Report: Tamba Hali 20 pounds over “optimal playing weight”

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The Chiefs took Dee Ford with the 23rd pick of the first round on Thursday night, adding him to a collection of edge rushers that already includes Justin Houston and Tamba Hali.

Beyond the eternal need for pass rushing and Ford’s demonstrated skill at it at Auburn, one reason to go that route is Hali’s contract. The Chiefs can save a bundle under the cap by parting ways with Hali after the 2014 season so it makes sense to start grooming a replacement.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that another reason is that Hali reported to offseason work overweight. According to the report, Hali weighed 284 pounds to leave himself 20 pounds over his “optimal playing weight.” There isn’t a game for a long time and Hali isn’t the first player to put on some weight during the offseason, so this may be a moot point by the time September rolls around.

In May, though, the need to light a fire under a heavier Hali may have helped tip the scales in Ford’s favor with the Chiefs.

15 responses to “Report: Tamba Hali 20 pounds over “optimal playing weight”

  1. classy TMZ style journalism from schefter. hali is one of the hardest working guys in the league – anyone who has seen his offseason regimen would know that – and reid acknowledged as much in his press conference after the pick.

  2. I’m guessing it’s more about the 9M$+ in savings next year to help pay Houston then it is about the April weight of one of the hardest working players in the NFL.

  3. Shefter knows jack about the Chiefs. Hali played at 275 last year.

    Dee Ford will replace him nicely after this season, as he is the second best pass rusher in this draft.

  4. Yeah whatever. Nobody sends a message by drafting a player. That’s just one of the dumbest things you can do.

    It’s called depth and the person that first suggested the ‘message’ thing needs to get kicked off the internet.

  5. I like Dee Ford. Hope he lights a fire under Tamba. We need sacks from Hali Houston and Ford. I do believe we could have traded out of the 1st and got him in 2nd.

    We must get a safety and a WR! Time for Dorsey to make a trade to get in 2nd round.

  6. Nah, Hali is 31 years old. Houston is set for a big contract coming up and they got a huge eye opener last year when both these guys went down with injury’s. The OLB’s in a 3-4 are probably the most important guys on the field. Hali is a former DE anyway. I’d like to see them get all 3 of these guys on the field at once. I really don’t think this is some cut Hali conspiracy but making sure they have sufficient guys to step in.

  7. Hali isn’t the tallest guy, so that bulk really probably hurts his movement. That’s probably what they mean by optimal weight, I doubt he just got fat.

  8. Tamba doesnt care because thats a last place AFC West team next year.

    I get that you save money next year and it was the right move in that respect but you have so many holes on that team lol. You drafted at your only position of strength, hilarious.

    It’s a good time to be a Broncos fan living in Kansas City.

  9. What is hilarious is how your team was on the losing end of a 12 second SB. That’s right, the look on Mannings face when they went down 2-0 the first 12 seconds of the game told the whole world that the game was over. Where the Donkeys will end up when Melon-head goes down?

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