Josh Gordon would like to play with Marqise Lee


Throughout the offseason, Browns wide receiver Josh Gordon said that he expected and wanted the Browns to take a quarterback in the first round of the draft.

His wish was granted when the team landed Johnny Manziel, who has a “big fan” in Gordon, with the 22nd pick. Perhaps emboldened by that experience, Gordon returned to the suggestion box on Friday with his thoughts about what the Browns should do with the 35th overall pick.

“We have a lot of wide receivers right now on our team that we just picked up on, but I’m actually a fan of Marqise Lee,” Gorrdon said on ESPN Radio. “I don’t believe he got picked yet. That would be a great addition. I know we have an early second-round pick. We’ll see.”

Lee is expected to be one of the first players picked when the draft resumes on Friday night and his addition to Gordon and tight end Jordan Cameron would give Manziel or Brian Hoyer a strong receiving corps to make use of in 2014. If the Browns can find an appealing running back as well, they’d have pulled off a quick and intriguing overhaul of their offense in a short period of time.

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  1. That would be a great pickup for us – but, even though it’s a little high to grab a running back, I think I’d actually prefer grabbing Carlos Hyde. We DO have a lot of receivers on the team now, but we only have Ben Tate as a feature back. And with his injury history, we need someone else who can do what he does, and Hyde is the best running back available in this year’s draft.

    With either guy, though, it would be tough to complain about the pick.

  2. They say Cleveland is pretty though I’ve never been. Well Manziel says it’s the best place that he’s ever seen. Oh and he should know, he’s been there enough. Lord I miss Manziel, oh I miss him so much.

  3. Sorry Josh, even if Marquise landed in Cleveland….

    Minnesota still has the best WR duo in the NFL.

    And oh yeah..Teddy Bridgewater > Johny Manziel

  4. Lee or Hyde at #35 would make this browns fan even happier than I am from yesterday’s haul! Go Browns!!!

  5. Browns could have had Sammy Watkins and Manziel it seems.

    Sure hope that corner taken in the first round and justify their decision to go with him.

  6. Marquez Lee if taken by browns is a lot closer to Sammy Watkins in talent then the next db available right now to Justin Gilbert. The wr position is real deep in this draft and the browns already have a number 1 receiver, so I have no problem in doing what the browns did and picked up another 1st round pick next year. Great logic.

  7. We couldn’t go into next season with Skrine starting again. Browns fans know this.

    Lee would be nice, but I’d rather them pick up Su’a Filo. 35 is still too high for RB. Mason, Sankey, Hyde, Carey, Simms, Hill, Williams….somebody is going to be there at the top of the 3rd!

  8. I like Hyde as a prospect as much as anyone but Li’l Shanny can just as easily draw up 4.5 yards a pop out of a 6th rounder or UDFA in his ZBS.

    It has to be Lee if he’s available.

  9. “…give Manziel or Brian Hoyer a strong receiving corps to make use of in 2014.”

    Uh, yeah. I really hope I *don’t* see Manziel playing in 2014 at all unless it’s because Hoyer and VY are both hurt.

  10. He’s not playing with anyone this year. Jackass just failed ANOTHER drug test. It was for hippy lettuce. He now faces a one suspension. Way to go, moron.

  11. BSPN reporting he’s suspended for the year….guess he’d like to play with anyone period

  12. they can play together on madden til season starts . then lee will go play in NFL and Gordon will be getting high, winning SB as lee, playing alone ,

  13. Josh Gordon is an idiot. I cannot believe he did this. He won’t be playing for anybody and with anybody this year. I cannot believe this. Wow. Way to take the air out of my Draft weekend, Josh. What did Fred G. Sanford call Lamont?

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