Bills add Cyrus Kouandjio with the 44th pick


The Bills continue to be willing to roll the dice, hoping for high upside.

After trading a future first-rounder to get Sammy Watkins last night, they held their breath and drafted Alabama tackle Cyrus Kouandjio with the 44th overall pick.

Kouandjio is a talented and powerful blocker, but there are concerns about the long-term status of his knees.

For the short-term, he could be a solid right tackle, even if he’s not built to be a 10-year player.

But after mortgaging the future to get Watkins, the short-term might be the only real concern in Buffalo.

14 responses to “Bills add Cyrus Kouandjio with the 44th pick

  1. Poor Cyrus…he didn’t look overly thrilled either. Tough luck kid…welcome to the record setting team that holds the record for most years missing the playoffs!

  2. He didnt look thrilled because he slid that far down the draft board. That was the look of a man with something to prove. I LOVE THE PICK!

  3. I Love PFT, listen to the podcast and have done so for years. However, this narrative that the bills are mortgaging the future ? its horrible speculations and our GM deserves more credit than that. They let Byrd walk because it was in the best interest of the team. They would of signed that guy and over paid if that was the case. They went after a blue chip player its not a crime and they won’t be the last team to do it. PFT can make that statement about any GM that makes a bold move.

  4. Finally tonight when Josh Gordon fails the drug test and maybe suspended for a year ESPN utters the words ” Cleveland traded away the pick for the most talented WR in years in Sammy Watkins” would they have done that if they knew about Gordon’s problem ? Whaley & Brandon have been making VERY good draft picks, filling the holes with free agents and are now a solid team. Unfortunately for them the Bills have become a punchline which the media like to use regardless of what the Bills do. They will fill in with some depth the remainder of the draft and you will see other teams picking up some of the receivers etc that the Bills have to cut to get down to 53 . Go Bills !

  5. Ah, the old argument that at least they went…they were the most embarrassing team to ever go and blow 4 straight Super Bowls. they were only in the first one…the other ones were blowouts. people were embarrassed that the AFC had that lousy team as their representative. Wake me up when they can beat teams in their own division! the only way they make the playoffs is if the NFL adds numerous wild card teams, not just one more. mistake by the lake lives!!

    the first one…

  6. he has EJ Manuel knees! LOL. P.S. My team has own NUMEROUS Super Bowls!! More than one hand!!

  7. Those teams have nothing to do with this team…nothing, not a single person.

    Give it up already. Every team changes every year. The Bills have built a good, young, hungry team that is ready to compete. It’s time to put up or shut up, absolutely…but don’t give this team flak for the last 14 years. They had zero influence.

  8. As for the pick…everyone was worried about Cordy Glenn, said he wasn’t a tackle and he had weight and injury issues.

    He is now a pro-bowl caliber left-tackle.

    Big Cyrus will do just fine to prove doubters wrong. There’s some of the best doctors in the country in Buffalo, if they say the knee is fine, I trust them. Great value pick that fills a need, and maybe a starter day one.

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