Dolphins have spoken with Mike Pouncey about Twitter use


Shortly after the Dolphins made tackle Ja’Wuan James the 19th overall pick of the draft, center Mike Pouncey took to Twitter to welcome his new teammate with a reference to last year’s harassment of former Dolphins tackle Jonathan Martin.

“Great pick! Can’t wait for our gifts he’s getting us lol,” Pouncey wrote.

Attempt at humor or not, it’s a bad look for a player who was implicated alongside former Dolphins Richie Incognito and John Jerry in Ted Wells’ investigation into Martin’s harassment. That was the message that Dolphins General Manager Dennis Hickey delivered to Pouncey when he addressed the tweet with the center.

“We talked with Mike and Mike understands that sometimes things can be taken out of context,” Hickey said, via “What’s meant as a light-hearted comment can be taken out of context. We talked with Mike and he was good with that and understands social media is a great tool to reach our fans for the positive. But you have to make good choices with that.”

One can quibble with the idea that anything was taken out of context given the context of what happened last season, but not with the idea that players need to make good choices when social media. Or with the idea that Pouncey, who still may be disciplined by the league as a result of the investigation, should probably steer clear of jokes on the topic.

52 responses to “Dolphins have spoken with Mike Pouncey about Twitter use

  1. Bring Richie Back!!! JMart was the problem and he’s gone (good riddance).

  2. He’s an idiot. I can say that b/c I’m a Dolphins fan. It shows a lack of remorse to joke about the criminal harassment that he was involved in.

  3. Look on the bright side: at least he didn’t tweet about running a train on his sister.

  4. I think people are making too much of a big deal on this issue. Let’s be clear, what Jonathan Martin was not good either, he betrayed his entire team and prentended he was hurt while enjoying his time off with his family and watching his college teams games. All of this while his NFL teammates were busting their rear every week.

    That’s something I wouldn’t tolerate from a teammate. He was a coward and there’s no one in the NFL that’s capable of telling him that to his face because they’re afraid of a lawsuit.

  5. Private employers have every right to rebuke employees and/or contractors for any behavior which may cast the business in a negative light.

    Cut this insensitive jerk ASAP.

  6. Another genius move by a Dolphin. That team will never succeed as long as the players continue the South Beach lifestyle. Lots of wine, women and song and very little work and practice. The basketball and baseball players can get away with it, but football and hockey require real work, not shooting baskets or chasing fly balls.

  7. I’ll never truly believe that last years “scandal” was actually bullying… and the fact that some people still have a job and others don’t is BS.

    With that being said… I have to say Mike Pouncy is the biggest idiot involved. Being ultimately blessed to still have a job, knowing that everything you do is under a microscope…. and you still post dumb stuff like that on twitter. COME ON!!

    Somebody just give this guy a lobotomy, drooling on himself at this point is about all he’s good for.

  8. Here’s the thing… if the guy was making a silly joke, then it would probably be OK. The sad thing is, he probably wasn’t joking when he tweeted that.

  9. One of Aaron Hernandez’s good friends and every bit as much of a scumbag. He just hasn’t murdered anyone that we know of.

  10. I suppose all of you “holier than thou” folks think that rookies never get hazed in the NFL? I understand the timing is pretty horrible, but he’s not the devil here. Just an ill timed tweet. Also this guy is the center all you knuckleheads wish you had. Pro bowler in year two so he isn’t going anywhere.

  11. Sometimes attempts at humor are not well received by the politically correct gestapo. It was just a joke by Pouncey after the whole Bullygate inquiry and report. Lighten up. He was happy with the pick and welcomed James onto the team.

  12. Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and any other “Social Media” are responsible for lowering the collective IQ by 75%

  13. Everyone is too sensitive & taking everything out of context, we are too politically correct as a society now. Unless you are Riley Cooper or Donald Sterling…

  14. Seriously, where did it go wrong? Nobody gave a rats about my grandpas feelings but you didn’t see that generation shooting up schools, getting their “feelings” hurt, or accused of bullying. Everybody bitches about it but what about some self-reflection from Everybody. Teach your kids not to bully, how to defend themselves, and the importance AND dangers of guns and we would all be better off. By all means love the kids, but remember that bubble you raise them in will eventually be outgrown.

  15. Out of context? The problem is it was in context and of a context that wasn’t appropriate to make a joke around.

    And you don’t HAVE to make good choices at all, it’s optional, and Hickey proves it by giving him a talking to but no penalties. So joke around and in bad taste all you want, it’s clearly not a requirement to play for Dennis Hickey and the Dolphins. Hickey is a liar.

  16. Mike should be retired. He can then spend time with his friend Hernandez bemoaning how much they are misunderstood.

  17. Last year after the Giants drafted Justin Pugh, the dude even said he was told to up the limit on his credit card by the other guys on the OL.

    Happens to all 1st rd picks.

  18. Please. Pouncey was probably rolling his eyes as Hickey was talking to him. He knows damn well Hickey has no real authority.

  19. Philbin is too soft, affable, and clueless to bring the hammer down on Pouncey, and Ross simply is a Sterling-type owner in the sense that he does not even know how to run a team or could not care less. Pouncey has proven to be an unapologetic sympathizer for an alleged triple murderer (one of which has exemplary proof) and was in on the “bullying” (nee’ extortion) lock-step with Incognito. How Pouncey skated is beyond the pale. Nothing he has done would have been tolerated in employment outside the Dolphin organization. Yes, Management, draft a sternly worded reminder about Twitter use and let’s be done with this distraction before Round 2 begins tonight. Hence my handle.

  20. “Free Hernandez” scandal, questioned in gun incident in Gainesville and “Bully Gate”… in over-sensitive US, where political correctness is “law”; what a mind boggling display in lack of situational awareness.

  21. Mike Pouncey. Just does not get it.

    I’m really hoping that he soon will.

  22. We talked to him and explained that as a country we don’t have a sense or humor any more. We’re to PC and it’s really ruining everything for everyone

  23. “Dolphins have ‘spoken’ to Pouncey about Twitter use”. Well, we all can see who really is in charge here now, right Mike?

  24. I took it as a joke. Kinda like the Dolphins offense. FYI- I am a dolphins fan.

  25. Let those who have never done anything stupid comment… oh well, to late for that.

    Sorry haters, he’s a pro bowl center, and he’s not on your team, otherwise you wouldn’t be so concerned.

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