New England’s Manziel scouting report reportedly is leaked

The New England Patriots took a long look at some of the top quarterbacks in the 2014 draft.  Regarding Johnny Manziel, they reportedly didn’t like what they saw very much. claims that it has obtained the Patriots’ scouting report on Manziel, and the entire thing has been posted online.

It looks legitimate, and it expresses various worries about Manziel’s off-field habits, including a somewhat bizarre reference to “outlaw bloodlines.”  The report also describes Manziel as a “spoiled brat” who gets an allowance from his grandfather and whose father bought him a luxury car.

From a football standpoint, Texas Tech sources told the Patriots that coaches “can’t yell/scream at him or he shuts down; has walked away from [former Texas A&M offensive coordinator Kliff] Kingsbury in the past,” and that Manziel doesn’t study the game.

If the report is legitimate (and if it’s counterfeit it’s an excellent job), the question becomes how it surfaced.  It reportedly came from “an anonymous tipster, who is close to BroBible family,” a description that seems to be a bit inconsistent.

Within the NFL, speculation (and to be clear, it’s just speculation) has arisen that the leaking of the scouting report bears in some way, shape, or form the fingerprints of former Browns G.M. Mike Lombardi, who was fired by Cleveland and hired by New England.  Lombardi’s motivation, if the speculation is accurate, would be to make the Browns look bad for taking Manziel.

It’s an obvious starting point for the Patriots and/or the NFL if/when this is investigated.  It’s so obvious that we have a hard time believing Lombardi had anything to do with it.

The far better theory would be that someone within the Patriots organization who doesn’t like Lombardi leaked it simply to create a hassle for Lombardi, which this situation undoubtedly will.

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  1. New England is completely correct.

    Johny will be a complete bust.

    Teddy Bridgewater is a more accurate and bigger Russell Wilson.

    Teddy Bridgewater = top 5 QB this year.

  2. You’re overthinking it. Someone saw an opportunity to post it because it is Manziel. It’s critical of him and it’s very interesting, that’s all. No conspiracy.

  3. “Different than any guy we have had, but an upgrade over Tebow.”

    First half of the sentence made it sound like it was going to end up as a compliment, didn’t it?

  4. That’s the phoniest looking write up I’ve ever seen. No way that’s real.

  5. We already knew all this about manziel. It was obvious. But I think the rite nfl team can mold him into a star qb. Change him into being serious about being an nfl qb which takes A LOT!

  6. With Dumbardi’s track record, he is wrong more times than not. Lets hope it was his scouting report. Guy is a football moron.

  7. It has already been debunked up here. The Pats scouting department uses a different grading system.

    Also, the “tipster” shopped the story around to other men’s or sports blogs. Barstool boston was offered it for $5,000. Turned it down because it was fake.

  8. This is the stat that jumped off the page at me- went to 4 out of 32 OTAS and knows 60 percent of the play book. That is a huge huge red flag, he will divide the locker room and be an ego maniac. He clearly has never been told no in his life or held to any sense of accountability that the greats Russell, Bree’s, Brady Manning hold themselves to daily. Which is a shame because he has immense talent, but Cleveland cannot let him play until he earns it because if he steps on the field week 1 he will be a bust of Russell and leaf proportions. Not because of his skill, but because of his attitude. That will turn the locker room against him in an instant if good old espn salivating over him doesn’t

  9. LET ME GET THIS STRAIGHT…you have SPECULATED that this report is legit, that its not legit, that its from Lombardi, and that its not from Lombardi? Sounds about right…

  10. Didn’t the Patriots have an accused murderer on their team for awhile?

    Kill as many people as you want but don’t talk back to the coach. LOL this is just silly.

  11. As a 49er fan, you just need to take a deep breath and look what they said about The Lord of Green Bay, Brett Farv-a-rah!

    Heck, out man Namieth would never have been drafted. It’s all a crap shoot. Johnny boy will grow up, the question is when he gets a Navarro Bowman type hit, will he get up and excel…. Time will tell.

    Best of luck to the kid. I hope this has been a learning experience and time will tell.

  12. Always believe everything you read on the internet, especially from a top tier site called BroBible. ROFL!

  13. Well everybody and their grandmother knew about his character so this isnt surprising..he will have to grow up fast in the afc north, tough division.

  14. It is completely fake. The Patriots to not use that type of grading scale. 100% fake. See reports from Jeff Howe of the Boston Herald and Christopher Price of WEEI. They break it down.

  15. Let’s not forget that turd Lombardi is in the New England front office now. There’s a 99.99999% chance he leaked this to try and get back at the Browns for (rightfully) canning his ass.

  16. “It looks legitimate,”

    It looks LEGITIMATE?? This has been debunked… hard.

    How are you allowed to practice law in this country??

  17. Also, the name of the site is “” I know, I know, tough to dispute their impeccable reputation.

  18. One can ask which is more idiotic- the leaking of this report or Jimmy Haslam going with a homeless guy’s recommendation for the most important position in professional sports over a $100,000 analysis, which he paid for, that told him Bridgewater had the best chance for success.

    I supposed it doesn’t really matter now.

    Cleveland is as Cleveland does.

  19. That’s weird…. That’s almost exactly my impression, and I did no scouting at all.

  20. Haha! This is literally the dumbest thing I’ve seen in a while. This was created in some dude’s basement. How in the name of Zeus does it “look legitimate”? Because there’s a Patriots logo on it? Good luck with your credibility!

  21. Whether it’s legit or just looks legit or was completely fabricated in someone’s basement, let’s all be honest here…..are you really surprised at anything that was on it?

  22. Dumbturdi really can’t help himself. Craves attention. Back stabber.
    Fired six times; working hard on number seven!

  23. Put a name on it and I’ll believe it. I loathe the Pats as much as the next guy but no way they wrote this and let it get out. Any blogger or casual fan could have put together those observations. The kid did still win the Heisman. That counts for something. The real story here is Brady is on his way out and Bill is drafting worse every year. Delete all this PFT but it’s true.


  24. No matter where it came from and who generated it, it’s 100% true.

    As for an investigation, why? Look at all the lies and anonymous crap spread around about players that hurt their draft status. Johnny has always had the benefit of doubt on his side and he’s never deserved it.

    The media campaign had him going #1 when he had 3rd rd talent. If you wanna investigate, go after the vicious lies told about 90% of the other top players.

  25. Fake.

    That is not the Patriots logo, they’ve had a different one for a couple years. That is also not how the team creates their draft grades.

    And poorly written too. Joe Average fan might write “he’s an upgrade over Tebow” but not a genuine professional football scout.

  26. Regardless of whatever the sports are, if a kid has above average talent, he/she will be pampered. It starts at the high school level then into the college level, sometimes even into the pro level {RGIII}
    Most everything the above article mentioned about Manziel is a matter of public knowledge so nothing new to report here.
    Manziel may have talented, but he is also a pampered, boisterous loud mouth jackass who feels like the rules weren’t meant for him {on and off the field} Whatever defense he faces each week they will surely be keyed in on him. If he can’t live up to his own self promoted hype he will become a cancer in the locker room.

  27. If it was leaked before the draft, then it could be New England’s attempt to try to make teams pass on him so the Pats can pick him. New England wound up picking Jimmy Garopollo, which means they were serirously interested in a QB. In contrast, Houston, and San Fran, for example, did not pick a QB in the first 3 rounds. I would have been surprised if New England passed up on Manziel if he was available when it was New England’s turn to pick.

  28. My only concern is what he does on the field! Will any team get its monies worth out of him? He has earned the opportunity to prove himself!

  29. I think some of their observations about Manziel could be said for many other prospects in the draft. There is some growing up to do for sure but there is no denying his talent and ability to make plays.

    Look for him to carve up the Patriots some day.

  30. I guess all other 31 teams new nothing all about this just New England. If this was all true this guy would still be on the board today with Zach Mettenberg.

  31. …”and that Manziel doesn’t study the game.”

    This is the most damning piece of intel, if true.

    What do Russell Wilson and Drew Brees have in common? They both study film and tendencies religiously.

    If the Patriots are correct, the Browns just seriously overspent on Manziel

  32. Best of luck, Johnny! Not everyone wants you to fail. You were an exciting player to watch and I hope the trend continues!

  33. Why do you think Manziel was sliding, Only the Browns can find the worst QB to pick. Add other one to the Browns QB list. What’s that 15 in the last 7 years and counting

  34. Everyone loves to hate our patriots, because you’re mad that none of your teams can beat them. Which team NEVER misses the playoffs, the pats. Who has a chance at the superbowl EVERY YEAR, the pats. It’s obviously a fake, but the info is true. Manziel was born with a ton of silver spoons up his butt. Manziel would never last in new england. They don’t put up with that show boating crap. Not one single team but the pats could get chad johnson to ever shut up.

  35. None of the NFL teams knows who is going to be good and who is going to fail. It’s all about making an educated guess based on what you think you know about a player.

    Five years from now, how many players from this draft will still be in the league? Is it less than half?

    Nobody knows if Manziel is going to be good or not. Think about it. Did the Patriots know Brady was going to be a superstar QB who would give them over 15 years of HOF caliber play. No they did not. That’s why they drafted him so late. He was an afterthought. They got lucky with Brady.

    Oh yes, it was luck. Look at how many QBs they have drafted since over the years which did not work out.

  36. The real issue here is will the Browns fully commit to the style of football Manziel excels at playing or will they try to make him fit their mold of what they want their quarterback to be?

    History and recent events say that Hoyer or Manziel is destined for failure.

    I can’t see the Browns playing what amounts to sandlot football.

    With the injury to Burleson and the looming suspension of Gordon, any sane person would have assumed the Browns would have done something to address a sudden lack of talent at wide receiver. Yet, the Browns did absolutely nothing.

    If the reports about Gordon’s suspension are true and the Browns did know about it 2 weeks ago are accurate, doesn’t that indicate the Browns basically set themselves up for failure and intentionally threw away yet another season?

    I feel bad for Cleveland fans, I really do. Just when it appears that someone has finally got the team headed in a positive direction they take yet another broad-side hit.

    Oh well, at least the 2015 draft should be fun for Cleveland. It looks like they will have two top 10 picks and possibly 2 of the top 5.

  37. lol all this blabber about lombardi doing something that brings discredit to the patriots for his own personal vendetta..
    We are talking about hoodies organization here, if there is any any any truth to this(I cannot imagine it) then BB pulled the trigger on it.
    Does anyone actually think that his staff would do this without him allowing it? lol

  38. If nothing else we know its a fake since there is no way a scout would say on one line that he loves football and has a high football iq…. and then later says he’s lazy, didn’t watch film, and only knew 60% of the offense.

  39. Hopefully it is real and Johnny M realizes he has to change these serious charactor and accountability issues, or it will be an NFL ( Not For Long) career for him!

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