Texans continue to keep everyone guessing

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Tonight, the Texans will have to do something with the first overall pick in the draft.  For now, no one outside the organization knows what that is.

The safe call would be to pick defensive end Jadeveon Clowney.  The gutsy move would be to pick linebacker Khalil Mack.

The middle ground would be to trade the pick and hope to get Mack, Johnny Manziel, or Blake Bortles later in the top 10.  The ultimate riverboat play would be to take Clowney with the idea of trading him, but a willingness to keep him if need be.

While Texans G.M. Rick Smith has said that he knows who he wants, the team has done nothing to shed light on who that may be.  Which gives them the ability to trade down and to sell that they got the guy later that they would have taken at No. 1.

Even if the guy they get later isn’t the guy they wanted.

24 responses to “Texans continue to keep everyone guessing

  1. Every player is his own man, but I remember the last great linebacker who was the safest pick with the highest upside and untapped potential…

    Aaron Curry, Seattle Seahawks – BUSTED

    Another safest pick with the highest upside and untapped potential was Franchise LT Robert Gallery – BUSTED

    Anyone can say anything at this point, wait till the season starts and then wait another year before we can see in hindsight

  2. The draft really starts when there is 1 minute left on the clock, until then it is likely nothing will change from where things were at months ago. Unless Rick Smith is ready to start talking about a serious price to move that pick before we get to that last minute.

  3. The drop off from Clowney to Mack is outweighed by an extra first round pick (plus an additional second rounder if their reported asking price is right).

  4. Oh my….the hype that comes with the #1 pick, and the pressure to make it count.

    A few drinks to take the edge off probably wouldn’t hurt, Mr. Smith.

  5. Generally speaking we’d be hearing of negotiations with a potential pick.

    They want to trade the pick badly, no doubt about it.

    They want to

    1. Trade
    2. Trade
    3. Trade
    4. Pick someone

  6. I think we should have updates every 30 minutes as to what the Texans might be thinking. Yeah, that would be great…

  7. I remember in the not-too-distant past when the team that had the first overall pick would tell everyone who they were drafting a week or two before the draft. The Colts did this a lot, especially when there was a concensus #1 pick. I guess the NFL put the kibosh on that.

  8. You know who else knows is Mel Kiper because he knows everything. He has found the perfect weather man job outside of weather. Can consistently be wrong and still watched by millions….I want that job

  9. If they get reasonable & take a player plus picks then the Bills will be first on the clock.

  10. The word in Houston is that they picked who they would pick if they have to pick first a month ago. They are trying desperately to trade back though. It seems they want a king’s ransom though for the pick. No one is going to make the RG3 mistake again… especially not for Clowney.

  11. I just want this to all be over with. In just a short time we will get to see Goodell get booed every time he comes to the stage, Jets fans in their seats booing who the team drafts, Schefter and Mortensen freaking out because they can’t reveal the pick a minute before it gets announced, and Chris Berman using the same ol lame schtick he has been using for the last 20 years. Cheers!

  12. I think we should postpone tonight’s draft two more weeks so we can get one last mock draft, exciting hourly updates on the Texans are thinking, and also so the Rams can publicly announce more smokescreens.

  13. Based on Smith’s last couple of drafts, i’m not sure I want Houston to have more picks.

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