Charles Tillman won’t move to safety


Before he re-signed with the Bears as a free agent, Charles Tillman said that he had no interest in moving from cornerback to safety for the final years of his career.

The topic didn’t come up when he returned to Chicago, but the Bears’ choice of cornerback Kyle Fuller with the 14th overall pick exhumed the subject on Friday. General Manager Phil Emery said Friday that Tillman won’t need to find a way to get comfortable with a move because he’s staying right where he is.

“Charles TIllman is our starting corner, and that’s where he’s going to be,” Emery said, via Rich Campbell of the Chicago Tribune.

Tim Jennings is also set as a starter on the outside, although there figure to be plenty of snaps for Fuller in packages with three corners. Emery praised Fuller’s versatility on Thursday night and he played all over the place at Virginia Tech, so the Bears may be creative about how they deploy Fuller as a rookie while grooming him to move into Tillman’s role a year from now.

18 responses to “Charles Tillman won’t move to safety

  1. Best case is he and Fuller transition from nickel to #2 CB by end of season, plus he can take reps fromw Tillman so he might last all year.

  2. Never like to see a team spend a Top 15 pick on a guy who won’t be a Day One starter… but, Fuller appears to be a good player and this may pay benefits for the Bears a couple years down the road.

  3. Tillman is and has been, one the top DB’s in the league and has always been a class act. Fuller gets to learn from him for the season and then step into a big set of shoes next season. Great scenario for a secondary that was torched last season after Tillman went down.

  4. Still one of the top corners in the NFL, despite what barsfordays says when he is delusional. This ‘exhumation’ was media-driven.

  5. As a Lions fan I’ll say that he’s the ONLY db I’ve ever seen truly shut Megatron down.
    Delusional Seahawks fans seem to think that Sherman has but they’re wrong as usual.

  6. I sure wish you could teach the ‘Peanut Punch’, but I think it is mostly instinct. I have never seen anybody with the timing and which way to punch than Peanut. Really gonna miss the man when his time comes.

  7. Let him play corner, and let Fuller be at nickel for the first year. Tillman is on a one year deal anyway, I half expect him to retire; the other half of me expects he’ll be shown the door in the same manner as with Brian Urlacher.

    Except Tillman will stop bitching about it publicly after about a week, then move on with his life.

  8. Genius bears as always. Use a first round pick on a nickel back. No need in getting a DT to stop the run. The bears still suck!

  9. ENOUGH of the Peanut Tillman/Safety talk! He publicly said, NO WAY and the Bears have already said, NO WAY. It was never going to happen and it’s still not going to happen. Let it go!!

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