ownership since coming back into the league– New, different, aggressive ownership and staff now. Not the same. SORRY. This regime has made nothing but good moves. Browns haters are ramping up the hate because they are finally, legitimately worried that the Browns will be a great team.

  11. All well and good ray, now the important thing, getting the draft right! I believe the majority of browns fans have confidence in farmer and the new staff, but unfortunately half of those fans will drop off the farmer bandwagon when he doesn’t draft Watkins , manziel or whomever most want at 4. Hopefully, most browns fans are still happy by the end of the first round!

  12. I dont think yall know what your gonna do besides be 6-10 again this year have some guts and draft a qb and get rid of that bum hoyer hes not a franchise qb more like a franchise bench warmer

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