Report: Trade sending Ryan Mallett to Texans “may soon be done”

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The Texans aren’t expected to take a quarterback with the first pick in the NFL Draft and a report concerning a trade for a player who was once coached by Bill O’Brien could take them out of the market for one in any of the early rounds.

Tom Curran of CSN New England reports that a trade sending Ryan Mallett from the Patriots to the Texans “may soon be done.” Curran stresses it’s not a done deal, but that the “machinations have begun.”

If such a trade happened, it would change the outlook for the draft a great deal a few hours before it gets underway. The Texans would add Mallett to Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum and T.J. Yates, which would at the very least muddy their intentions at quarterback. It might not totally eliminate the possibility of adding a quarterback, especially if the Texans like one that isn’t ready to play, but it would signal other priorities.

For the Patriots, dealing Mallett would make their backup quarterback spot a major need and it would make the time spent getting to know the draft’s quarterbacks valuable. With Tom Brady turning 37, it would also give the team a chance to start grooming a potential heir to the throne of the offense.

All of that’s conditional on a trade getting done, of course, but one of the more intriguing drafts in recent memory would get a little more intrigue if this deal goes down.

85 responses to “Report: Trade sending Ryan Mallett to Texans “may soon be done”

  1. If this happens, and it’s a big if, it will be for a third day pick.

  2. Great news for the Ravens as they won’t have to burn a pick on a backup QB. I guess they will sign Keenum or Yates — whichever one Houston decides to dump.

  3. Leave it to Belichick to shake up the media, while simultaneously blowing all these mock draft experts out of the water!

  4. I wonder if this would grease the skids for the Pats to make a big move up the board. I heard they love Bortles.

  5. Who cares?? Just get this draft over with as soon as possible so that we all can return to a normal life of criticizing each others teams!

  6. Am I the only one that feels a lot of these drafted players are great, but end up on horrible teams with even worse coaching? Just me? Ok

  7. I’d be leery of Mallet if I were the Texans.

    For the reasons stated in the post. Brady is old and the Pats don’t have a solid backup outside of Mallet who they were allegedly grooming.

    Seems to me they are trying to “Flynn” the Texans.

  8. Makes sense. Hoody is flat out the best in the business. Pats without Brady someday will still be a force every year. Here’s hoping Brady wins a 4th. As good as u will ever see. Ever

  9. Discussions are ongoing at the Texans’ war room about whether or not they should part with the Mr Irrelevant pick for Mallett Head. The room is split.

  10. I know Ryan Mallett has been itching to play. Feels like he’s been in the league like 8 years

  11. Very interesting to see if this comes to be. Mallett has to be tired of sitting behind Brady, who admitted he’s not retiring anytime soon.

  12. This trade would make no sense – why would the Texans take on a high-dollar contract for an unproven QB who hasn’t taken a snap when they can just draft one?

  13. Looks like it’ll be a QB reality show in Houston this summer. New coach wants all of his options open.

    Still baffled as to what their draft plan will be. One of many interesting things to hear about tonight.

  14. I talked to Rich Gannon two days ago and he told me this would not happen. I gave ALL the reasons it would and he disagreed. Gotcha!

  15. Schiano is in Bill’s ear. If this happens, Pats turn around and trade for Glennon. Book It!

  16. It may not be for a third day pick as it could be swapping 2nd round picks allowing the Pats to move up and the Texans not giving up a pick just a position and still could pick at the top of the third. My guess is if it happens, they will maneuver positions at some round as I doubt Belichick would give up his backup insurance for Brady to get a late day pick. I definitely see NE drafting a QB in the 3rd or 4th round especially if this happens.

  17. Honestly I wanted the Bills to take Mallett when he was being drafted. I’d like it if he did well in the pros, just to boost my ego as an armchair scout.

  18. Belechick is ready to dust off the phrase “Diminishing skills” now in reference to Mr. Brady… trade up for Bortles; that is the Pats future.

  19. If the Pats are truly working on such a trade, they must be targeting a guard and center very early to protect Tom better than Connolly and Wendell did last year. The trade would have to be for the Texans’ 2nd rounder too, where the Pats would need a high pick to address the defense early and get a #2 QB in round 3. I don’t buy the rumor.

  20. When was the last time Bill Belichick let a backup player depart who subsequently became an NFL star? Bill knows what Mallett can do and what he can’t. Hope the Texans don’t give up too much, he’s probably not that good.

  21. Dumbturdi strikes again! Nuclear winter hits New England! And on top of that he spilled BB’s latte on the snack tray! Fired again!

  22. Brady is past prime, why give up Mallet?
    Man, we need a better strategy here or we will keep losing in the playoffs.

  23. Also just so everybody knows who ever they replace him with will be exactly that! A replacement for Mallet not Brady, so please! Enough already

  24. I can’t believe this happening! This sooo remind me of Kubiak days, when texans traded for Schaub and taken a DE 1st round.

    Kubiak era still not buried!

  25. Also says Mallett isn’t viewed by NE as franchise qb or NE would keep him until Brady hangs it up. Instead they are now looking to fill their future forever spot in this year or next years draft.

  26. Could this be part of a bigger deal? Perhaps maybe a draft and trade scenario? Could the Patriots be making a move to get the top pick and draft Clowney?

  27. The Patriots have a plan in play for Brady’s backup…

    …they’re signing Tebow!

  28. And people who think Brady isn’t still at or need the top of his game take a sit an actually watch Brady this coming year show u otherwise and I’ll be back to tell u I told u so

  29. Dang it! I was hoping the Vikings was make that trade.

    Mallett is, right now, a surer bet than any QB in this draft.

  30. I hope it happens just to render the last 3 months of blather completely pointless. What’s the old saying? The media makes plans and Belichick laughs?

  31. “why would the Texans take on a high-dollar contract for an unproven QB who hasn’t taken a snap when they can just draft one?”

    Mallet is not on a “high dollar contract”. And he’s been playing long enough behind Brady to have learned a lot about how to run an offense.

  32. The only thing that would make less sense than the Texans draft Clowney is the Texans trading for Mallett. I mean unless they want to go 2-14 again.

  33. And here I thought it couldn’t get worse then taking Clowney. Nope…now it’s a complete disaster. I guess I’m no longer a Texans fan. GO CARDINALS.

  34. Or Charley Casserly and the Matt Schaub trade. Or basically any trade for a backup QB ever.

  35. This better be just a smoke screen!!!!!! And, if it’s for more than a 6th rd pick I’m going to puke!

    Signed, Texans fan.

  36. Wow, what a disaster this will be for the Texans. Bill O’Brien will end up being another Bill Belichick disciple bust.

  37. See it’s because of things like this happening at the last second that I have no respect for supposed “draft experts.” Are any of them ever right about anything? And if not, what exactly is their reputation built on?

  38. Even if they make this trade, they still need to take a QB in the second round. I would take that dude from Eastern Illinois, or Tom Savage for sure.

    Actually that is what I thought they should do all along; draft Clowney and take one of those guys whom if they bust, they don’t lose much. I would rely on Mallet about as much as I would any of the top 4 QB prospects, which is not very much.

  39. This is typical Hoodie man @ work. Seems like he sees how deep the QB field is this year in comparison to Mallett, and figures hey why don’t i trade this guy and upgrade thru the draft while picking up and extra pick or 2.
    I don’t really like him at all by any stretch, but it does make sense.

  40. Second rounder. This story had been floating around for months, shocked the Texans are doing it. Mallett is a stud and I wish him luck in Houston. Can’t wait to see who the Pats snag up. I’m thinking Murray, maybe even McCarron.

  41. isnt mallet a free agent at the end of this season?

    wouldnt make sense to cough up too much for him on the texans part. also doesnt make sense for the pats to ship him off for say a 4th round pick or later

    i doubt itll happen. but if it does it will most likely be a fleece job and the pats will end up with either the texans 2nd round 33ovr pick or 3rd round 65(?) ovr pick

  42. O’Brien was the Pats QB coach the yr the Pats scouted and drafted Mallett, and watched every move he made from the OTAs to the end of the season. I’m sure O’brien is still in touch with BB, too. Yet Texan fans are calling a trade that hasn’t even been confirmed yet a disaster, based on; what? Mallett’s 4 reg season pass attempts? His 70 odd preseason attempts with the 2nd and 3rd string? Y’all(like that?) realize he plays behind Brady, right? That he had 1rst rnd talent coming out of college, but dropped because of maturity issues? That mallett has been a model citizen and developed for 3yrs by the Pats? Stick to college FB down there, it’s less complicated.

  43. Mallet to the Texans would be a great idea, as long as Houston doesn’t give up more than a 3rd for him.

  44. Patriots wouldn’t be giving up Mallet if he was in line to replace Tom. This is probably another smoke screen by the Texans to add confusion to the draft. Teams will now believe they won’t draft a QB. ~psyc~

  45. Mallet would be a good QB in a no rush league or league where they limit defense… as for the NFL, no way in hell this kid can play….

    Cousins is hugely better than Mallet if Texans wanted to go this route

  46. As of right now, 3 quarterbacks drafted by Bill will be starting on opening day.

    Mallet, if this is true, would be #4.

    From the guy who supposedly can’t draft.


  47. Texans and Patriots swap second round picks and the Texans give the Patriots a 4th rd pick for Mallett. If Mallett was in this draft he would be the #1 ranked QB

  48. “Machinations have begun.” I’m so working in that quote tomorrow during my conference call.

  49. the reports of Brady’s demise are grossly exaggerated. #12 could still play, and play very well for another 4 years. Mallett isn’t the answer, but perhaps AJ Mccarron is.

  50. What, do the former Pats coaches have to sign a pac with Belicheat…..If they get a HC job in the NFL they have to over pay for his back up QB…

  51. Mallet got a raw deal in the draft where Ponder, gabbert and Locker were all #1 picks…all the bad character stuff put out there by the haters hasn’t really panned out has it? hope he gets his chance to shine…

  52. I’m calling BS on this. The Texans leaked this tonight so that no one trades ahead of them for a qb and they can get Bridgewater at 33.

  53. Mallett will be a UFA after this season. I’m sure he doesn’t want to be Tom Lady’s backup and be willing to wait another three years to compete for the starting job. Belicheat probably thinks there are plenty of Ryan Malletts already in the NFL or in this year’s draft, so keeping him isn’t that important.

  54. Mallet has shown absolutely nothing at all. Even in preseason. What is this perseption the pats groom qbs. Cassell worked out great so far……just don’t get it!!!!

  55. Don’t do it… Get Teddy Bridgewater…don’t make the same mistake the Chiefs did with Matt Cassel… Listen don’t do it…. These QBs only work in New England’s system… indeed…

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