Brandon Thomas gets to redshirt for the 49ers

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The 49ers closed out the second day of the NFL Draft with the kind of move you could have seen coming weeks ago.

They used the 100th overall pick on Clemson offensive lineman Brandon Thomas, who won’t play this year after tearing his ACL in a private workout with the Saints.

The 49ers have plenty of picks, and can afford to born some of them on redshirts, such as running back Marcus Lattimore last year.

Thomas might have reached the second round if he were well, so the 49ers were able to turn a compensatory pick into some potential value in 2015, the kind of move you can make when you flip picks for future choices, and have a few to play with.

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  1. Trent Baalke did an amazing job today including adding Stevie Johnson, just a masterful day. Hated that the Seahawks got Paul Richardson though, that was my draft crush and now he’s the enemy. All in all though, great job Trent, Jim and everyone else. Proud to be a 49er fan.

  2. I’d like to see Bruce Ellington on the roster, but don’t be shocked if Baalke flips their first pick tomorrow for a 2015 3rd rounder.

  3. I remember when he got hurt, a lot of people including me were hoping some team would still give him the chance he’d earned before he was hurt. The niners are the ones who did it. From a Steelers fan second and a football fan first, thanks San Francisco for doing the right thing. I hope it works out for both of you everywhere except against the Steelers.

  4. I know that the Niners missed by not taking Montcrief which I am thankful for. Cards did as well and it bothers me. Was praying that Indy didn’t pick him when they did. He is the real deal…

  5. Well the rich get richer but the Niners for all their success still need playmakers and to pass on some with all the picks they have is crazy! Thomas would be there in 2 rounds from now. I am not saying he won’ t be a late 1st round value when healed, but no other team has this luxury to “waste” an early pick on a redshirt unless it is a skill type like Lattimore. Not being a Hater, just an NFL fan.

  6. Plenty of time for him to be coached up on all the things the 9’ers are about– drugs, sexual assault, DUI, general criminal activity…

  7. RICH GET RICHER, The Niners have the most talented roster in the NFL top to bottom to practice squad by a mile! They will cut some really good players come early September.

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