Report: Giants thought likely to “seriously consider” Manziel if he slides to No. 12


How about another light coat of mystery concerning where Johnny Manziel lands on Thursday night?

According to Jordan Raanan of, the Giants, who select No. 12, could conceivably be in play for Manziel. Raanan, who cited a source “with knowledge of the team’s draft philosophy,” reported that the Giants “would seriously consider drafting” Manziel, the 2012 Heisman Trophy winner.

Of course, plenty of NFL Draft plans are considered and then scrapped. Given the Giants’ investment in Eli Manning and their needs at other positions, taking a quarterback 12th overall doesn’t seem likely.

The bigger issue for the Giants, though, is that the prospect of them selecting a quarterback early doesn’t seem completely illogical, given how poorly Manning played at times a season ago. Moreover, the 33-year-old Manning is signed for just two more seasons.

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  1. More likely they’re trying to trick the Cowboys into trading up above them. Maybe they want a player they’re afraid the Lions or Titans might take and they want one of them behind them to lessen the chance someone takes their guy.

  2. Know what’s funny about the Giants and Chip Kelly saying this stuff? Jerry is buying it and in complete panic mode right now.

  3. Manziel’s agent is working it around the clock to make it seem like every team wants Johnny. Because there is no other explanation for a story like this. I would imagine the Giants, or any team, “consider” lots of things before making a pick.

  4. How about someone lists the teams that Manziel has NOT been linked to? Will be shorter.

    As far as the Giants taking him, I don’t see this as a serious story. If Eli had 2 bad years in a row, maybe I could buy it but not after one down season that wasn’t all his fault.

    No 2 time Superbowl winning quarterback gets the disrespect that Eli gets.

    One more Eli, I believe you can do it.

  5. It seems to me that Manziel’s agents, fearing that “Johnny Football” will be finding out what “house Johnny is going to build” tomorrow instead of tonight, are trying to get someone to flinch. First it was the Rams at 2, then the Jags, then the Browns, now the Giants, who already have a 2-time Super Bowl MVP with a lot of tread left on his tires, a 4th rounder from last year, a former first round QB and a few other on their roster.

  6. Given how poorly Eli has played AND how cap friendly a rookie QB is, why is this so far-fetched??

  7. this just in: 32 teams might be interested in him in the first 7 rounds of the draft

  8. This would be good news for Doug Marrroe, as he could snap up the player he really wanted last year (Ryan Nassib) buy overpaying with a bunch of 2nd and 3rd round draft picks.

  9. Trying to keep the ‘Boys from drafting some of those badass DL players in the first round. How much you wanna bet Dallas trades up for Johnny D-Bag!?

  10. They just want to increase the chance of a team trading in front of them to take a QB rather than positional player. QB class next year is probably going to be better and it would make more sense to draft the heir apparent with 1 year left on Manning’s contract, no two.

  11. .

    If the Giants “draft philosophy” is to take a backup QB at #12, then someone needs to rewrite the book . The Giants are in a position to get a top echelon prospect at #12, or trade back after the consensus top 10 are off the board. Many draft day trades are made in the 12-17 range when the price is less prohibitive.



  12. You really do not have a clue do you “TheMorningStar”? They have 5 current QB’s already with Josh Freeman, Nasib and the back up to Titans, whose name eludes me for the moment, practice in OTA’s. And with all of the other problems they have in Offense, their OL, TE, a QB would be the last thing they would considering as a 1st round draft pick!

  13. How funny would THAT be, your new york football giants drafting Johnny football and sending bugs up the arms of Eli and the royal NFL family?

    But here’s the thing, it really isn’t funny because its exactly what the Giants should do to inject some life into a terribly boring team devoid of any real talent that has a stellar history in this league and most of all to avoid at all costs the next 2-3 years of Eli on the downside of his career.

  14. All of this Jerry Jones “freaking out” stuff is absolute crap. If you knew anything about the Cowboys’ draft strategy, you would know that Jerry has openly said that he has no intention of taking a QB in the first round. That is the opposite of smokescreen, and quite frankly, pretty silly on Jerry’s part. He should at least put up the facade of interest in Manziel to drum up a trade partner.

  15. In one #12 draft pick, the Giants head honchos would energize a two time winning Super Bowl QB, a fan base not used to flash, & own the local sports pages for the next 5 years.

    I say go for it. 2 years behind Eli and he takes over. HUGE! #GoGiants

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