Browns get a ticket boost from Johnny Manziel


Johnny Manziel isn’t only good for the television business.

The new quarterback helped spark some interest where it matters most to the Browns — the bottom line.

According to Mary Kay Cabot of the Cleveland Plain Dealer, the Browns sold more than 1,000 season tickets (new customers and renewals) within the first hour after the end of the first round.

It’s amazing that eighth-overall pick Justin Gilbert has that kind of drawing power.

Manziel will be an object of fascination among Browns fans (and let’s face it, the rest of us) for some time.

But the early interest will also make it harder for the team to holdup to the stated premise that Brian Hoyer is the quarterback of the present.

21 responses to “Browns get a ticket boost from Johnny Manziel

  1. He will be playing like something brown for the next 4 years too. #overrated #onhiswaytotheCFL #NOONEhasitbetter

  2. That picture alone shows you that he’s not a franchise quarterback. At least they sold some tickets.

  3. Yea. Cause everyone knows that people that go to Brown’s home games always come to watch the other team play.

  4. Teddy Bridgewater was and still is the best QB in this draft class and it’s not even close.

    He will be a top 5 QB in this league.

    The Vikings Dynasty has officially began.

    Multiple Lombardis will be hoisted in the next decade.

    We. Are. The. Greatest.

  5. He is there to sell tickets. Once the fans realize that he is horrible, those same fans will be cancelling their tickets.

  6. There’s going to be a thousand super pissed off people when they all sober up and realized that they just spent thousands of dollars on Cleveland Browns tickets.

  7. I’m disappointed with the selection. Of course I’ll be pulling for him to succeed. Have no choice as a Browns fan. But, I think he’s got an uphill battle. Manziel is a diminutive guy (shortest first round pick since 1953 according to NFL Channel) and he’s going into a cold tough division. Durability and ability to create passing lanes in the NFL are going to be big concerns that must be resolved. It’s ironic that he’s another #22 pick for the Browns. That hasn’t served them well. I hope Johnny can win the battles and prevail.

  8. Interesting. I thought they had the best fans in the world. Surprised such a great fan base has any season tickets available.

  9. I would have thought that with all the pissed off people there were when the team left for Balt, that they’d have a season ticket waiting list…. Where are all those fans?

  10. the steelers and ravens are both hot garbage. the browns and bengals will battle it out for the division. browns are a improved team. will be fun to watch them.

  11. I was doubting Farmer, but to see what he did yesterday– the best CB, the best QB, AND a 1st next year– great job.

  12. I am so disappointed that this spectacle isn’t going down in Dallas. I have to give Jerry Jones credit. He actually made a smart football decision.

    Now I just have to cheer for Manziel to become a Pro Bowler so Jerry will be kicking himself for the next decade for not drafting him.

  13. Good for Cleveland. Those fans could use a break. At least there is a chance that something great could happen. Couldn’t say that with any of the recent QB’s they brought onto the team.

  14. First off im not a browns fan but i would like for them to have a good team and make the playoffs i think there fans deserve it i tend to root for underdogs i was rooting for the colts in the early 1990’s when jim harbaugh almost led them to a super bowl but they were beat 20-13 by the steelers so cleveland’s already got a good offensive line and a above average defense so if they can just get some good QB play i think they could be a wild card playoff team if not this year at least in the next couple of years their fans deserve it more than anyone especially after art modell moved the original browns team to baltimore and won 2 super bowls here’s hoping that the browns can get some good qb play and become a decent to good team

  15. Browns get a ticket boost from Johnny Manziel ???

    FYI as lousy as we have been the Browns were ranked 9th in over-all attendance. That is HOME and AWAY.

    The largest sports fan club in the USA “Browns Backers Worldwide”

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