Johnny Manziel: I appreciate the enthusiasm, but it’s time to work


The Browns are already selling season tickets and jerseys thanks to the arrival of Johnny Manziel in the NFL draft, but Manziel says he won’t spend any time basking in the attention.

“It means a lot to me, obviously, getting a lot of support already,” Manziel said. “But there’s work that needs to be done. There’s things that need to be done.”

Asked about stories during his college career that he was more interested in enjoying the limelight than in putting in hard work, Manziel said he knows what his priorities need to be.

“I need to put in an immense amount of time to be as good as I want to be,” Manziel said. “Those off-the-field things never cut into my time.”

Manziel knows that he has to prove he’s better than Brian Hoyer if he’s going to get on the field, and that’s what he intends to do.

“My main goal right now is to come in and work extremely hard and try to get better as a football player,” Manziel said.

On his first day in Cleveland, Manziel is saying all the right things.

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  1. He’ll be lucky to make it through 12 games in the AFC North. I’d like to see him do well, but I’m not sure how he’ll hold up in such a hard-hitting, tough division.

  2. Johnny Manziel thinks that Johnny Manziel is going to be the best Johnny Football he can be. Yo

  3. College kid that knew he had it made so partied like a rock star. College days are over, so now we will see if makes the transition to adult professional and put in the work and time necessary. It will be interesting to watch. I can see him being a total bust, but also can see him lighting it up. Think it will mostly be up to him.

  4. Going into Cleveland with a grin just reinforces what a twit Eli Manning was for gaming the entire draft.

  5. Not saying he’s lying, he very well could be telling the truth. I’m rooting for him. However, its really easy to say all the right things during the interview process and on your first day. Anyone that’s ever been hired for a job knows that.

  6. Sort of reminds me of OJ Simpson ending up in Buffalo.
    He may say he is happy to be a Cleveland Brown but scratch a little and he would rather be anywhere else.

  7. Great value out of the 22 slot for Cleveland. Still got a stud corner with their high pick. He can seel jerseys, and tickets but can he sell his style and leadership to his teammates will be the question.

  8. As a Browns fan, I hate the pick. We
    ve all seen time after time on drafting a QB in CLE 1st round. I REALLY hope I eat my words.
    Is it me or does he sound like its about him. I would love to hear a future Browns QB say ‘I want to win a super bowl here, for this city and fans deserve it’ then that QB as well as any Browns player becomes immortal in CLE once they have the ring.

  9. I am glad the Cowboys passed on him but the look on his face when they didn’t take him was priceless. I hope he works out for you Cleveland but I am not betting on it. Lord, knows you guys have suffered long enough.

  10. Wait until Lebron tells him about the hot night club down the street he will be cutting that film session short….

  11. everyone saying its gonna be tough for manziel to play the steelers and ravens defence crack me up. this isnt 2005. the steelers and ravens defense are both mediocre at best. there not the 49ers and seahawks. manziel will shine when hes ready to play. they can win a wildcard birth or possibly win the division. afc north is there for the grabbing.

  12. Have you seen the chicks in Cleveland? who hell would want to party and enjoy the limelight there.

  13. I’ll bet Cleveland fans have not been as excited after the draft’s first day since they took Trent Richardson and Brandon Weeden.

  14. The browns have owned the draft so far getting 2 studs, a 1st rd. pick in 2015. The jealous little hater girls talking smack about manziel and the browns, know they are afraid of what the browns are putting together. It will all go down right before your eyes as the browns transition to dominate the afc north, as the steelers, ravens are weak and not getting any better anytime soon. The bengals their the same ole bengals , look great, but never get the job done when it counts most. Exciting time for browns fans, not so much for the opposition and their knucklehead fans! Go browns!

  15. I just heard on NFL network the Vikings tried to trade up for the same pick, but weren’t willing to give up near enough the Browns did.

  16. that means no more off field problems like enjoying a beer and hanging out with famous people, time to step your game up and get into some real trouble like beating your woman a couple of DUI’S a drug arrest or 2 and having a few kids with a half dozen different baby momma’s. that will show everyone you have what it takes to make it in the NFL. besides all that off field stuff took away your ability to focus on your game and set records right? well except for winning the Heisman but it all went south last season for you didn’t?…oh wait he put up better numbers than his Heisman year! but he still needs to focus only on football and not enjoy life at all.

  17. Maybe while your working you can find work for the homeless man that got Cleveland to trade up and take you .

  18. Eli Manning s a twit that won 2 super bowls. Regardless of how bad he played or is he won two, seems to me he did something right.

  19. Thing is, since he was drafted in the 1st and not the 2nd round he might have to be in Cleveland for 5 years before he is granted his emancipation.

  20. The Browns used the Colts’ first round pick acquired through the trade for a RB that no one wants to call a bust, but… In short, the Colts pick was like found money. If Manziel works out, great! If not, oh well.

  21. My previous statement about “whomever drafts The MANziel” will be the story of the draft with a no downside QB. If he’s great, then it’s Johhny B. Goodtimes” … but if he gets his face caved in, people will watch wanting to see his comeuppance. I never dreamed my Cleveland Browns would evd up with this guy. We have already sold over 2,000 additional season tickets since they took him last night. This is the most buzz the Browns have gotten nationally … ever. People were lined up for two hours before it opened at the team shop to buy his jersey. As I said… he moves the needle only here in Cleveland it’s a seismograph.

  22. What a joke this guy fell to the 20s.

    Every NFL owner should strip every candidate GM and scout down to their underwear, make them take the Wonderlic and several intelligence tests, have them take accounting and actuarial exams to make sure they can comprehend economic concepts and conditional probability. Make them run around a bunch too to make sure they aren’t going to drop dead from a heart attack.

    Such a joke they collect all this data on college kids when they themselves are just a bunch of jamokes that knew the right guy or plopped out of theright gash to get their jobs.

  23. Fish bait for Steelers and Ravens linebackers. Will be fun to watch. Give him a bubble wrap uniform so he doesn’t break.

  24. Texas produces good players but we scared to give a Texas college kid to a Texas NFL team. I saw Johnny’s face drop when the cowboys passed him. SMH. I understand thAt the Oline will be great for the next decade but lets get somebody to challenge romo. Contract be damned

  25. The kid has a chip on his shoulder now with all of the draft experts shooting at his knees. Those were great wake-up knocks on his head and hits to his ego. If he works at this and really apply himself, then the Browns have done themselves proud and will find themselves knocking on the playoffs.

    By being brave, the Browns now find themselves on the steps into the playoffs. Best of luck to the Browns, time to get to work.

  26. After decades of futility and high draft picks Cleveland has been the butt of NFL joke teams. There’s only one way for the Browns and that’s up. I believe Cleveland’s issues have always been in the front office and on the sidelines. In years past they have put some pretty good teams on the field missing key parts they draft and fail or overpay FAs that either fail or play like was predicted before the big pay days, like Kruger last year, a good spot player paid at the elite price. I fear Football $$$$Johnny maybe a distraction with his antics off the field. You either love or hate this guy. I think other QBs in this draft would have been better. But really, how many years of top 10 picks, multiple 1st round picks and they are still a doormat. I think they will play better and go 8-8 or better. Also, I see a bit of JJ in Dallas in your new petro owner, not good for the long term if he sticks his beak in. Good luck Cleveland, don’t get to high on FJ yet.

  27. He might be saying the right things but he showed he’s the same ol’ Me-First Johnny by going out and getting trashed after the draft and making sure it gets publicized.

    I am so glad my team doesn’t need a QB.

  28. Grew up with Landry’s team… was spoiled by Jimmy Johnson’s guys and have tried to enjoy the Cowboys past 10 years and it’s not been fun or even exciting at all. Romo lacks what the quarterbacks in years past had – he’s just not fun to watch.

    Deion Sanders – love him or hate him – fun to watch. Roger S. Troy A – fun to watch.

    Johnny Football – made it fun to watch football again Texas. Dallas screwed up and could’ve been a great thing. This isn’t even my team anymore – it’s Jerry’s. Enjoy Romo Jerry but I’m not coming back to your stadium with overpriced drinks and food – where we can spend money on a vacation rather than pay for seats to those games. And the Rangers offer so much better value. So I’ll go the Ballpark…. and my heart will go Cleveland with Johnny.

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