Lovie Smith: Mike Glennon is our quarterback of the future


In the hours leading up to the start of the draft on Thursday night, Buccaneers quarterback Mike Glennon’s name came up as a rumored target of the Patriots in the event the Patriots traded current backup Ryan Mallett to the Texans.

Such a move would leave the Bucs without a backup to Josh McCown or a young quarterback to develop behind the veteran, although that’s the sort of thing they could take care of as the draft unfolds. They chose not to do that with the seventh overall pick, taking wide receiver Mike Evans at that spot, and coach Lovie Smith said after the first round that McCown was a player they still had big plans for down the road.

“There are a lot of good players, but it’s what’s best for us. Just talking about our quarterback position: our quarterback position is as strong as, to me, any quarterback position I’ve had when I’ve been a head coach,” Smith said. “You know how much I like Josh McCown as our starter here, but I love Mike Glennon. Mike Glennon is our quarterback of the future here. Why would we want to add a third quarterback to the mix? We needed other positions and forget just a quarterback position – yeah, we like it, but we thought this was the best available player for us. It was an easy decision for us.”

Derek Carr and Jimmy Garoppolo both spent time with the Buccaneers during the pre-draft process, so there are still options available to the Bucs if they want to change directions when it comes to their future quarterback. With other teams still looking for quarterbacks, it’s not the worst idea to play it cool if you want one of those players to make it to the sixth pick of the second round.

Should the second round pass without a quarterback joining the roster, there’s a pretty good chance Glennon will remain the quarterback of the future in Tampa.

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  1. The later part of the draft went perfect for my Bucs! With runs on secondary players, over drafted dlineman, and an over drafted WR (Benjamin) that leaves probably the top six on our boards from pick 22 and on…

  2. RIP the career of Mike Glennon in a lovie smith offense. nothing says future franchise qb than to benched in favor of a career back up. how hard can it be for him to learn how to hand off and throw a wr screen pass on third down?

  3. Considering he played pretty well when the team was without Doug Martin and Mike Williams , throwing for 19 touchdowns against only 9 picks, I agree that Glennon deserves time to grow into the starting QB role. He Bucs have too many holes elsewhere to use am early pick on a QB who may or may not be as good as Glennon anyway.

  4. Glennon has the skill set to develop into a classic pocket passer. Standing 6’6″ with a whip arm, he can throw the rock. I’ve been familiar with his game since he backed up Wilson at NCSU.

    He’s in a great spot to have Doug Martin and 2 prime WRs like VJax and Mike Evans. Those guys give any QB an advantage. That offense can be pretty good and the defense will be a Lovie Smith defense.

  5. I dont know why Glennon wouldn’t be the man of the future. He was amazing last year with no weapons and no offensive line ether. Im still a ferm believer that he should still be the starter,

  6. Thank god Glennon is staying with the Bucs. Could you imagine Glennon learning from Brady and Belichick? The patriots would dominate the NFL for another ten years.

  7. For sale: One QBOTF. Bought new for third round pick. One season of light use.

    Asking for second round pick OBO

  8. Good call Lovie. Glennon has room to grow and will only get better, and he did exceptionally well in a horrific situation. Good chance he ends up better than any QB drafted this year.

  9. The truth unfolds, Mike Glennon played good enough last year to earn a look this year. Glennon had an impressive calm about him, and he can audible. Josh Freeman couldn’t do that after 60 starts.

    Mike (Glennon) & Mike (Evans) will hopefully devolp into pro bowlers.

  10. Glennon wasn’t great last year, but he was certainly good enough to get a shot. He was always better in the first half than the second for some odd reason, but he had some great games–he was phenomenal in Seattle last year, but the team threw it away. He’s tall, has a big arm, and was most definitely poised under pressure, but had an annoying tendency to throw the ball too quick rather than waiting for things to develop. Still, it’s better than reaching for another developmental guy.

    At least we didn’t draft Manziel.

  11. This is posturing by Lovie Smith – he knows the NFL game well. Only he knows the future of Glennon. I will believe that Smith is telling the truth if (1) he does not draft a QB and (2) he does not trade for a QB. Then we know for at least this year Glennon is QB of the future. Now if McCown plays badly and Glennon is forced back in, and things go haywire, then that will be the end.

    Just note – the last five games Glennon had a QBR of 75 or less, and as low as 40 in one game. His better games were his first half dozen starts where is QBR exceeding 100 a few times. It is because other teams (from tape) figured out his weaknesses and exploited them (throws off his back foot when rushed is the obvious one).

  12. Lennon was thrown into an unstable situation last year, withe a horrible coach, weak I-line, and injuries to rbs, and wrs. He did a great job given the circumstance, and deserves an opportunity to sit and be groomed by a smart veteran like McCown so he can succeed. I’m usually not optimistic when it comes to the Bucs, but Glennon is going to be a very good qb for a long time.

  13. Long time Bear’s fan here, since mid 70’s as I’m old.

    Lovie’s 9 seasons with the Bears unfolded as follows:

    Only once in 9 yrs was he over .500 for two consecutive seasons.

    From his Super Bowl season of 13 wins, they followed it up like this

    13 wins down to
    7 wins
    9 wins
    7 wins
    11 wins
    8 wins
    10 wins

    So, to recap, he went down, then up, then down, then up, then down and then up again in those seasons listed above.

    A TRUE roller coaster. Other than the one time when he had two seasons in a row over .500, it was all UP and then Down.

    No consistency.

    Oh, 3 playoff seasons in 9 years too and only once in the last 6 yrs.

    As a Bears fan, when they had a winning season, a good year, we KNEW that the VERY NEXT season was NOT going to be a good one.

    We couldn’t get excited about an upcoming season after the Bears did well because the Lovie Coaster was on the way down.

  14. Here is MORE info on Lovie and QB’s and his offense.

    “But Chicago’s offense has basically remained the same under four offensive coordinators and eight different starting quarterbacks in the nine-year Lovie Smith era. So who’s to blame?”

    So, in NINE (9) seasons, old Lovie had EIGHT (8) different starting QB’s…

    In NINE (9) seasons, old Lovie had FOUR (4) different Offensive Coordinators…

    Can’t argue as these are facts, in the history books already…

    Lovie had a LOT of QB’s of the future with the Bears. I hope Mike Glennon doesn’t feel all warm and fuzzy when he read these quotes from Lovie.

    Also, I hope Glennon realizes that all the studying he’ll do on the playbook will be tossed out the window in a year or two when Lovie fires the offensive coordinator and Glennon has to start all over learning a new system…

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