Report: Bills were already concerned about Dareus’ marijuana use


Bills General Manager Doug Whaley said that the team was “disappointed” to learn of defensive tackle Marcell Dareus’ arrest on synthetic marijuana charges this week, but a report from Tim Graham of the Buffalo News suggests they weren’t particularly surprised.

Graham reports that the Bills have had concerns about Dareus’ marijuana use since Chan Gailey was the team’s coach, which basically means that they have been concerned about it for pretty much Dareus’ entire tenure since Gailey was fired after the 2012 season and Dareus joined the team in 2011. That concern has reportedly led to discussions with Dareus, but “nobody has been able to convince” Dareus to just say no up to this point.

Those concerns didn’t stop the Bills from exercising Dareus’ fifth-year option, although his 2015 contract his guaranteed against injury only so the Bills could walk away from Dareus before next season starts. Given how well he has played, that’s not something they want to do but further troubles could change the outlook in Buffalo.

After the Bills brought in other players with some off-field concerns this offseason, including wide receiver Mike Williams and linebacker Brandon Spikes, coach Doug Marrone said that they “understand that stuff is not going to be tolerated” in Buffalo. There’s no line in the sand, but making those words count for something will take action at some point.

24 responses to “Report: Bills were already concerned about Dareus’ marijuana use

  1. Weed should no longer be an issue.

    However the synthetic version sold as “bath salts” or whatever has caused seizures, irregular heartbeat and other side effects that the real thing does not cause. It actually is a dangerous drug and should be illegal.

  2. He won’t/can’t be banned by the NFL because it’s not on the illegal substances list. However, he will be banned by Coach Marrone for at least 1-2 games. Count on it.

  3. Marijuana? HOW DARE HE…He should have been taking pain killers and drinking alcohol like every other decent American who knows to “just say no” to that evil grass.

  4. It’s NOT marijuana, it’s acetone and other chemicals made into “herbal incense.”

    That’s exactly what he is smoking, potpourri. My old work in South Carolina used to make it and sell it. It’s dangerous.

    Plus, it’s not about something being legal or illegal…it’s, “how stupid can you be???”

  5. You gotta think that he was smoking this stuff cause he thought that by doing that, he wouldn’t test positive for smoking weed. The problem though, is that if you smoke enough of that fake crap, you won’t ever have to worry about passing a drug test again….cause you’ll probably be dead.

  6. Time for the NFL to progress like so many other of us have and just take it off their drug list. It will save headaches for everyone involved. Weed isn’t a dangerous drug when you compare it to even things that are already legal.

  7. Smoking pot has recently been linked by Harvard pear review studies and other org. connect with neuroscience to cause brain damage, not too mention being a carcinogen will help reduce the blood oxygen level and cause breathing issues. As a top level athlete you have a responsibility to keep yourself at tip top shape, specially when you are making millions a year. Marcel’s fat ass should know that.

  8. I may be in the minority now but I still feel it is wrong to “do drugs” whether or not it is legal or illegal. I have enough libertarian streak in me though to wonder if we are correct to restrict people’s right to choose what they want to do with their lives.

    I suppose if I saw the underbelly of society that is ravaged by drugs I might not be so quick to consider legalizing everything in the name of Freedom.

  9. Weed ought to be legal, but it is STILL against the law in most states and definitely against the rules of the NFL and every other sport. If you’re stupid enough to knowingly break these rules as a player or potential draftee, then you deserve to throw away the millions.

  10. The Cripple Bills seems gettin more worse and worse as week pass by, first the Dareus then 2nd Johnson… So much bashing on Jets being circus when there is none, and there bunches of midget clowns hiding in Bills mascot uniform suit…

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