Report: Texans dropping price for first pick

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There were a couple of different reports on Wednesday about what the Texans were seeking in a trade for the top overall pick.

Jay Glazer of FOX Sports reported that the team wanted two first-round picks and a second-round selection to move down. John McClain of the Houston Chronicle reported that the Texans wanted to swap 2014 first-rounders while adding first-round picks in 2014 and 2015 and a second-round pick this year. No one has bitten and now McClain reports that the price tag has dropped.

Per McClain, the Texans still want to swap first-round picks this year and add a 2015 pick in the top round to go with a 2014 second-round pick. In place of a third pick in the opening round, though, McClain says that the Texans are now looking for a 2014 third-rounder. There’s no word on how far down in the first round the Texans would be willing to drop in such a move.

That’s still a big price for a team that wants to guarantee themselves the chance to pick any player in the draft, but the price could keep dropping from here if the Texans have their hearts set on moving the pick before their time is up on Thursday night.

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  1. Good luck with that. There’s to much talent for the first ten spots no need for any1 to move up number texans won’t move past 5 so no takers sorry. U bluffed they called it.

    But lions will take number 1 for 3rd round pick that’s about it

  2. Liking the picture. LOL.

    I think they’re smart to move down and increase the number of picks they have. There’s no sure-thing consensus #1 player. Let someone else take the chance on Clowney or Manziel.

  3. I could see Atlanta making the move, but the price is still way too high to go from #6 to #1. Texans are dreaming at if they think anyone will give up that much.

  4. So they really DONT like Clowney that much. Haha. All this pre-draft BS… Gotta love it. It’s like listening to roger goodell or mike preiria talking.

  5. It’s about time. I’ve been complaining about their unrealistic expectations this whole time and I didn’t even know what they were asking for, but I knew they would ask for too much. They need to ask for the highest price that they can actually receive and CLOSE THE DEAL!

  6. The Texans are badly trying to draft Johnny Manziel lmaooooooo! I believe that’s why they are trying to fall lower in the 1st Rd. It has to be because Jadeveon Clowney and Khalil Mack will most likely be selected early! Just my opinion!

  7. Clowney is the default pick no one likes. But if they can’t trade out, pick him and harrass Luck for a few years until he fakes an injury.

  8. The Texans have to start somewhere in naming the price to move up to the #1 overall spot, even as crazy and unrealistic as the price may be.

    I still don’t understand how they could be asking to swap first rounders and add a second first round pick in 2014 at the same time though. Team B would have to make a deal with a third team to gain a second first-round pick, and then cut a deal with Houston to move up to #1, assuming I’m reading everything correctly (unless we’re talking about Cleveland who already has two first round picks, but they’d have to want to move to #1 in the first place).

    My head may explode.

  9. If Dimitroff makes this trade I’m gonna pull my hair out. Difference b/ 6 & 1 isn’t THAT great, especially in this draft. I’d be wiling to swap 1sts and give Houston this year’s 3rd rounder. Not a penny more.

  10. They will stay with the #1 pick. It’s clear they want to draft Mack. They just don’t think he’s #1 pick worthy. But nobody is going to trade up with them.

  11. I think the Point Value draft chart gets thrown out for this years 1st round trades. This draft is a full 2 rounds deep with 1st or 2nd year starters.
    I don’t think there will be as many trades as is being advertised because most teams will not sacrifice 2nd and 3rd round picks this year to move up. If a team has several extra picks, they might move up.
    SF is loaded with picks. Maybe they jump up to grab at a need. I could see ATL jumping up to #1 as they covet Clowney. Hang on ! Only 8 hours to the first pick.

  12. If I am Baltimore at 17 I would test how far down the draft they would be willing to go with that deal. In reality, Oakland could become a spoiler, we know how they can do crazy things and you know how they are about the biggest, fastest, slickest talking draft pick in the draft. Clowney to Oakland and we can sit back and watch another career go south.

  13. Vikes will swap 1st with you, a 2nd next year and the extra 3rd we got from Seattle this year.

  14. The Texans continue to show their incompetence in moving the pick. A draft spot is only worth what someone is willing to pay for it. Take the best you can get and move down for the extra picks. You need them all, Houston, because your on-field product currently sucks.

  15. It just blows me away how many people think there is a chance in hell the Texans use the #1 overall pick on a 4-3 defensive end.

    They do not have a position on their defense that Clowney can play at an elite level. He’s a 4-3 DE through and through. Yes he could techincally do it, but he’s more effective coming off the edge on every down.

  16. I hope these dummies pass on Clowney, Jax drafts him at 3, he turns into LT 2.0 and terrorizes that moribund, boring franchise for the next 12 years.

  17. This draft speculation sure helps to make the horrid winter go by but today is the day and I say bull, the Texans are taking Clowney and always were from day one. Ya if they got and early flop plus a first next year that would be great but no one is going to give that up with the talent that’s in this draft.

  18. What’s keeping this trade from happening is their insistence on taking someone’s 1st-round pick next year.


  19. There will be a team to do this I am sure. Clowney can sell tickets – and produce some marketing hype (which means $) for a team OTHER than Texans.

  20. If you don’t start high, you’ve got nothing to bargain! The last 10 minutes is when the games are won, just wait and see.

  21. They won’t get what they want. It’s a deep draft, but there isn’t one single player everyone absolutely loves outside of the Auburn OT.

    Clowney is a bust in the making. Manziel is great but has a few issues. Mack would be a reach at #1.

    Most teams will wait and see what happens.

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