Report: Burleson breaks arm again


The Browns continue to not address a need at receiver that, as it turns out, is a bigger deal than previously believed.

In addition to the suspension receiver Josh Gordon reportedly is facing, receiver Nate Burleson broke his arm during a recent minicamp practice, according to Chris Mortensen of ESPN.

It’s the same arm Burleson broke in an auto accident that occurred when Burleson, as he told the story, was trying to keep pizza from falling from the passenger seat of his car.  He’s expected to miss the rest of the offseason program.

A 12-year veteran, Burleson signed with the Browns after being cut after the 2013 season by the Lions.  He also has played for the Vikings and Seahawks.


63 responses to “Report: Burleson breaks arm again

  1. Burleson sucks. Ever since he failed to be the replacement for Randy Moss he’s had this attitude like he’s a greater player than he really is. Every time the dude gets a first down he acts like he won the Super Bowl.

  2. You know there’s a problem when your #1 WR is Greg Little.

    Johny Manziel will be considered a bust now because he has no weapons around him.

    I actually sympathize for him.

    The factory of sadness lives on.

  3. When the sun comes out in Cleveland, the Browns instinctively falter. You feel bad. It really is a curse.

  4. this is disappointing. but the draft isnt over yet. take a wr with your next pick.

  5. All of a sudden Hoyer is rethinking the whole “I’m the starting QB” thing and has told the team that maybe its not a bad idea if Manziel starts.

  6. You know about these problems at receivers spot and u still don’t take a receiver in the first 3 rounds. You guys r really that stupid but what do u expect its Cleveland

  7. finsphan says:
    May 9, 2014 11:04 PM
    They should give Miami a call, they are 6 deep at WR after drafting Landry.

    how’d that work out for cleveland last time, see davone bess.

  8. I hope the just give Manziel a clipboard & let him learn for the year. It’s not worth sending him out there & ruining his confidence if he has no one to throw to

  9. Well im glad we let him walk..and i dont mean that in a bad way, Burleson was a good player in dtown and i hate to see this.

  10. As Vince Lombardi would say, ‘what the hell is going on here’?

    The Browns just can t get a break unless it’s a bone.

  11. As soon as The Browns were on the up turning the corner Things come Crashing! down you guys are truly cursed. I honestly feel sorry for Cleveland.

  12. The Manziel Money-Fingers Curse: every time Manziel makes the money-fingers sign from here on out, something bad will happen to his team. Watch.

  13. This is why the Browns were a C or B- grade team.

    Your best WR is facing trouble and you won’t secure yourself with at least two WRs???

    Plus, Justin Gilbert is not that good.

  14. What a bummer, just when you think they have a chance to turn the corner. The hard part is that is the risk you take when you draft a guy like Gordon. He was crazy fun to watch last season, and it’s sad he can’t get his head on straight.

  15. When I see,”What do you expect,it’s Cleveland”,I think to myself that I expect the same thing that every football fan does of their team. I expect what 19 other teams have done and that is to win a Super Bowl. We don’t feel sorry for our team or ourselves,we’re appreciative of having a franchise,even one that is not elite. The fact that despite approving the team to move to Baltimore,the NFL thought enough of the fanbase and its loyalty,that the entity known as the Browns was kept in trust so that the franchise could be reborn.Didn’t see that with the Rams,Raiders,Cardinals,Colts or Oilers,so I expect the fans to keep supporting the team and the team to work to win.

  16. Well Browns fans, look at it this way… the Browns will most likely have 2 Top 10 picks in the 2015 draft.

    Not that it will mean all that much, but since you already know how the 2014 season will pan out at least there is something to look forward to.

    Factory of Sadness… working overtime again !!!

  17. I always comment how this guy is always flapping his gums to the media, but this second arm break is really too bad. Hope he recovers.

  18. The Browns will never have any success until Cleveland decides to drop their hard feelings toward Baltimore and Art Modell. It is senseless to harbor such bad feelings for so long. The Baltimore fans suffered for 14 years with out a team after Bob Irsay sneaked out of town with the Colts name and logo. At least Cleveland got to keep its Brown’s name. I was a diehard Colts fan for many years. We did not take anything from Cleveland . Grow up Cleveland. Maybe your luck will change.

  19. You think the Browns would have taken Stevie Johnson for a low round pick when they swapped first rounders with the Bills.

  20. This is like a nightmare.

    We pass on Watkins
    Draft Manziel
    Gordon is suspended
    Our mediocre number 2 WR breaks his arm

    There is no telling how many years The Browns have taken off of my life.

  21. How you don’t grab Sammy Watkins is beyond my comprehension. However, they are having a good draft, have added some pretty good free agents prior, and as some of you mentioned, the draft isn’t over yet (rounds 4-7 can yield amazing talent at wide receiver). Plus, sometimes great talent doesn’t always come in the way of a draft pick.

    T.J. Houshmandzadeh (round 7)

    Danny Amendola (undrafted)

    Miles Austin (undrafted)

    I’d also like to throw it out there, that adding another free agent by the name of Miles Austin (above), might be a good idea (maybe an insurance policy or better) until the Nate Burleson “pizza saga”, and the Josh Gordon “wacky tobacco project” get sorted out.

  22. Listen friends. Nate broke the same arm as the accident which means it wasn’t set right. A pin or rod will go in and the arm will be stronger than ever. In this offense, a big possession receiver will be needed. Heal quick.

  23. Feel sorry for the Browns fan base, great fans!
    If you lose J.Gordon for the year is a killer.

    Then losing Nate prob won’t hurt that bad but he is a good #3 wr. He is a stand up team 1st kinda guy.

    Best of luck to you Browns fans in the future.

  24. Since it was during organized team activities this time, Burleson will still get paid. You above all seem to laugh at poor Nate, but how about your All-World receiver probably picking up a one year suspension, without pay? Make all the pizza jokes you want. Gordon is a complete moron.

  25. Has anyone actually CONFIRMED that Gordon is done for the year yet? I see lots of speculation but no confirmation. His agent is denying it.

    If it was true, I’d have to imagine that they would have either taken Watkins or gotten Stevie Johnson from the Bills in that trade. No one is that dumb. Hell, even if Gordon ISN’T suspended, you only had ONE quality WR. No one has ever said ‘oh no, look how inept that front office is, they have so many quality weapons on offense!’

  26. Browns, you blew it…years from now, Sammy Watkin will play at a high level like Megatron while your first rounder will be bagging grocery.

  27. Manziel has a chance to be great for Cleveland. GREAT. If Tom Brady has WR weapons taken away, what does he do? He throws to unkowns and wins with them. Don’t say Manziel cannot do the same. He can, and he will. Hopefully…

  28. Burleson is one of the primary NFL players that showboats when he scores or his catch results in a first down. I’ll be happy when he is no longer in the league making a fool of himself. He’s an embarrassment to the league!

  29. He was trying to switch pizza for pot for his team mate Gordon when they broke his arm fighting for the pot. Burleson is a good WR and the Browns are lucky to have him. Class act too. I was kidding about the pot thing. It was just a little rub on Gordon.

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