Vikings trade up to select Teddy Bridgewater with final first-round selection


With the Houston Texans waiting with the first selection on day two, the Minnesota Vikings felt they needed to move back into the first round of the draft to get in front of Houston and select the quarterback they wanted.

The Vikings traded with the Seattle Seahawks to acquire the No. 32 overall selection and selected Louisville quarterback Teddy Bridgewater with the final selection on the first day of the draft.

Bridgewater was the third quarterback selected in the first round along with Blake Bortles (Jacksonville, No. 3 overall) and Johnny Manziel (Cleveland, No. 22 overall).

With the selection of Bridgewater, the Vikings get a quarterback to come in to compete with Christian Ponder and Matt Cassel. In addition, Minnesota will get the ability to have a fifth-year option on Bridgewater.

With just six picks in the draft, the Seahawks wanted to trade back and pick up extra selections. Seattle gets a second-round pick, No. 40 overall, and a fourth-round selection, No. 108 overall, to move out of the first round.

They now have two selections in the second round, No. 40 and No. 64 overall.

196 responses to “Vikings trade up to select Teddy Bridgewater with final first-round selection

  1. YES!!!!!
    Vikings draft Teddy Bustwater!!! I was hoping they wouldn’t draft Carr or McCarron – they both have a chance to actually be good QBs.

  2. kamthechancellor says:
    May 8, 2014 9:35 PM
    Vikings will be on their knees to the Seahawks trying to trade back into the first for Bridgewater

  3. Well, paint me green and call me Gumby. That was a bold move and ought to shut a few mouths yapping about not taking Manziel.

  4. Reaching for a ‘accurate’ QB in the first round is becoming Speilman’s specialty. Bridgewater=Ponder. Three more years of futility.

  5. Uhhh…there will be no competition between Cassel, Ponder, and Bridgewater. Cassel will most likely be the starter and Teddy will be backup. Ponder is done.

    I like the move. Teddy was probably never deserving of the “#1 pick” status he held not long ago, but his fall from grace was a bit harsh and a result of extreme over-analysis. He’s gonna be a good NFL QB

  6. I knew they would trade up for Bridgewater!!

    That takes 3 picks off the board for the vikings.

    It is the kind of move you would expect from the vikings.

    Thank you Rick Spielman!! May you be the GM of the vikings for another 10 years!!

  7. Cannot believe we got Barr and Bridgewater.


    Spielman’s best draft yet- and the last two were awesome!!

  8. Remember all season people talked about Tanking for Ted? He was the consensus #1 overall pick, and he dropped because he had a bad pro day. Well, as long as teams don’t play the “pro day defense,” Teddy should be just fine.

  9. Epic fail. And I’m a vikes fan. Carr is a better qb. Spielman still hasn’t hit on a qb.

  10. Bleh, trading with the Viks puts a bad taste in my mouth. Good move by the Hawks though.

  11. Where is that Viking fan that kept saying they where drafting a real franchise qb instead of bridgewater or as he called him “bustwater”

  12. Okay… Not much of a reach, I guess, but at the same time, I don’t see a whole lot of upside with him. Just happy not to see that loser the Browns took wearing purple.

  13. axespray says:
    May 8, 2014 11:52 PM

    Louisville QB with accuracy issues at the next level? Brian Brohm much?

    Hey, Ted Thompson thought Brian Brohm was better than Aaron Rodgers.

  14. I think moving down was smart for Seattle and moving up was smart for the Vikings.

  15. Teddy is going to love the fresh air, clean water, nice parks, and endless outdoor recreational opportunities. The multi million dollar contract is just the cherry on top.

  16. This guy is going to be good. Football smart and can step in and play. Watch the Sugar Bowl game, he carved up the Gators.

  17. Such a vikings move. You’d figure they’d address ALL THEIR OTHER needs first cause believe it or not, you don’t win football games just on a QB.

  18. OMG! This better work! If not Spielman needs to get fired! This better not be another Ponder! Tons of other quarterbacks and after watching him on espn during his pro workouts he was crap! Some qb in the CFL can throw better than him in his workouts!

  19. Not at all excited about this pick. I would have rather jumped on Carr or Garapollo over Bustwater.

    This move just feels like one that was a reach to appease the fans. I don’t think Bridgewater has the “it” factor to him.

    In 3 years he will be known as Teddy Bustwater.

    This is shaping up to not be a very good draft. Like the potential with our first pick. Had great numbers in 2 years of playing D. Better than Clowney. But still raw.

    Carr I think has the best potential out of all of them so far. Quicker release, arm strength, and vision.

  20. I wish I would have saved that comment… I hope bridgewater has a good career. But I can’t wait for all the Vikings fans to say he is the savior and the qb they always wanted.

  21. As a Bears fan, this worries me a bit. Bridgewater is either a homerun or a bust, in my opinion. Just depends on if you get the player that played in Louisville or the player that was at Teddy’s Pro day. Accuracy issues could be the death of him.

  22. I’m confused. are three hawks repaying Minnesota for all the talent they taken over the years!?

    why give away a first round to drop into the second? what else hasn’t been announced yet about this deal…

  23. Not all that psyched about Barr, but the Bridgewater pick is a wise one. Didn’t give up much for a QB that blew away all the other rookie QBs based on advanced metrics, but most important, this is the QB that was most effective in reading defenses, looking off DBs and reacting quickly under fire. Those that trash the pick are either cheesers still learning how to spell “Ha Ha” or dopes that put too much attention on a pro day (Brees sucked in his pro day too).

  24. “accuracy issues”
    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    2011: 64.5% completions (14 td – 12 int – 296 attempts)

    2012: 68.5% completions (27 td – 8 int – 419 attempts)

    2013: 71% completions (31 td – 4 int – 427 attempts)

  25. Louisville QB with accuracy issues at the next level?

    Accuracy issues? I think he had a 71% completion ratio, or close to it, in real games.

  26. Even if they take a QB Texans lose their chance at a fifth year option. Would have been worth trading up just for that. IDIOTS.

  27. #1 and #6 rated players on the SI top 100:

    Both Minnesota Vikings with the #9 & #32 picks.

    Awesome players. Awesome value.

  28. The careers will go inversely well from where they were picked in the first round. May I dare say, Minnesota finally got it right from the head coach to the QB to the coordinator?

  29. The Browns spent 100,000 dollars on a 3rd party group to study and evaluate the quarterbacks in this draft to determine which one of these quarterbacks can become a franchise QB. Out of all the quarterbacks, Bridgewater rated the highest. The Browns then proceeded to draft Manziel…

  30. Funny pack trolls would pan the clowny pick if he fell to the vikings an we took him…conseses numba one pick for over 6 months…fell because of s pro day…good pick..hes a winner…an 5 first rounders in two years….getting better

  31. All I can say is just another Tavaris Jackson again and same old Vikings bad pick.

  32. All you have to do is see how the Packers played with Rodgers and without to know how important a QB can be to a team. Bridgewater’s bad pro day helped the Vikings get a great player. 72% completion rate. Turner will fix his accuracy. Doesn’t get flustered when the pocket collapses. Now the Vikings can concentrate on D the rest of the draft, maybe a RB for 3rd downs. I like how the Vikings admitted they made a mistake in Ponder and made an effort to fix it. Plus TeddyB is a great guy. Watch his interview about his mom surviving cancer and teaching him to never give up on anything. Positive mental attitude. He sat thru the whole draft smiling and not looking down or becoming upset. Now he is playing with AP, Rudolph, Patterson and Jennings and is a first round pick. That shows tremendous character. Norv Turner will make him become a great player.

  33. The Vikings “B & B Draft” of 2014 was fantastic. Barr is 6-5, 245 and runs like a deer. Teddy B at one time was the projected No. 1 player in the draft. His gloveless pro day workout worked to the Vikings advantage. Third year in a row the Vikings have had multiple picks in the first round. The Vikings are rising again.

  34. The longer he’s on the bench the better, not because I hate the guy or the Vikes. I only say that because you know the first time he makes a good play, his highlight will be on ESPN, and Chris Berman will call him Teddy Bridge-Over-Troubled-Waters and I am not looking forward to that.

  35. Spielman better pick another qb as Bridgewater has bust written all over him. Murray in 4th or Brett Smith. Both have better potential than tedward.

  36. Now that was very kind of the Seahawks to help the Vikes get the small handed QB they desired. Last place again for the Vikes.

  37. BUST ! BOOK IT ! QUEENS PLAY OUT DOORS THE NEXT 2 YEARS . He doesn’t have the arm to throw deep vs the wind . He’s no Randall Cunningham or Duante Culpepper . He’ll be an INT MACHINE ! LOL

  38. Funny how so many ppl act like they are smarter than a majorty of gms and front offices around the league. Immediately calling a player, who was once a first overall pick choice this yr and last, a bust before he plays a down and praising your own teams decisions no matter what shows its pretty hard for some fans to not troll and actually post with a level of objectivity.

  39. At first I was disappointed, thinking the Vikes were showing enough savvy to trade up and snag Derek Carr, but then Spieldope lived up to his name. And our entire draft party erupted in laughter.
    Oh, Bustwater. skoLOL

    Chris is really trying hard to outdo Matt Millen

    Classic Viking move. Loved every minute of it!

    Thank you.

  40. Accuracy issues. The issue with Teddy is arm strength. The same was said about Brady and Brees when they came out of college. Bridgewater for the #40 pick and a fourth rounder. DEAL OF THE DAY!

  41. Christian Ponder is going to take this dude under his wing and teach him everything he knows.

    The rest of the NFC North are quaking in their boots.

    The rise of the Vikings!


  42. He should step in and be top of the depth chart from day 1…Cassell is below average. He does have a good line, very good RB, and serviceable WR’s.

    He SHOULD make them better at the QB position IMO.

  43. Love how people were always talking about the Competition that Teddy faced at Louisville. 3 players from LOuISVILLE were Drafted in The FIRST ROUND! Have fun and keep reading those Mock Drafts in January,Boys!

  44. The Vikes could not wait a few more picks to get him?? they had to trade?? this guy was gonna available in the 3rd round.

  45. Room full of haters! End of college season, everyone was stuck on Bridgewater! Now the Vikes gottem and now everyone is hatin hard on him. All because a bad draft day?? We will see what happens but for the most part kind of a bust draft by D!ck Speilman! GO VIKES!!!

  46. I don’t know why everyone’s calling him Bustwater. This is the land of 10,000 lakes, the team with the Love Boat fiasco. Get it right, it’s Teddy Bilgewater.

  47. 1. Jamarcus Russell had the best pro day that anyone has ever seen.
    2. Bridgewater had the best game tape of any qb in the draft.
    3. Teddy is an awesome person, so nice to his mother, and I almost don’t care if he busts because he’s so humble and a hard worker.
    4. Graduated high school with a perfect 4.0 gpa. Ask anyone what makes Russell Wilson so great and they’ll tell you about him getting to the practice facility so early to watch game tape that he freaks out the security personnel. Teddy has the same work ethic.
    5. Kurt Warner pointed out that Teddy is the only qb who hangs tough in the pocket and delivers completions in the face of pressure. Bortles folds like a card table, and Manziel does some crazy scramble, which is inconsistent with the NFL passing game.
    6. Teddy was asked to go through progressions and call protections at the line of scrimmage, under center. Manziel ran the “check with me” baloney at Texas A&M, where the coach does that for him. NFL passing offenses require the qb to do his own homework, and Bridgewater does.
    7. A month and a half ago, Teddy was the consensus #1 pick in the draft and MN had no shot to get him at #8 unless they traded up. They moved about eight spots to get him with the LAST PICK of the first round. This doesn’t guarantee he’ll be good, but I think this pick is certainly justifiable.

  48. Looks like most of the best O-line players were taken before pick 32, which explains Seattle’s willingness to trade down a bit and take a single 4th.

    I think this was a good move and solid pick for the Vikes. And if Houston really did want him, well…back to the old drafting board.

  49. He is probably better than who they have now…How much better remains to be seen.

  50. Accuracy issues? Huh? 70% completion rate last season. Far better than Carr even with all the screens Carr threw. Bridgewater is, by far, the most accurate QB in the draft. The football IQ, the live arm and pocket savvy are all there, now we just need to get this guy in the weight room. And Barr, probably the most upside of any defender in the draft. Three years, 7 1st round picks. You Speilman haters out there are quickly running out of things to whine about.

    Great job again Vikes….

  51. It’s so sad that they had to settle… again…

    Now they have three lifetime backups as QBs.

    The rest of the team is over the hill or never getting up it.

  52. My observations:

    1) There are a lot of Packers fans here, whistling past the graveyard (of their team’s fortunes).

    2) Spielman showed Thompson how to draft… again.

  53. Think about this:

    The Vikings have never had a QB talent evaluator like Norv Turner. Turner had the optimal input on this. Turner has seen and groomed some great ones. If Turner says Bridgewater can be a good QB, who better to have say so?

    I tend to think this is a good pick because for once, the Vikings have someone who knows what their doing and has a track record to prove it.

  54. the magical time of year when everything in viking nation has hopes and dreams. check back when these great fans scorch their management team and publicly bail on their team on Kfan by mid october.

  55. I’m just glad that absentee owner Ziggy could pull himself away from his real estate business to hand out the atta boys to Spieldope and crew after this doozy.

  56. Taken at 8 I’d have been upset, but getting Bridgewater at 32 and getting the 5th year option along with getting Barr for the cost of swapping a 4th with a 5th is outstanding. 7 1st round picks in 3 years. Those who don’t appreciate Spielman don’t know much. This team has the right coaching staff, the right GM and is poised for a big jump this year. Looking forward to watching them in training camp!

  57. Sorry, I don’t see it at all … He slings or pushes the ball out of his hand in a way that screams >> interception machine in the pros.

  58. Love this pick. The pieces of the puzzle are coming together. I think Teddy is the kind of quarterback that we need. We have weapons for him to spread the ball to, and the best ever for him to hand it to. We don’t need him to be great right away, just manage games, and limit turnovers and I think that he proved through out his college career that he can do that. New coaching staff got two great players to work with tonight. Couldn’t be happier.


    Poor Vikings fans, have to celebrate their wins in the off season, since they don’t win it during the actual season.

    “Hey, Ted Thompson thought Brian Brohm was better than Aaron Rodgers.”

    Nah, it was Merril Hoge who thought Brian Brohm was better than Rodgers.

  60. I am surprised by the hate that people on this site have for Bridgewater. Let’s all wait and see who turns out the best of the 3 first round QBs. Bridgewater is by far the favorite to be successful among all 3. I know for sure that Bortles will be a bust.

    A lot of people here know nothing about football and just post based on emotions. I read a lot of posts about Bridgewater being “inaccurate”. Are you kidding me? Yes, his pro-day didn’t go as good as he would have loved, so what? What about the 3 years’ body of work he has? A 3 to 1 TD:Int rate? 4.83 if you exclude his true freshman season? What about his career 68% career completion rate? 70% if you exclude his true freshman season? Does that say inaccurate? To an unbiased person, NO!

    How about his 0.6% bad decision rate (BDR)? What about his 70.1% completion rate when opponents sent 4 or more rushers? What about his 15 TDs to 1 Int when opponents sent 4 or more rushers?

    If you don’t like him fine, but be brave enough to confirm his accuracy and football IQ. Let’s wait another 2 years, and some results will be in by then.

    I am a Texans’ fan and I am thrilled by both who we picked and who Jax picked (Bortles). It is open season Watt, Clowney and Mercilus.

  61. Yet another draft with several first round picks. Trade away your picks for depth for boom or bust picks.

    Smells of desperation if you ask me!

  62. Certainly not a Queens fan, but a tip of the hat to you. I don’t know where the accuracy rumors began. He completed over 70% of his passes and he can read defenses. Doesn’t have a cannon, but he’s a player. Really like this pick. Best QB of the class.

  63. lots of delusional Vikings fans. Congrats on another crappy pick by Spielman. Is there a worse GM in football now that Ireland is gone? Maybe Ireland’s replacement…but anyone else?

  64. A lot of Haters in here which means we have hit a nerve with the other NFC north rubes. This team is going to be good for a very long time.

  65. Seattle did exactly what they needed, get more picks and Seattle’s minor league team get what they think will be thier savoir. Hahahaha…. Shiny objects Vikings…. That is our Lombardi trophy….
    Go Hawks!

  66. There’s a reason he slid almost out of the first. He couldn’t hit his own receivers in a choreographed workout with zero pass defense or pressure. He will be an EPIC bust that will make you wish for the Christian Ponder good ole days. I’m just happy you gave us the 108the pick for him…8 picks from the 3rd rounder you got for Harvin! Speaking of which, I can’t wait to watch a healthy Harvin dominate next year while Bustwater can’t even beat Cassell out for the starting job.

  67. The hapless queens have used seven first round draft picks in the three years. And yet finished last in the division 2 out of the last 3 years.

    Good work.

  68. I like Bridgewater. Unlike Aaron Rodgers, he won’t require a personal assistant to live with him, cook for him, coordinate matching outfits with him, etc. etc. etc.

  69. There wasn’t a day one starter at Qb in the intire draft Is he who I would have taken NO! But the fact the Vikes got him with the last pick of the first round isn’t bad! And the fact he doesn’t have to start day one makes this a better plan for the Vikes, And lets not forget that this time around Spielman had Norv Turner guiding him, This Qb selection won’t be able to be judged until at least a year minimum!!! As far as grading the Vikes draft, With only the first round completed I’d give it B- Let’s see what other needs we can fill, This is where you find the real hidden GEMS.

  70. And Houston thought they had just secured Bridgewater with the 1st pick tomorrow. I would have loved nothing more than to see their reaction to this pick.

  71. Kinda hoped he would slip to New England. Either prep him for 4 years later, or get huge trade value once he showcases his skills.
    Also another great opportunnity for people I whine about what a genuous BB is.

  72. It’s funny to see how much stock people put in one bad pro day performance. All the usual trolls are saying the Vikings are idiots for not taking Manziel, but these same trolls would be trashy them if they drafted him too.

  73. very pleased with Day 1. Athletic LB and Bridgewater: ran a pro style offense, goes through his progression, great TD to Int ratio, called protection schemes while under center, used his eyes to throw off Safeties, tough kid, came off bench to clinch a bowl berth with a broken left wrist and sprained right ankle, great pocket maneuverability and presence, smart player.

    Great Day 1.

  74. You know Seahawks, sometimes the best move is to just take the guy who falls into your lap. Passing on Marqise Lee to pick up a 4th rounder isn’t worth it.

    As to Bustwater, he’s so slow going through his reads he makes Charlie Whitehurst look like Drew Brees.

  75. Bridgewater a low floor high ceiling guy. Manziel ceiling off the charts but very low floor.
    I think the pocket toughness and ability to find all 5 reads Bridgewater has will translate well in traditional Offense. Kyle Shanahan good forward thinking offense for Browns with Manziel.

  76. Some of you people have absolutely no idea what you’re talking about. Bridgewater was a steal at the end of the 1st. He is a smart football player that does the innate things really well like moving defenders with his eyes. You can’t teach that. That’s rare for a rookie to have that kind of poise. You are not inaccurate when you complete 70% of your passes in college with 31 touchdowns and four picks. Yes, he gets flat footed on roll outs once in a while, but that’s coachable. He is the steal of the first round. I am excited to see what this kid can do when he’s ready with Patterson, Jennings, Wright, Rudolph and, of course, AP.

  77. I hate to use the over used word, but I think a lot of teams used Carr as a “smokescreen.”

  78. I am a Vikings Fan. All I wanted out of this draft was for the Vikings to NOT draft Bustwater. Ruined my night….and tne next few years of football for me.

    This is the most disappointed in a Vikings draft I have ever been. This weak armed, inaccurate dude does NOTHING for the Vikings needs.

    I TRULY HATE this pick. Ponder is better than this guy.

  79. I wonder how a QB with “supposed” accuracy issues could complete almost 70% of his passes ? SKOL VIKINGS !!!!!!!!!!

  80. I get a kick out of everyone saying Bridgewater has accuracy issues. They are basing it off of ESPN showing him misfiring on a few passes passes at his pro day. Yet, in 3 years in live game action at Louisville he completed over 70% of his passes! I’ve watched at least a dozen of his games live and he definitely has the “it” factor and makes others around him better.

  81. All you who are hating this pick: Do NOT underestimate Norv Turner’s ability to turn average QB’s into very good ones. I think this was a great pick for them.

  82. And the Vikings continue to be the laughing stock of the NFC north. Horrible pick

  83. Clowney would be a better NFL QB than Bridgewater. He’s bigger, taller, faster, and certainly would have more arm strength.

  84. Once again CLUELESS in Minnesota again. 0-4 in SB. HELLO.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  85. Tough division to be coming in as a rookie QB. Pro day made his stock drop I get it. But let me tell you. He can throw the ball. Has a nice touch and throws a nice spiral. Almost throws it so his receiver is the only one that can catch it. Running game tryst the Vikes have will make him look even better. Don’t give up on him that quickly. I believe he will be better than Manziel.

  86. Carr should have been the choice.
    but since its the Vikings…so what?

  87. Solid move by the Vikings. Without that trade, Bridgewater goes to Houston, Carr goes to Oakland, and the Vikings are left with a lower tier group of guys that aren’t worth picking in round two.

    I’ll say this much. I don’t know what kind of QB Bridgewater will be, but I do know that among the recent history of Viking QBs drafted in early rounds (Tarvaris Jackson and Christian Ponder), this pick is, by far, the best of those. Given what we know about TB at this time, this pick is not reach.

    Forget the Brian Brohm comparisons. I’m thinking of another Louisville QB that did pretty well in the NFL – Johnny Unitas!

  88. No Vikings fans are proclaiming automatic SB. That’s just Packer fans making up crap. But, the Vikings addressed two more glaring holes and are better today than yesterday. A wildcard is a possibility this year. No NFL team is more than 3 years away from a deep playoff run. That’s why it’s the best sport out there!

  89. Wow!

    The Vikings could have had both Justin Gilbert and Johnny Manziel but the Browns beat them to it!

    Not drafting Johnny Football is going to really hurt the Vikings for a few years.

  90. Barr was a good pick, but Bridgewater??? There were too many QBs to be taken at the top of the 2nd round to trade up for Bridgewater. How much input did Turner have in this selection??

    Ponder 2.0

    Vikings Fan

  91. I’m amazed at how many arm-chair GM’s there in the world. Seriously, most of you are closer to Nostradamus in terms of predicting the likelihood of a football player.

    1. How do you determine how good someone will be in 3 years, if they’ve never played a pro game?

    2. If you can prove that past performance equals future results, go play the stock-market.

    3. Before crucifying the guy, how about you give him a year or two to develop. The Vikings – if they are smart about it, have no reason to start T.D. Bridgewater until it is absolutely necessary… I.E. after this season.

    Baptism by fire barely works in the NFL – we saw that with Ponder.

  92. The Seahawks now have two selections in what statistically has been proven to be the “sweet spot” for selections in terms of playing value as opposed to player cost. Soemwehere between 33-67 is the best area in a business sense. More picks spread risk over a greater number of possibilities for success. Yes, they could all wash out but the chances are they will pick up another player a la Wilson in the mix. This is a good business move from a risk management perspective.

  93. I am discovering that the only people who don’t realize the value of this draft are the Minnesota Viking fans. As a Viking 4life since 1968 and a college football fanatic these are excellent picks. Barr may be the steal of the draft as he’s like the linebacker (speedrusher) of the Packers only much quicker and much faster and he’s only a young kid with a lot of physical growing up to do. Bridgewater had an outstanding college career and I base 95% of a rookie on what he did in college and no more than 5% on combines and prodays workouts, plus Norv Turner said he throws the best deep ball of all the quarterbacks the Vikings had over. Don’t fear Viking followers these were a couple of excellent draft choices which won’t take long to see fruition!

  94. Great pick and move. Swapped a 2 for a 1 and gave up only a 4. Wheres the risk? That 4th rounder wouldn’t have been anything most likely. The guy can play, as the game tapes show. Pro day wasn’t good, but he threw well for the Vikes a few weeks after. Better than the guys still left, Carr included. Now, if they had just taken Mosley instead of Barr….

  95. I’m interested to see what he can do. Its not like they had to give up that much to get him. I mean the Browns gave up a pick to move up one spot AGAIN. The Vikes moved up 9 and got what could be a consistent QB.

  96. Good kid with good values, that stuff can’t be taught, I read all of these posts, pretty obvious the majority thinks Teddy will be the answer the Vikes need, I forgot Johnny Unitas was from Louisville, if Norv see’s Teddy as the kind of project that he with Troy Aikman this might be something to watch.

  97. “I just watched the tape again, and there is no question that Teddy Bridgewater is the best QB in this draft when you look at what he did on the football field.”

    emphasis: “ON THE FOOTBALL FIELD.”

    Where it matters.

  98. To be fair, there were no can’t miss QB’s in this years bunch. The Vikings needed someone, so can’t really lame them for picking Bridgewater.

    I would’ve went with Carr though……. Teddy seems a little slow to me as far as having the skills to pick up a playbook.

  99. Funny, I can remember some Gr Bay quarterback not getting drafted until the 24th round in 2005 and hearing similiar comments from people about him as Bridgewater is getting.

  100. A weak armed, skinny QB with accuracy issues…… Perfect fit in MN.

    Barr is a good athlete but he plays weak and uninspired.
    Perfect fit in MN.

    At least MN knows what they want. They also don’t need that 4th rounder because Spielman never finds any decent players after the 3rd round anyways. They should always trade their 4-7th rounders to move up to reach for the Anthony Barrs of the world.

    At least that gives the off-season champs more bragging rights.

  101. A little slow to pick up a playbook? Are you kidding me? He had a similar offense at Louisville and picked up quite nicely at his private workout with Nor and Scott Turner. He threw the ball much better with his glove on and is a high football IQ kind of guy. This will be the steal of the draft. He can be the answer at quarterback. Hopefully, he can become the Russell Wilson of the North. You don’t throw 31 touchdowns and 4 picks if you’re a dumb quarterback.

  102. Green Bay fans are happy. While they are obsessed with posting “that guy is a bust” about virtually anyone the Vikings pick, in this case it is made easy for them. Bridgewater/Bustwater.

    These guys lack imagination and it is nice of Spielman to give them a name that starts with a B to help them out.

  103. Other than Clowney to the Texans… this is the best pick in the Draft good luck to Bridgewater and Vikings… Greatness in the making…Indeed…

  104. The way I see it, Zimmer really like Barr – particularly his raw skills that he gets to shape for himself, as he hasn’t developed strong habits yet.

    Turner like Bridgewater the best out of the remaining QB’s. Obviously, he did not see him as being the next Manning, Brady, Unitas…etc, or they would have picked him with their first pick. However, they must have liked what they saw during his workout, or they would not have picked him. It sounds like Bridgewater had the support of his team after he struggled at the combine, and I never heard any of J.F.’s team sticking their neck out for him (I could be wrong).

    I’ll reserve judgement until I see them in action.

  105. Browns really took it to the vikes. Wow Cleveland. Show some mercy on the purple queens. They’re just a lowly last place franchise. Cleveland bullies

  106. Bridgewater can’t throw the FATeeer NFL football. His pro day was a ton of 3 yard wounded duck “hand-offs” and some of the awfullest looking wobblers to undefended receivers ever. His completed long passes were nothing more than fly ball outs with receivers having to come back to the ball. The rest sailed. Sign of a guy who can’t grip the thing. The guy knows he can’t throw it glove, no glove.

    It ain’t the same, frikin ball he was using to build up those nice college stats. That is a slimmer ball.

    Pro day and private workouts were so bad, likely Bridgewater would have gone undrafted except for some poor, dumb, lame team totally out of the loop.

  107. I’ve thought since first watching him that he reminded me of Randall Cunningham. I think some strength training will help him out, he doesn’t have his man frame yet. While its true that the rubes wanted Manziel, realistically Teddy is the best QB in this draft class as it stands today. He will have a chance to sit for a year and won’t be rushed in which will be very good for his development. Skol!

  108. I can only go by what all the talking heads on NFLN and ESPN say, because I don’t know the kid. I’ve heard most of them say he’s the most NFL ready, intelligence wise. They say he reads through all of his progessions like an NFL vet. They also say he reads defenses better than the rest. His downfalls seem to be his slight build. I don’t think arm strength matters as much, if you can read the defenses and know where your receivers are supposed to be.

  109. It’s funny to me that all the guys that get paid to analyze this stuff, many of whom played the game in the NFL, love this pick. All the trolls laugh at this pick. I’ll trust the pros over the clueless trolls.

  110. Cleveland is a hopeless franchise. Virtually every head coaching candidate turned them down before they found a total “dark horse” in Mike Pettine to take the reigns. The Browns ownership are about as sensible and effective as Al Davis was at the end. That being said, they’ve had a pretty good draft so far, but time will tell, ultimately.

  111. This just in, how to stop T. Bridgewater…

    Make all 11 men on the defense leave the field!

    Just kidding, I think this is an excellent pick.

    LOL @ Cleveland, does Minnesota owe you a $100,000?

  112. So he had a bad pro day and work out, but his game film is really good. A while back he said he wanted to have the Vikings draft him, which is exactly what happened. I think he tanked them so no other team would want him. Besides, he apparently spent a lot of work out and meeting time with the Vikings prior to the draft. Read between the lines people.

  113. The Bridgewater pick is spectacular. Of all the QBs he is the most pro-ready, and he has the best football IQ by far. He is the best bet to quickly learn Norv Turner’s offense, and he has lots of weapons around him. He had one bad pro day, and that caused other teams to overthink. What a pro day does is just show your ability to throw to spots on the field. What it doesn’t do is show your ability to go through progressions with a luve defense on the field. TB is the ONLY QB in this draft who excels at that in games. Ponder was a smart kid who can’t go through his progressions. TB is a smart kid who has proven he can, and do it in a calm fashion. You can coach the longball, but you can’t coach toughness and pocket presence. He has it. Pinder didn’t. And most of the other QBs in this draft didn’t. TB was an absolute steal, and other teams will be kicking themselves for overthinking him.

  114. Remember, Green Bay’s current Head Coach (then-O.C. of San Francisco) passed on Rodgers for Alex Smith. Even he saw something special in Smith that wasn’t there in Rodgers.

    People passing on a QB to send him down the board isn’t always a bad thing, and it isn’t always the right thing to do.

  115. opening fishing is this weekend in mn …for all the bridgewater fans, they are fishing off the bridge and don’t own a boat or they just got out of the local watering hole. This is bust and wasted pick.

  116. I can’t believe there’s anybody dumb enough to rail on Bridgewater for padding stats with a college football that is slimmer than the NFL ball. Everybody with eyeballs and 3 brain cells knows that the NFL ball is slimmer.

  117. A fine pick that just couldn’t quite make it through his pro day where there was no defensive line pressure and all he had to do is hit a wide open receiver. yes, as a fan of the vikes of over 30 years – I think I am done with this non-sense. It will be another 5 years before they get rid of spielman and bridgewater is done with the vikes. I enjoy fantasy football so that will stay but rooting on Sunday for this type of incompetence isn’t something I can honestly stomache anymore.

  118. When you are good you will have a lot of haters. And thats all I ever see on any Vikings post. Bridgewater now has a chip on his shoulder being selected at 32. Which will be good. I have faith in the Viking staff and believe they will get it done. Thats 3 good drafts in a row and now we got a great coaching staff and a lot of experts think our franchise qb of the future. Experts never said that about ponder when he was picked. Everybody was scratching their head about the ponder pick. We were all pondering and now its finally over with a pro ready qb like bridgewater.

  119. to the Viking defender – What does a chip have to do with the ability to play? Seriously. Does he get mad and the heavens will open….This guy couldn’t make it through his pro day – the day you prepare for, for months and months to be good. did he do lousy because of pressure? I mean, does that mean he will do it better under 10 million fans? How is it hate when the vikes haven’t gone to a superbowl in 30 years. Seriously? We should just buy into a maybe qb to bring us there? Did anyone say this about Andrew luck when he came out? That guy is a winner – he will be in a superbowl. The vikes will not. This bs half as s management team needs to be punted.

  120. Ted Thompson KILLS the draft…35% of the time. So therefore, he’s awesome and Rick Spielman is an idiot because he reached for Ponder and consistently picks pro bowlers.

  121. As a Bears fan, here’s what scares me about Teddy Bridgewater: Norv Turner. Norv is an excellent offensive coordinator, play-caller, etc. If this Teddy kid has it in the tank, Norv will get it out of him.

    Going to be interesting in the NFC North in the next couple years…

  122. Man you Packer(haters)are out for blood on this thread.

    Say what you want, Teddy at 32 is a good roll of the dice. Not saying he’s gonna pan out, but at 32, if he stinks up TCF, I can live with it…now if we had taken him at 8, and then he stunk it up, Spielman would be history….

    Plus Barr was a solid pick for Zim as well…defense was 31st last year. Should be top 20 this year even tho we need at least 1 more CB and LB….

  123. BTW…

    Norv Turner performed miracles in Cleveands passing game last season with something called Brian Fricking Hoyer….


    Whether its 10 wins with two ball clubs (Patriots, Chiefs) Matt Cassel or Most accurate 31-4 TD to INT ratio Teddy Bridgewater I like his chances of improving Minesotas passing offense…

    Oh and it doesnt hurt to have the defense already predictated to Mr Bridgewater, because unlike the other 31 teams theres a mandatory defense allignment that will be shown to #28 AD AP….

  124. As a Packer fan I thought both Barr and Bridgewater were good picks. You certainly need a QB and Bridgewater could be the answer.
    The Vikes haven’t been competitive for a while so it will be interesting to see what happens.

  125. Another weak armed qb. Should be an interesting qb competition between Ponder and Bridgewater seeing who will be the first to pass a ball past the 40 yard mark. Have to love Spieladope who has failed countless times trying to get a NFL worthy qb in Miami and Minnihaha.

    As far as the delusional posters talking about Turner the QB guru ( laughable) wasn’t he responsible for taking an all pro qb in Rivers and Turner into him having his worst season ever? See the pun? Then when Turner is fired for incompetence Rivers returns to pro bowl form?

  126. Yeah cause Joe Montana had elite arm strength…

    Man his lack of power behind the ball casted San Francisco on sooo many occasions…

    Just think if he had elite QB arm strength he probably would have one 10 superbowls… Instead he has to settle with only 4…


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