Report: Texans want haul of picks to trade out of No. 1

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The St. Louis Rams showed two years ago just how much a pick at the top of the draft can command in trade. The Rams swapped first-round picks with the Washington Redskins and picked up a second-round pick and two future first-round selections in exchange for the No. 2 overall selection. Washington used that pick to select Robert Griffin III.

The Houston Texans are reportedly seeking a similar haul in exchange for the top selection in Thursday’s NFL Draft.

According to John McClain of the Houston Chronicle, the Texans want to swap first-round picks, add a first- and second-round pick in this year’s draft and another first-round pick in 2015.

Under those parameters it would seem to significantly limit the number of potential trade partners available to the Texans. Only the St. Louis Rams (2 and 13) and the Cleveland Browns (4 and 26) have multiple first-round selections in this draft to potentially offer. It would also seem pretty unlikely the Rams would swap picks and trade an additional three picks to move up one spot in the draft.

It’s also an extra first-round pick compared to what the Rams managed to receive just two years ago.

While the new CBA has made draft picks that much more valuable by lowering the cost of rookie contracts, it’s still going to be difficult for any team to justify parting with that many picks. In a draft class that has been called one of the deepest in years and no consensus top quarterback available, it seems highly unlikely the Texans would come close to getting that haul in return for the No. 1 pick this year.

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  1. The 49ers could give them their first 3 seconds and a first next year, Jadaveon on their Dline or Khalil Mack on the opposite side of Aldon Smith… that’s scary

  2. Yeah…not happening. Have fun with that future draft bust Clowney. You’ll see for yourself he’s not worth anything close to what you’re asking for.

  3. For that price….

    You can have Clowney…

    Or Anyone else…

    That “Haul” is “Pie in the Sky” CRAZY TALK!

    Fot what they are asking…

    It better be the Love Child of Joe Montana and Peyton Manning!!!

  4. The NFL is now a QB driven game. RB’s are a dime a dozen b/c a DB cant even look at a WR without the zebra’s tossing a flag.

    Hence how Joe Flacco and average company were able to win a SB.

    Rainbow arc pass, wait for the yellow flag. Move down field.

  5. Hopefully it’s not as anti-climatic as last years when OLs,DLs and DBs were the first 15 picks…wait,STL wasted the #8 and Tavon Austin. What am I saying,that awesome ESPN music and Boomer hyping up punters is a win no matter what!

  6. talk about pricing yourself out of the market i bet most teams laughed at them when they asked for 3 firsts and a second for number 1

  7. If they can stay in the top 10 n still get a player they covet the texans should accept swapping picks (top 10) getting a 2nd rd this year (top 10 of the 2nd rd) and a #1 next year.

  8. Looks like my Bills won’t be trading up for Clowney then. I understand it’s the #1 overall pick, however, you cannot compare the two trades. At the time, St. Louis was in position to have one of the two clear cut future QB’s. There is no clear cut QB in this draft. There is no way you can compare a future QB with a future possible elite DE prospect. The #1 this year is not worth the #1 or #2 the year RG3 and Luck were drafted. Or am I wrong on this?

  9. That’s the “Buy it now” price. Reserve not met. Make your best offer before time expires at 7:10 Central Time. Thanks for looking. (click here to see our second and third round picks also) – Rick.

  10. How about thats never gonna happen! Ask to swap 1st’s , get a 2nd for this draft and 2015 1st rd pick. Only realistic way that will happen

  11. Reminds me of people throwing up ridiculous prices for tickets on Stub Hub hoping someone with the resources is crazy enough to bite. Good luck with that.

  12. No 1 is giving them that sorry
    There’s 8 top players so teams behind texans are fine picking who lands there

  13. “the Texans want to swap first-round picks, add a first- and second-round pick in this year’s draft…”

    How exactly could the Texans swap first-round picks this year and simultaneously add an extra first-round pick on top of that? The only way I could see that happening is if a team with two first-rounders could do it, and that would mean only the Browns would have a shot (assuming they were interested in moving up to #1 overall).

  14. They should be happy swapping 1st round picks this year along with a 2nd round pick and a 1st round pick in 2015. A mid round pick this year or next year would be suitable as well.

  15. why do I get the feeling that Houston has no idea what to do with the first pick.

  16. If someone does this they are are stupid unless somehow it’s a late rd picker that has a ton of depth and doesn’t need first rounders for 3 years . Anyone else who is filling major wholes is lower rd and more likely to give up a 1st rd less but will still be strapped for picks for a needy team .

    Best bet call their bluff draft Mack … Or take slot less in trade to get more players this year. . This isn’t rg3 or a qb this is a DE specific to the 4-3..

  17. There are some dumb teams out there but I just can’t see a team being dumb enough to give them much this year. You only give up a haul like this when it’s QB, whether or not you agree that RG3 was even worth it. But at least he is a QB. No friggin chance in the world I would make a trade like this for the #1 pick regardless of what team we’re talking about.

  18. Yeah, good luck with that. Someone would trade it for a potential franchise QB, but I just don’t see anyone franchising the future for an oft-injured guy with significant questions about his work ethic and a lack of leadership.

  19. swap first round picks, and add another first round pick? in addition to another first round pick next year. If this is true then they are smoking something really wicked down in Houston

  20. You cant name steep terms when everyone knows YOU want to trade out of the spot as badly as they want to trade into it, maybe even more so.

  21. Washington set the market price a couple years ago, Houston should get as much as they can.
    If this was a player, you ppl would say that they should get paid as much as possible, whether they are in demand or not. But since it’s a team then you think they should get screwed.

  22. Only scenario where I see this happening is if someone just has to have Clowney. This is a very deep draft. Most people feel Clowney is clearly head and shoulders above the rest, but the opinion for most on 2-10 is all over the place.

  23. Can’t blame the Texans for trying, they need to nail about 12 drafts in a row to buff out the dent the Patriots put in their future.

  24. Yeah, well, I want to be 20 years younger and have the Swedish Bikini team living in my house, but that’s not happening, either.

  25. Why would Les Snead need to generate a market for the #2 when the Texans are doing the work for him? You aren’t going to get the RGIII deal Texans. But keep trying.

  26. I feel like I’m watching one of those storage auction TV shows where the seller asks the “expert” what the would retail for new. Then the seller says, “That’s the price I want!”.

  27. Come back in three years and tell me how the Redskins fared in that deal. They mortgaged their future for a Qb that unfortunately got hurt.

    Remember, the Cowboys fleeced the Vikings for Heshel Walker but the point isn’t how lopsided these trades were, the point is that it doesn’t represent the norm. Only once in every 20 years is a team both desperate and stupid enough to make that trade and fortunately for the NFC North, its usually Minnesota.

  28. Who’s to say if a team takes that bait its gona be for Clowney? They may want that pick for another player who will be off the board.. its still a awful lot to give up..but I have a feeling some team will

  29. This is the weakest draft since the draft started! There are sleeper athletes in this group…however, NONE are worthy of First Round status! Get as many picks as you possibly can and Hope 1 or 2 grow into journeyman starting players…

  30. The Texans are asking for this “haul” in hopes of getting what they will actually settle for. If you have a house with a market value of $250,000, and you put it up for sale – are you asking $250,000 to settle with $225,000 ($25,000 below market value) or are you asking $275,000 to settle for the $250,000 you actually want. With only (2) teams that have (2) 1st round picks (Browns & Rams) we all know this isn’t going to happen; however, I do not blame them for setting the bar high in order to settle for:
    Swap of 1st round picks
    A 2nrd round pick this year and
    Either a 1st round pick next year or multiple lower round picks this year or next year.

  31. I’d rather do business with the Raiders that might be only asking for a swap and just two high additional picks. Those teams that would jump on it would be playoff teams but it’s a small price to pay for a Sammy Watkins if he drops to #5.

  32. Cleveland may be the only team willing to trade with Houston because it really has no chance to get either Bortles or Manziel the way things stand. The Jaguars will likely pick one of them and Houston or the Rams will pick the other one.

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