Jerry Jones swears he wasn’t looking at Manziel, really


Jerry Jones is like that married guy who gets caught looking at a Hooters waitress by his wife.

He can’t honestly deny that he was ogling Johnny Manziel, but swears it didn’t mean anything, because, really, who could be interested in a girl like, … that.

But in the wake of passing on Manziel at No. 16 to take the girl-next-door solid offensive lineman Zack Martin to protect the aging starlet quarterback they already have, Tony Romo, Jones tied to explain himself.

“Romo, by contract as well as by commitment, is going to be certainly the quarterback for several years to come,” Jones said, via Todd Archer of “Don’t care who we drafted, that’s the way it was going to be. So that’s what was going through our minds. That’s why we didn’t spend a lot of time considering Manziel.”

Jones said he expected to field trade calls from other teams when he was on the clock and everybody was hoping he’d take Manziel, but that “bonanza” of calls never came.

“John Madden once told me when I was telling him about this idea of personalities and being involved with the Dallas Cowboys,” Jones said. “He said, ‘Jerry, the Cowboys have all the flash, have all the visibility that you could ever conjure up. Make your decisions, get the best players and coaches that win the games. You got all the rest you’d want. You don’t need to have big-time flash to be involved in the NFL and be successful in the league.’ I’ve always remembered that.

“No, frankly that [picking Manziel] wasn’t even a thought. This was such an obvious football, . . .  decision.”

That would be easier to buy if Jones hadn’t been such a star-chaser in the past.

And now all he has to do is exorcise the tempting thoughts of those sashaying orange shorts from his mind.

19 responses to “Jerry Jones swears he wasn’t looking at Manziel, really

  1. who knows, I think KC might have seriously taken him at 23. seems like they were thinking about it, and sitting the guy behind smith a year would have been the best case scenario in the long run for manziel(in terms of learning behind one of the best in preparation)

    I would have liked to see if they would have done it, as reid wouldn’t answer the question.

  2. Enough already geez! Everyone hates the Cowboys yet they can’t stop talking about them. Always finding ways to take shots at Jerry both media and NFL fans all over. Here is the truth, Jerry owned the Day. That simple. He didn’t make the boom everyone else makes and they don’t get criticized like Jerry if he would have. Dallas made a very smart pick and the media and lifeless meme makers now don’t have a new topic to hate for now. Give Jerry and I a nice big kiss where the sun don’t shine and thumb me down!

  3. Taking an offensive linemen three out of the last four drafts can’t mean Jerry’s a star chaser. It means those in the media just can’t give him credit for making a smart football move.

  4. Taking Manziel made no sense whatsoever, but the media couldn’t shut up about it yesterday. There is no way the ‘Boys can trade or cut Romo, but every armchair GM kept bringing it up. It is amazing to me how many people watch football but have no idea about the business side of things.

    Taking Martin was a smart pick for now and the future. I wished the Rams wouldn’t have picked Donald though. The Rams front four on defense is going to be tough this year.

  5. All the talk of manziel coming to Dallas was to attract potential trade options from other teams but the fact is not enough teams were willing to risk that manziel will be a productive NFL qb and I don’t blame them.

  6. The only thing he was looking at Manziel for was to trade back. Not sure how he didn’t pull something off, took it down to the final seconds of time to make the pick.

  7. I don’t really understand all of this.

    The Manziel interest was a complete fabrication of the media, spreading a rumor that Jim Nantz came up with fairly randomly.

    And now it seems like the media is defending their fabrications by coming up with well-worn tropes like, “Well, Jerry is a star-chaser.” But the data just don’t show that. In the last 5 years, Dallas has used precious few draft picks on flashy skill position players. This is the third year out of four that the number one pick has been an offensive lineman.

    It’s fun to imagine that this flashy, obnoxious businessman is fiddling and trying to get flashy, obnoxious deals done, but it isn’t true, no matter how much the media want it to be. Dallas has been very boring in its drafts and in free agency for several years now.

  8. Jones, the team’s defense was awful last season. They need defensive players, so you draft an O lineman? You are out of you element playing the role of an NFL GM. That’s an executive position you aren’t at all suited for.

  9. When did Madden make those alleged comments? The only thing that matters now is the rather fragrant fact that the cowboys have not won a playoff game in more than 18 years.

    Their days as ‘America’s team’ which phrase was only the invention of some publicist, may his anonymity protect him forever, are way in the past.

    Jerry Jones is becoming the Al Davis of this generation – his days are past but he refuses to acknowledge it.

  10. It isn’t hard to believe. He’s been on the record for some time now as saying that Romo is his guy and that he wasn’t interested in Manziel.
    I’m no Jerry Jones fan but this is nothing more than an attempt to disparage him. If any of the other 31 owners had consistently said what Jones has been saying they wouldn’t have these kinds of posts written about them.

  11. To be fair part one… Jones handled this well… He played off his own reputation in an attempt to get more picks. (just like the Giants did but not to the same extent) FYI -Teams that have a genuine interest in a player that could be wanted by teams in front or back of them will usually keep quiet about it to prevent other teams from trading up…

    To be fair part two… Did the quote by John Madden but Jones hasn’t always lived by it and has a deserved rep. as not being a good GM. One who would have fired a while ago had he not also been the owner… He loves the good press that comes with being “America’s Team”, the bad comes with the territory.

  12. What are they saying ?? That people NEVER learn from their previous mistakes ?? Perhaps they are the fool’s whom are the ones making the mistake, and are just trying to cover their “Sorry” A$$’s. Objectivity being 95% of their job description is apparently lacking from both their character, and motif !! Tony has shattered every Cowboy record in franchise history w/the exception of S.B. rings.
    Troy has confessed that Tony does things, which at his best he couldn’t do i.e. making incredible play’s when everything has broken down. Using his mobility to stay afoot until Dez, or another ended up breaking open !!
    He has recovered from his surgery, and it didn’t take 4 operations to do so. Considering this he has at least 3-5 more great year’s in him, so why not bolster the O-line & get him some protection ? Now to address the defense, so that Tony doesn’t have to outscore every team he face’s. Sounds like Jerry doing a remarkable job is not what they needed for their Cowboy HATE fodder !

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