Lawsuit accuses Chris Culliver of threats, racial slur before arrest

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San Francisco 49ers cornerback Chris Culliver is accused of making threats and using a racial slur toward a 15-year-old boy before he was arrested and charged with hit-and-run and possession of brass knuckles.

According to, the boy’s family is suing Culliver, saying he struck the family’s SUV in his own car, and then called the 15-year-old boy a “low-life wetback.” Culliver is also accused of taking out brass knuckles and saying he would hurt the boy and his family if they didn’t get out of his way.

Culliver is also accused of striking a bicyclist with his car during the same incident.

The 25-year-old Culliver is best known for making anti-gay comments before the Super Bowl in 2013, prompting the 49ers to distance themselves from him. Culliver promised that he would learn from that incident. He has pleaded not guilty to the hit-and-run and brass knuckles charges.

44 responses to “Lawsuit accuses Chris Culliver of threats, racial slur before arrest

  1. Seemingly now, every incident involves a racial slur. It’s like law offices sent out a memo, “Always make sure to include a racial slur – that’ll add instant cred.”

  2. Brass knuckles???? Was Culliver on his way to meet PonyBoy and SodaPop at the rumble against the rich kids?

  3. This is an excellent opportunity for America and especially the minorities in America to prove that they’re not hypocrites. Sterling said a racial remark you rose up to demand this stop. Riley Cooper…. you demanded an end to racism. Chris Culliver, a black person, made a racist remark and you do what?

  4. I think Jim Harbaugh was really on to something last postseason when he said he wanted the Seahawks to win the Superbowl, leave no doubt and be above reproach.

    The Seahawks fulfilled their part of that deal, and now, his players wanted to really add some emphasis to that statement. So they started assaulting children, shooting people at parties, making bomb threats at airports, etc.

    Way to go, Santa Clara 49ers! You guys really are showing the rest of us how to win with class!


  5. Oh hey, Sweet Stuff Culliver is back in the news! The Niners are becoming the new Dolphins, or is that the new Broncos or the new Patriots or Steelers? I can’t keep up with all of the low character teams out there…

  6. Should have drafted Kyle Fuller before Jimmie Ward.

    Plenty of draft picks to do it and Ward probably would have been available in the 2nd round.


  7. I wait for the video/audio tape (like Riley and Sterling) to come out, or for him to be found guilty by a jury. An accusation isn’t hard evidence he’s a racist..

  8. So what is the lawsuit about? Calling his kid a racial name? I mean for all we know they could have called Culliver a racial name as well…while I think he is dumb and it hurts the image of the 49ers, its kind of he’s word against there’s. Was there other witnesses that agree with what the family was saying? Are the suing him because he is in the NFL? Kinda want to know so more facts before we decide to crucify him.

  9. Maybe Harbaugh has the 49ers trying to live up to their name and have 49 guys arrested or suspended this offseason…..

  10. Didn’t know you could get sued for allegedly using a racial slur.. though it’s he said, he said.. and it’s interesting to study brass knuckles laws in the U.S. vs gun laws, I guess it’s related to the presumed intent of the weapon.

  11. “Should have drafted Kyle Fuller before Jimmie Ward.

    Plenty of draft picks to do it and Ward probably would have been available in the 2nd round.


    IF they traded up in front of #14, they’d have to give up quite a haul. With what pick would you then take Ward later? No doubt SF’s first 2nd rounder is in that trade along with other pick(s). SF still needs a speedy WR too.

    I’d rather they move up in the 2nd when it won’t cost as much to secure a good/fast WR (i.e. Cody Latimer?) or another good corner. But then, I don’t really know, supposedly the draft is super deep at WR.

    A lot more picks to go, should be fun.

  12. What is going on with the Niners nowadays? I understand that each player is responsible only for his own actions, but with so many negative events this team and organization is starting to get a reputation. All of this adversity is gut check time for Jed York. Are you a real leader, or are you just a legacy? We shall see.

  13. I love Cully, can’t wait for him to be able to show the league he is a physical,nasty, lock down corner. His only bad game did come in the Super Bowl, but I don’t think anyone was gunna stop Boldin that night. Go Niners!

  14. People playing the reverse racism card, it is totally different when the one making the comment (or denying housing in Sterling’s case) is someone in power — not some under-educated fool like Chris Culliver.

  15. as a diehard 49ers fan, not by any stretch a culliver fan, imo he deserves full punishment for his despicable, violent actions. how can he dare plead not guilty with witnesses to it all? the guy is a bigot, and hateful of others who are different from himself. the poor guy is full of fear, anger and hate and is a danger to others, as his behavior has proven before, and again. unfortunately for him he deserves to have “the book thrown at him,” since he has obviously learned nothing from his past transgressions.

    suspension from the nfl should also follow.

  16. That’s all? He just called him a low life wetback? Good thing he didn’t tell him not to bring magic Johnson to clippers games or else there’d be high hell to pay!

  17. I’m sure the racial comment was offensive to the kid and his family. However the main story here, and the reason CC is facing felony criminal charges, is due to his hit-and-run of a bicyclist and subsequent actions while trying to flee the scene. IIRC the family was following him while on the phone with police, attempting to make sure he didn’t vanish before police were able to arrive.

    Dude has bigger problems to deal with than the civil suit.

  18. The cover up is worse than the crime. He hit a pedestrian. He should make sure the pedestrian is okay, and then the pedestrian may file a claim with his insurance company, and his rate may go up. But now he not only fails to get rid of the pedestrian’s insurance claim, he is facing a misdemeanor charge of hit and run and a felony charge of possessing brass knuckles, all because he wanted to cover up the original collision by running away.

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