Report: Cowboys seeking to move up in Round Two


While the Cowboys passed on defensive help in Round One, it appears defense will be a Dallas priority on the draft’s second day.

Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports the Cowboys “are looking to make a big move up” in Round Two. The Cowboys, Rapoport said, are targeting talent for the front seven of their defense.

The Cowboys have one pick in each of the next four rounds, including the 15th pick in the second round (No. 47 overall). They also have six seventh-round picks, three of which can be traded (Nos. 229, 231 and 238).

The Cowboys took Notre Dame offensive lineman Zach Martin with the No. 16 overall pick on Thursday night.

20 responses to “Report: Cowboys seeking to move up in Round Two

  1. Plenty of good d.linemen left, ealy, lawrence, critchon, jernigan, nix, haggeman. Just a matter of who they have that’s noticeably higher rated than the rest of them to warrant a trade up.

  2. The Minnesota Vikings Dynasty Begins …

    Teddy Bridgewater 2014 Rookie of the year / MVP

    We become the first team to ever win a Super Bowl with a rookie QB.


  3. Rapport has been wrong on every level of Cowboys draft, sounds like a good source. He probably listened to the Draft Show.

  4. IMO Jerry blew it again. Just like he did with Randy Moss years ago. He didn’t need a player to make his Defense better or Offense stronger. He needed a game changer who would transform the mediocre culture of his team. That guy was Johnny Manzeil! He would immediately make Romo scared to death. Ditto with Jason Garrett. And he would have excited the heck out of everyone else on that team and the fans. And here’s the kicker. The kid doesn’t know how to lose or be dull. He’s the real deal! He was the very change agent Jerry dreamed about. And he probably let mediocre hacks talk him down from it. Too Bad!

  5. Drafting John Manziel would have been a horrific football decision. Romo is the team’s QB for the next 3 years because of his contract.

  6. Seahawks will trade down, again……More picks later will be fine and gaining another pick would be good. With the Cowboys 3rd and a 4th RD pick would be great move.

    If not, Seahawks will take a OL and WR with their 3rd round picks.

  7. JJones resisted drafting JFootball and the Cowboys drafted a rock solid OL. New guy running the board this yr, maybe he’s starting to keep his hands off his toy.

  8. This is a smokescreen. NFL front office dropped this rumor to drive the ratings up. Cowboys on the clock = high ratings. Bucs, Vikes, Jags on the clock = people deciding they’d rather watch the food network.

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