Mike Pouncey just had to go there, didn’t he


As the Dolphins try to move beyond last year’s scandal that caused them to blow up their offensive line, the one part they’re building around just won’t let them move on cleanly.

After the Dolphins drafted Tennessee tackle Ja’Waun James 19th overall, Dolphins center Mike Pouncey welcomed his new teammate in a way Richie Incognito would have approved.

[tweet https://twitter.com/MikePouncey/statuses/464593354207268865]

If you want to give Pouncey an extreme benefit of the doubt, you could believe he was just making a joke.

But after the bullying scandal that caused them to trade Jonathan Martin away and part ways with Incognito, you’d have thought it might have occurred to Pouncey that it was not the time to make that particular joke.

It was at least ill-considered and poorly executed. At worst, it was tone-deaf or stupid, possibly both.

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  1. The last guy to think that football players are smart just threw in the towel.

  2. Actually the Dolphins have a longstanding tradition where the offense goes out for manicures and boutique shopping during OTAs. It’s adorable.

  3. Everyone these days a too sensitve but at the same time Pouncey is under a microscope and should have learned someting from last years mess. He’s a hard guy to like. If only he played as well as he ran his mouth.

  4. Am I the only one who thinks that is funny as hell? It’s a joke, and moving on from a serious situation is a process. There is no reason humor can’t be part of it.

  5. Considering what went on down there, not a smart thing to say publicly.

  6. Well played Pouncey. He knows the Fins are the worst organization in sports.
    He doesn’t want to be franchised or resign.

    GO BIG BLUE!!!

  7. Based upon his past, I don’t think this is a joke. Pouncey did many of the same things Incognito was accused of, and this shows the culture in Miami has NOT changed.

  8. Love it!!! Everyone just needs to lighten up it is just a JOKE!!! So the Rookie has to foot the bill for dinner so what ALL teams have been doing this for years!!! So 1 year got out of hand lesson learned laugh & MOVE ON!!! GO FINS!!!

  9. True, not a good time to joke about it.

    Some boys just still want to be boys even though their age number goes up. Its a shame that grown men are considered boys.. classic example!!

  10. Twitter has been the worst thing ever invented for the modern day athlete! Not only do they say stupid ish like this, but fans can harass them at no end and obviously, the media is watching their every word!

    It was no doubt a stupid thing to say, but I guarantee you he was joking as he put the LOL at the end so the media really needs to stop overreacting to what athletes say on twitter!

    What matters more is what they actually say to the media in an interview or press conference, that’s the Real News – the True News, but our society loves the freakin drama! So the Media reports on that for dealing ratings!

    I’m going to lol to that, just like Pouncey! LOL

  11. I think it’s hilarious for relative shock value, and made you ninnies all miz about it. Rookie hazing happens and will continue to happen. Get over it sissies

  12. You don’t change a culture overnight. There are still a bunch of bully’s on the team.

  13. I see nothing wrong with that statement…all first round picks will be buying their position crew something…EVERY first rounder does it… It was a joke… I swear we’re looking for some type of drama to latch onto all for the sake of saying it…Indeed…

  14. I consider myself one of the most devote Dolphins Fans…Pouncey is without common sense! If he wasn’t so good, I bet everyone would be slamming him and begging the Front Office to part ways. How embarrassing! If I ran the Team, I would make sure not one player ever Tweets a thing until they leave Miami! Facebook and Twitter- nothing good ever comes from it.

  15. Kind of a catch-22. Pouncey is felony stupid and we have enough incidents now to know he’s just not a good guy.

    However, on the bright side, the anguish and stomach acid this causes their incompetent coach and clueless owner forces me to give it two resounding thumbs up. Well done!!!

  16. I think it’s way past time the rookies start telling the “upperclassmen” to shove it.

  17. “We all can get caught up in certain things, and you go with it. But I think he’s an outstanding young man.” –Stephen Ross, Dolphins owner

  18. You people want vicious between the lines & the perfect gentleman outside…your expectations are way too high if you expect every player to pull that miracle off.

    Go watch baseball…

  19. I’m glad they picked up his ’15 option. Because I want them spending the next two years finding his replacement. He is an embarrassment to the Dolphins organization and to human beings…

  20. Right on, Mr. Gantt…and…oh, Mr. Pouncey, do you really think that willl help your PSYCH EVAL???

    As they say in Israel and Brooklyn: oy vey!

  21. 99% of athletes who think they are funny need to realize they are not funny. Jokes with your coworkers are not for public consumption. The head coach should try to put Pouncey in his place. Then again, he doesn’t know what goes on his locker room.

  22. Wow, relax everybody. It’s Friday. Got news for you, the 1st round rookies are at least taking the Vets out for a nice, but expensive, dinner. That’s just called fitting in with your new temmates. No Code Red’s being distributed here.

  23. Pouncey should have been gone a long time ago! If Pouncey continues any attempt at the neanderthal practice of hazing, then one can only hope Ja’Waun James comes in and does what Dolphins management has failed to do. Shut Pouncey up & put him on his ass.

  24. Reason #9,134,567,891,012,345,678 for why most smart players either don’t have a twitter account or let someone else manage it for them.

  25. I can’t believe not one person pointed out he still has to go through counseling before he can get on the field and he faces possible game day suspensions .Taunting the commissioner is STUPID. We need to draft a center.

  26. Ha Ha.. Dysfunctional organization.. Ignorant players.. That’s what happens when you don’t clean house from the top down.. Message received.. Status quo alive and well at Miami..

  27. You know, the thing is this kid has a twin brother playing center for Pittsburgh. You never hear a peep from his brother or any negative gossip about him. And he is probably a lot like his brother, good or bad.

    You have to think Miami has some deep issues.

  28. I don’t think he “Gets It”. I’m sure his bosses are concerned with this tweet. It shows immaturity, and lack of common sense. It makes you wonder about his character especially after it’s well known he and his brother were close friends with the killer in Boston, Hernandez.

  29. Whether it’s true or not, and whether he was joking or not, it’s just flat-out stupid. No self-awareness. Maybe he’ll hire me to be his pr consultant…

  30. Maybe he’ll buy you a re-up on your lawyers retainer fees… you’re going to probably need it sooner than later.

  31. Don’t be surprised if the Dolphins draft a center at some point in this draft. Pouncey’s trade value is still high and the Dolphins should consider going in a different direction.

  32. Dolphins had one of the worst offensive line units in football last year… and if you put him on 31 of 32 teams in the league, he’d be the starting center. Comments like this will be painfully tolerated.

  33. The financial hazing should be a bigger concern than the psychological hazing, considering all the financial problems these professional athletes have.

  34. guyizzo says: May 9, 2014 12:40 PM
    … and if you put him on 31 of 32 teams in the league, he’d be the starting center.

    32 of 32

  35. great satire cartoon for this..

    Obi-wan Kenobi :

    Luke : “Ben! What’s wrong?”

    Obi-wan : “I felt a great disturbance in the force.. as if the collective front office of the Miami Dolphins /facepalmed all at the same time….”

  36. Ja’waun won’t run home to mommy and he will become part of a vastly improved O line anchored by a really good center.

    The PC crowd will have zero effect on the O line. The real morons and scumbags are those who look for excuses to trash someone to make themselves feel superior. They are the losers who have accomplished nothing and desperately seek some notice.

    Funny, sarcastic tweet. A comment on the over-hyped and blown-out-of-all-proportion media circus.

  37. From most any player, this would probably just be a tacky joke and one that everyone could forget.

    But this is from a player on a team that had a bullying scandal last year that decimated it’s offensive line corps.

    This is from a player on that self-same offensive line corps who should clearly have seen how that statement would be inflammatory at this time when coming from a Dolphins player, especially one still a member of the O-line unit.

    And this is from a player who may still come to be in some degree of hot water with the feds for the activities he and his brother were party to with Aaron Hernandez from their collegiate days.

    And that’s what is scary. While the statement at face value is simple weak humor and crass, when put in context it shows that Pouncey is not a man who will hear a wake up call and change his ways.

    Not even when his career with the league or at least with the team could be at risk with any serious misstep on the topic of the treatment of his teammates.

    Not even while his freedom is still at risk with the ongoing federal investigation into just what he and his brother were ever involved with when they hung out with Aaron Hernandez.

    If I were still associated with the question of possible murders, attempted murder, and the trafficking of guns across state lines, yeah, I’d zip it firmly.

    If I were associated with a league-wide scandal regarding the harassment of a team-mate, I’d zip it firmly.

    But I’m not Mike Pouncey and thank god for that. This kid puts so little thought into what he should be thinking of, he might not survive to reach thirty. He’ll die crossing a street without looking for oncoming traffic.

  38. Stephen the magnificent Ross will form a committee to handle it.

    Go Stephen Go.

  39. Everybody has opinions, some of them do tend to be rather long winded and a few even read a like a full psychology report. Mike Pouncey is a young football player if he plays well and does not do anything really stupid everything will be OK. He does things i don’t like but so do a lot of people and who am i to judge.

  40. Yet Ray Rice beats the crap out of his Wife and it’s hush hush after a few days. Big deal he made a joke, if you concerned about a grown man getting “bullied” and was doing the same exact things to others yet you have nothing to say about wife beaters maybe you need to get your priorities straight.

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