Johnny Manziel: Browns want to win and we want to win now

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Cleveland Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel said after he was drafted that he intends to reverse the team’s losing ways.

“Obviously, the team really wants to win and they want to win now,” Manziel said. “I’ve been a winner everywhere that I’ve been. Whatever the situation may be, I’m going to work extremely hard to put myself in the best position to continue that trend of being a winner.”

The Browns have finished either 4-12 or 5-11 every year for six straight seasons, but they had a very good first round on Thursday night, acquiring both Manziel and cornerback Justin Gilbert, while also acquiring the Bills’ 2015 first-round pick in a trade. This looks like a team on the rise.

Still, Manziel can’t help the Browns win until he’s on the field, and head coach Mike Pettine said Manziel won’t necessarily be the team’s starting quarterback.

“I don’t think you just hand jobs to people when they come in,” Pettine said.

At the same time, you don’t spend a first-round pick on a quarterback if you don’t see him as your future starter. If the Browns are going to turn things around, Manziel is going to be a big part of it.

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  1. Cleveland are quietly putting together a strong team. If Manziel plays to his potential, they could make significant progress.

  2. REMIND ME: Who are Cleveland’s wide receivers???

    Oh, that’s right… they only have one wide receiver (Josh Gordon).

    Cameron is nice… but… a team doesn’t win with one receiver and a tight end in the modern pass happy NFL.

    Have a nice season, Johnny.

    The poor guy will get all the blame when they replace Bess and Little with two less experienced and equally as bad receivers.

  3. Tim Couch
    Kelly Holcomb
    Sprgyn Wynnn
    Derrick Anderson
    Brady Quinn

    Need I say more? Johnny Football is no slam dunk

  4. I’ll say this, the kid has “it”, and he has it in spades. As a Browns fan for forty plus, I sure hope he can bring some magic to the pound.

  5. The Browns have never won anything in my life and I’m 51 years old Johnny! Sorry son your not in Texas any longer you’re in Cleveland and once you put on that ugly brown and orange uniform you will become a loser!

  6. It was nice to hear a player give a understandable interview after the day was over. He’s been groomed well.Hate the guy if you want,but Cleveland needs a character in the city. He’ll get endorsements easily,and as much as sports media seems to love the miserable franchises there,he’ll get plenty of press. It worked for LeBron James. Besides,once he gets to play and flashes that money sign to the Dawg Pound,he’ll be loved.

  7. Yeah they want to win now, but in the division with 3 tough defenses ole’ Johnny Football will be looking at the sky more than the endzone.

  8. Tim Couch was a good pick.

    NOBODY could succeed with that offensive line and those receivers (weakly organized after modell moving to baltimore – no team in Cleveland 1996-1998).

    Kevin Johnson, Darrin Chiaverini, David Patton, Quincy Morgan, etc..


  9. Now here is a TOP 5 pick that hasn’t learned a thing. After sweating in the greenroom, like I predicted, (priceless pictures)the first thing he does is his “money symbol”.

    Ray Farmer must have had a Haslim gun to his he to take that guy.


    He is everything we’re taught sports, IS NOT.

  10. The other 3 AFC north defenses will eat this kid up 6 times a year. The Browns and Bortles would have been a better combo.

  11. From a Bills fan, good luck to you guys. Our teams both got excellent players in the first round. I would love to see the Browns and the Bills turn their franchises around and make the playoffs. I’m confident if the right pieces are around Johnny he’ll be very successful.

  12. Cleveland =Football Hell, where QB’s go to watch their careers die.

    I like Manziel. I would have liked him more if he were chosen by a better franchise. This kid’s going to get pounded in the AFC North. Cleveland best get busy choosing Offensive linemen to protect his small frame, otherwise he’ll be running for his life, literally.

  13. I think this a great pick for the Browns both for value and for relevance in the NFL. However, I question Manziel’s ability to succeed and get along with OC Kyle Shanahan. While RG3’s rookie season was phenomenal, there was obvious friction between the two. Shanahan has been labeled a “perfectionist” who stresses footwork and read progressions as a pocket passer. I question how he could handle his frustration with Manziel’s innate ability to “wing it” when a play breaks down. His ego vs. RG3’s talent/ ego lasted all of two seasons before the situation imploded. I wouldn’t be surprised if Cleveland has a new OC within that same time period…

  14. This is in sharp contrast to every other team that wants to win too … but later.

  15. That’s nice he’s been a winner every where he’s been. Now he’s going to play for the Browns. He might have to get used to losing seasons.

  16. Put your hard hat on kid. You just started a career in the factory of sadness. More like where football careers go to die. I am sorry to say but your career died the second the Eagles traded away their pick to the skidmarks.

  17. This is the kind of terrible pick you expected by the browns. This guy does not have “it”. A slower, weaker armed, smaller, mike Vick is not going to takeover the nfl.

  18. As a Colts fan I was going to write something about the Browns will be wishing they didn’t make “the trade” but I am not going to. I actually hope the kid does well for the Browns as I really do like watching him on the field. I hope T Rich does the same for the Colts. This trade may work out for both teams or not. I guess we will know soon enough.

  19. The browns got lucky and were able to get john, so much better than bridgewater and carr. Johnny will sit behind Hoyer for awhile other than maybe running some packages. Now for round 2.

  20. I look at it this way. It would be much worse if the Browns would have passed on Manziel and he would’ve succeeded on another team, than if he becomes a bust for the Browns. Also can’t believe we have 2 first rounders again next year. Great job Ray.

  21. Maybe they picked him because they felt sorry for him and didn’t want to see him cry on national television.

  22. Want in one hand an spit in the other and see which one gets full faster…

    Johnny Football just got banished to the outer rim of the football universe never to be heard from again!

  23. As a Ravens fan it’s good to see that Cleveland may have turned the corner here. I think Cleveland fans have something to cheer for now with a more competitive AFC North. With so many top 10 picks during the last decade they really should have turned the corner years ago. Good luck to our fellow AFC North fans.

  24. Love my Browns but not sold on this one. He reminds me of Colt McCoy with a big mouth. Please prove me wrong. Please..

  25. Johnny will bring excitement to the art of holding a clipboard this season.

  26. Good pick by the Browns, but why people keep saying he’s a winner? He’s only won a Cotton, a Chick-Fil-A bowl and 1 game against Alabama. Shall I lower my standards?

  27. The other 3 teams in the AFC North all stood and cheered when the Browns made this pick.
    “Johnny Football”? omg.

  28. Cleveland needs a WR badly. They pick 3rd in round 2. Houston will probably tempt fate by picking Carr, and Washington does not need a WR. Marquise Lee will literally fall into the Brownies laps. Factory of sadness no more? I hope not, but, if Manziel is even a decent NFL qb, the Browns are a team on the rise.

  29. He is the biggest boom or bust player, maybe ever. He won’t be average. He will either be very good or epically bad but either way it will be fun to watch him ball or implode

  30. Anybody else enjoy watching Manzel squirm in the green room as he was passed over time and time again last night…..

  31. I’m a lifelong Browns fan but I’m NOT excited about last night’s result.

    The Browns should’ve picked Watkins at 4, then moved up later to grab a cornerback. They could’ve taken Garoppolo tonight, who is more likely than Manziel to become a quality NFL quarterback. And moving from 9 to 8 to get Gilbert was wholly unnecessary and simply wasted a pick. Color me unimpressed.

  32. “I’ve been a winner no matter where I’ve been.”

    And so the inflated ego begins…

  33. Last season the Browns blew 6 fourth quarter leads and just bolstered their top 10 defense. Secondly, they just drafted a guy who can keep a clock moving and is definitely better than the guys we had throwing the ball last year. If the Browns pull a top Guard with this pick tonight, I give us 10 wins.

  34. And he’s going to be playing three very good defenses in the AFC North. Nobody’s gonna hand you wins because you won in college.

  35. I agree with the writer that said Johnny Manziel is no slam dunk…but this will be interesting to watch. Huge boom-or-bust-potential here for them. Jmmy G may have been the safer pick.

  36. Been a Browns fan for more years than I want to admit. They’ve done nothing but lose and every QB since the 1999 return has been a disaster. All I can do is shake my head when I read stuff like this post. A team on the rise … building a team to be reckoned with … drafting some exciting young talent … when have I heard that before? 2001? 2003? 2006? 2008? 2011? I remember all kinds of happy talk when we drafted Trent Richardson. Yeah, he really turned things around for us. I’ve had it up to here with happy talk. Win some frickin’ games for a change. Until then, shut up.

  37. I know the jury is still out…but I did not get nearly as excited about Brady Quinn or Brandon Weeden at #22…

  38. Granted, Cleveland has certainly suffered enough. But I honestly don’t think this Bieberish bloke is the one to build a solid foundation for the future of the franchise.

  39. Now let’s see who’s the first to sack him and mock that ridiculous money gesture if his

  40. Too bad you won’t have Norv Turner to actually coach any of your offense, lol. Oh, thanks for the free extra pick, again, btw.

    Bridgewater will blow Manziel out the, well, water, haha!

  41. He doesn’t have a 6′ 5″ receiver to just throw an alley oop too anymore lol. Be excited, but this dude is no lock

  42. I personally dislike Johnny Football. But I like the history of the Browns and what they mean to the NFL. So for that I hope he helps the team out. As long as I get to see him get lit up at least once a game to wipe that smirk off his stupid face I’ll be happy.

  43. So far the browns have aced the draft with the top corner and QB. There are a lot of ignorant people that don’t know a football star when they see one.. The browns were close, now they’re contenders..

  44. He doesn’t have a 6′ 5″ receiver to just throw an alley oop too anymore lol. Be excited, but this dude is no lock

    You’re right, he’s only got a 6’3 pro bowl WR with 4.3 speed and a near 40″ vertical and a 6’5 pro bowl TE to throw to now. How will he ever manage?

  45. Meanwhile, Bridgewater, who they passed on, is going to be a star for the Vikings. Maybe not Year one, but he will be.

  46. We have Josh Gordon, Andrew Hawkins, and Jordan Cameron as the primary targets for our QB whether it is Hoyer or Manziel. From my understanding, Hoyer will likely start or at least there will be a true competition. A report earlier yesterday indicated that Pettine thought Hoyer is still more NFL ready than any QB coming out of this class.

    Give Manziel some time to simmer. We all know he wants to get in there and win but maybe he needs a small simmering period 😀

    Meanwhile, the Browns see what they have with Hoyer for real.

    Go Browns!

  47. Doesn’t sound like the Browns were totally sold on Manziel because they passed on him earlier in the first round and any team could have snagged him before the Browns picked again but I like the kid has heart. Good for the factory of sadness. As a Skins fan I actually feel good for them after the Rams screwed them by not dealing with them re: RG3 (Browns offered more than the Skins for the pick to get Griffin but the Rams wouldn’t talk to them). So, good for them getting Johnnie Football.

  48. He wasn’t my first choice, but give the kid a chance before you bury him.

    Go Browns!!!

  49. Kyle Shanahan never got along with any QB in Washington and I’m doubting Manziel is going to break that string. It’s a strange marriage that looks doomed to fail.

  50. I’m wondering if Ben Roethlisberger shooting off this mouth about Manziel’s frailty will be used as bulletin board material. I bet Steelers linebackers coach Joey Porter is thrilled that Roethlisberger dragged his name into the discussion. Going to be interesting…

  51. This was not a good ‘football’ move. As exciting and baffling as it all was… I still think we should have waited and taken Derek Carr or another QB that has fallen to 2nd/3rd Round.

  52. Hoyer will still begin the season as the Browns starter. If he wins, as I suspect he will, he’ll keep the job for the year at least. Quinn was picked at 22 and held a clip board for a while (and should have kept holding it) so being picked at 22 doesn’t dictate being handed the starting job. Manziel wasn’t taken at four (or 8 ) remember.

  53. The Circus has just come to town, it’s going to be a media frenzy of epic proportions!

  54. You realize what division you just landed in, Mr. Football?

    Run for your life Johnny, run!!!!!

  55. Somewhere there is a freshman QB that will be the first round pick of the Browns in another 4 years after Manziel has followed Ryan Leaf into NFL obscurity.

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