Patriots draft quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo in the second round


Quarterback isn’t a need for the New England Patriots, but they took one in the second round anyway.

With the 62nd overall pick in the 2014 NFL draft, the Patriots selected Eastern Illinois quarterback Jimmy Garoppolo.

Obviously, Garoppolo won’t see the field as long as Tom Brady is healthy, but the Patriots apparently think Garoppolo has the kind of talent that’s worth a shot late in the second round. Garoppolo has a good arm and was extremely productive against second-tier competition in college, and the Patriots believe he can be developed.

The biggest question for the Patriots now may be whether backup quarterback Ryan Mallett will go on the trade block. Mallett is heading into the final year of the rookie contract he signed as a third-round pick in 2011, and the Patriots may trade him to a place where he’d actually get the opportunity to play.

As for Garoppolo, he’ll have an opportunity to learn while backing up one of the most accomplished quarterbacks in NFL history.

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  1. We all know belichick watches a lot of video… but… this is another bad call.

  2. I’m going to be fairly stunned if Mallett isn’t dealt. They just spent a 2nd round pick on a QB when they arguably had bigger immediate needs elsewhere. Curious if they were looking at the TE’s but the value wasn’t there for the pick. There were some offensive line options that could provide depth. More DL help wouldn’t have been the worst thing, since everyone knows Wilfork and/or Kelly aren’t there for long.

    I’m also going to be fairly surprised if Mallett isn’t dealt to Bill O’Brien and the Texans. That’s the most logical move. I’d be fairly curious if O’Brien and Co. were waiting on Garoppolo, or if they were waiting to see if Belichick could get Garoppolo and allow for Mallett to be dealt.

  3. They whiffed on this pick. Those Blue Staters at Patriots headquarters THOUGHT they were drafting Janeane Garofalo.

  4. There were a lot better players on the board that could have had an immediate impact on the team. This kid is a developmental pick and the second round is not a place to take someone like that with Brady’s career nearing the end. They better have a good trade lined up for Mallett. I just don’t understand it at all

  5. Kids got small hands even the espn guys where going on about it he better learn how to protect the ball cause man some pass rusher coming off the edge is going to see the kid as a walking strip sack

  6. There seem to be a long line of QB’s selected to be developed behind Tom Brady.
    Have any amounted to anything special after the Patriots traded them?

  7. Pftstory, please tell me the long line of QB’s that the pats have drafted to learn from Brady?? Huh what’s that?? Oh yeah that’s because it’s only 2 . Nice try though.

  8. the patriots will be screwed when tom retires. they’ll be the new oakland raiders with a very long playoff drowt.

  9. If Im Tom Brady, all Im thinking is this wont help us win a 4th SuperBowl before Im done.

    I really dont see the point of investing such an important asset in that position for them. Tom Brady will probably still be playing at the end of Garoppolo’s rookie contract.

    I think the Broncos approach is better; all in with Manning and do everything to win a ring before its over.

  10. @thevikesarebest

    The REAL question is, have the Vikings won a Superbowl since ever?

  11. With the high salaries attached to drafted players gone, the rounds really don’t matter much as far as I’m concerned. If the player you want is there, get him before he’s gone, draft picks in rounds 1-7 flame out all the time do what difference does it make where he’s picked. Paging jMarcus Russell, Ryan leaf, and countless other busts. Get the players you want and need. Who cares what round he’s in.

  12. How many Super bowls have the Vikings won since spygate? ZERO! How many Super Bowls have the Vikings won? EVER? ZERO? Holy cow what a pathetic franchise, with pathetic fans. LMAO!!!!

  13. Mysteriously, the Texans draft looks a lot like what the Patriots would have wanted to do. Once they took Nix, Belichick went Garrapolo, and now they work out a trade package that involves Mallet and Nix.

  14. Mallett will stay this year in case of injury to Brady and give more time for Garoppollo to develop …. look for a trade early next year or during the 2015 draft

  15. Got that backwards. Pats went Garrapolo then Texans went Nix, so Pats traded their 3rd rounder. There still may be a trade.

    Odd that O’Brien is telling people he wants a big strong fast tough smart football team (duh). That’s a Belichick quote.

  16. You could put a gun to my head and I couldn’t bring myself to call this a worthwhile pick. It’s terrible on every level. The team improves zero for 2014 with zero guarantee that he could ever fill Brady’s shoes. Just awful.

  17. Hoodie will do what he does with his castaways.. train them just a little bit…. make them look good for a trade, then trade them for players.

    Hoodie knows how to spot players… and fools.

  18. @ lanman

    Pats went Garoppolo at 62. Could be why Texans took the Gronk Clone at 65.

    Probably not why Texans took the monster Nix at 83 to put between JJ and Clowney though. So taking Nix didn’t trigger this…..Bad take.

    But Beli did just school BOB one more time. Or at least Rick smith. “Want Mallet? Sure. OK, who should we start grooming when we give you Mallet? Jimmy G you say. OK, now I’ve got them both. Got any all-world wide receivers that want to win a SB before they retire – so I can pair them with Brady for his last couple of years? See if you can renegotiate his contract first, and give me a call… ”

    Texans got screwed.

  19. Oh man Bill Belichick is at it again. He’s always ahead of the rest of the league. No one has ever mastered the two quarterback “deuces” system the hoodie is about to unveil.

    Then again, no one put laces on the football til Bill did it either!

    -Boston media

  20. You know that the Pats did their research and have plenty of film on this guy like they do everything else!

  21. So there was no one available to fill a need that could help them win now?

    Are we sure Belichick didn’t say, “I going to vacation in the Gallapagos?”

    And then there is Easley. This kid blew out both his ACLs in college.

    I remain suitably concerned.

  22. thewiseowloftruth says:
    May 9, 2014 10:38 PM
    ESPN keeps saying he’s the highest QB New England has drafted since Tom Brady. Apparently they’ve never heard of Ryan Mallet.

    24 46
    Uh,Wise Owl. I think what they are saying is that Garofalo is the highest quarterback the Patriot’s have selected since Drew Bledsoe. And that’s true. Ryan Mallett was selected in the third round and Tom Brady wasn’t selected until the sixth round.

  23. Jimmy G will likely be the heir apparent to Brady there. Hate to say it, but he’s going into a good situation for a young QB . No pressure to start right away, learning from Brady, being coached by Belichick, and playing for a franchise that, while despised by many, is a consistent contender. Smart move by NE.

  24. Bill is getting senile. Has to have that head scratcher pick like Tavon Wilson. Brady must be pissed about a tight end.

  25. So the Patriots wanted Bortles and they settled on Greasy Jimmy G!! There is one true QB in the AFC East and his his name is EJ “The Man” Manuel!! Go BILLS!!

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