Report: Josh Gordon facing suspension after marijuana test

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Well, so much for the optimism generated in Cleveland by the drafting of Johnny Manziel.

According to a report from’s T.J. Quinn and Don Van Natta Jr., Browns receiver Josh Gordon could be facing a year-long suspension after failing a test for marijuana.

Gordon was suspended two games and fined two additional game checks last year, saying that test was the result of codeine-based cough syrup. But the report says that this punishment would stem from a failed marijuana test, and that he received a letter from the league telling him he faced a 16-game suspension but had the right to appeal. Gordon has a track record with marijuana suspensions from his days at Baylor as well.

Reached by phone Friday afternoon, Gordon told ESPN: “That’s something you’re going to have to talk to [agent] Drew Rosenhaus about. I really don’t know anything about it.”

Asked about an appeal, Gordon said, “I’m going to have to find out about that later. You need to call Drew,” before hanging up.

Rosenhaus declined comment but said the information was “not true.”

Gordon had 87 catches for 1,646 yards and nine touchdowns last year, and would have ostensibly been a big part of the reason for some optimism in Cleveland.

But as usual, that seems to be short-lived.


123 responses to “Report: Josh Gordon facing suspension after marijuana test

  1. Listen, debate and complain all you want about how marijuana is less harmful than alcohol is and how it should be legal, etc. But the bottom line is that the NFL, Gordon’s employer, has banned its use; therefore, until that ban is lifted, he has a responsibility like everyone else to abide by the rules. He didn’t.

  2. Let’s wait to hear the whole story, but if true, what a waste of talent.

  3. He was definitely stoned in his NFL network interview recently. I was thinking that when i watched it.

    Still, I disagree with the league rules. Who cares

  4. Why is cannabis even still illegal.. I mean really? Are we still in the dark ages or what?

  5. That’s get Johnny the bust manziel and we get get future pro bowler teddy bridge you have no wrs.we lol @ the cleveland clowns.SKOL

  6. Man. I just feel so bad for you Cleveland fans.

    On the other hand, if it’s marijuana, get over it NFL. It’s getting more and more legal. It’s much more safe for an NFL player to roll a joint and sit in his room, instead of getting drunk somewhere and driving home.

  7. It is 2014. He should be able to wriggle free from this by manipulating the system to his advantage. It is never the player’s fault.

  8. And he wanted to play with Marqise Lee. I think you’ll be playing in my backyard with me and Blackmon. All I have is Steveweiser’s, though. Hope that’s okay? SMH

  9. As a Bills fan whose team just swapped picks with Cleveland to grab the top WR prospect since Calvin Johnson, all I can say is…..LOL!

    I’d like to thank the NFL drug testing board for waiting a day to announce the news.

  10. Big day, bad day for the Brownies. Its so easy to cheer for them to get something.
    They are like the sad lil boy on the corner of the room. You just want him to be happy.
    I hope they still can kick the Bungals and Ratbirds.

  11. i bet cleveland regrets trading down from forth overall. they could’ve had watson or evans. cleveland fans just can’t catch a break.

  12. Crazy; He had to know he was being tested as he is in the program.

    If the team knew; why not keep their #25 and take WR Watkins? Not sure I like their moves as much as I did last night.

  13. as a Bills fan I suggest they should have drafted Watkins…would have better for both the Bills and Browns

    Both these franchises would be on the Mount Rushmore for the dumbest sport organizations of all time

  14. He posted a pic on instagram a couple of weeks ago that featured weed leaves tattooed on his back. Goodell must be following him

  15. Why would the NFL wait until now to reveal this information? Why would ESPN suddenly break it? Right after the Browns have a great draft night? I hate conspiracy theories and theorists, but this is a little ridiculous not to believe someone is trying to pull something here. What did Cleveland ever do to the NFL and ESPN to deserve this?

  16. You can’t fix stupid! Just cost himself MILLIONS! Ohhhhh the things I would do to be in his position.

    Guess now the Browns can trade up to #33 overall and get Marqisee Lee.

  17. I smoked a lot of weed when I was young, then I got a job that tested for it…I quit smoking.
    Not a real hard decision

  18. This punishes the fans too! I want to see Josh Gordon play.. I don’t give a crap if he smokes weed. I don’t smoke it and I’m a Redskins fan!

  19. this will bring in the first defesne of i was in the state of colorado/washington and it is not illegal there.. many had predicted this would open the can of worms ….sooner or later leagues are gonna have drop marijuana from the banned list…it will basically become the same thing as alcohol .. now the lean/coedine is a whole different story

  20. Typical Cleveland…they trade down instead of taking a dynamic playmaker (Watkins) to grab a corner that can’t tackle…& then trade up to grab a QB who will make more headlines than completions…but their fans bite….again (Couch, Quinn, Weeden, Trent Richardson, etc…) …at least Gordon is making quick work of the good feelings instead of having to suffer for another whole season of unmet expectations…

  21. I agree with most posters, marijuana should be legalized.

    However, if you’re making millions of dollars and one of the stipulations to that is you can’t smoke marijuana, yet you still choose to, you’re a complete fool and should be removed from the gene pool.

  22. The Factory of Sadness always finds a way to dissapoint.

    It’s really irrelevant though.

    The Vikings are winning the Super Bowl this year regardless.

    And Teddy Bridgewater is a top 5 QB already.

  23. Can u say moron…… He is like a cat. Instead of 9 lives. Insert failed drug tests. 3 in college. 2 in pros. Way to go josh.. Moron

  24. Can the browns fans get a refund with the 1500 season tickets they just sold yesterday? You’re usually okay within 7 days as long as it’s still in the original packaging

  25. I hope the Browns enjoyed their 20 hours of optimism. It’s all they’re going to get for the forseeable future.

  26. Meanwhile countless players are poisoning themselves with pain killers like Vicodin, and no one cares. Stop with the witch hunt! Weed is a safe and effective pain reliever when used properly.

  27. The dichotomy of the Browns is unbelievable…Just when we start having things looking up, we get torn right back down. Should not penalize a guy for what he does with HIS offseason. If he shows up to camp clean is all that should matter. The fact that they even test for pot is neanderthal.

  28. Amusing. Men living in a peanut butter castle in Mom’s basement wondering why grass is not legal in the NFL or outside of Colorado. The same people who think that wealth is luck and that you deserve my money, homes or assets. No one is responsible for your lack or work in high school or overall poor decision making but you. People that don’t get it don’t get that they don’t get it. Now let me nap I have to work on Monday. Some Lazy people on welfare are depending on me.

  29. You guys need to understand that the 2 Super Bowl teams are from the only 2 states where pot is legal. It is OBVIOUSLY Performance Enhancing.

  30. It has been said. Whether the rule is a bad one or a good one, every player is aware of it. You can be a multi-million dollar professional athlete, OR you can smoke weed. Not both at the exact same time. Try it, and pay the price.

  31. So … if marijuana isn’t a problem for people, why is it they can’t stop using it even though they are risking millions of dollars to do so?

  32. Even as a Steelers fan, I’m sorry to hear this. The Browns and their fans deserve better. Y’all just can’t get a break.

  33. Marqise Lee…Ray Farmer on Line 1.

    Josh Gordon…Celebrity Rehab on Line 2.

    The clowns are going to have to hope they get the Marqise Lee from two years ago. Otherwise Johnny Busto is going to be lobbing footballs to himself.

    Can’t wait to see the little dude get lined up by an NFL DE or Linebacker on one of those Tinkerbell spins…

    The City of Sorrow keeps churning out the hits!


  34. Couldn’t happen at a better time. At least we know what we need to go after now. This was only a matter of time before this went down.
    It’s just beyond stupid seeing how it’s not a P.E.D.

  35. This is ridiculous. Why even test for marijuana anymore. It’s basically legal now. This will kill Gordon’s career, for something so minuscule. I know he had a bad rap before but damn this sucks. I’m hoping he’ll beat this. It’s not as bad as a DUI.

  36. This just in Cleveland offers their #1, the Bills #1 for 2015, and their #1 in 2016 to trade back for Watkins. What a joke of a franchise.

  37. His two game suspension last year basically buried Weedens career as a quarterback, and now this? I know testing for pot is ridiculous but C’mon man!!! You know the rules!

  38. Now I don’t want to hear any more study’s that show marijuana is not addicting. It is so addicting that athletes give up millions of dollars to smoke it. They give up on their team to party with it. They give up on their fans to feel painless for a few hours. They give up their future to have a cloudy mind. The definition of addiction.

  39. Man, that must be some REALLY good weed if all these guys are willing to give up years of their careers and millions of dollars rather than just stop smoking for the few years of their careers.

  40. Use marijauna, one year suspension.

    Get two DUIs, have a felony weapons charge, and talk about having a bomb on an aircraft, you get an attaboy from Roger Goodell.

    That’s just how the NFL rolls.

  41. Can’t believe team didn’t know this was going down before the draft. If they did, they are pretty stupid for not taking Watkins . Oh yeah, I forgot where taking about Cleveland

  42. LOL @ NFL. Test positive for marijuana = season long ban. Get popped for domestic violence = 4 game suspension reduced to zero after appeal. I don’t get it.

  43. If you need a WR, this is your draft.

    You gained picks from other teams. Use them to get pass catchers ASAP!!!

  44. This just stinks.

    Why is it, so many NFL, MLB, and NBA players feel it’s ok to smoke dope, juice up, and do things they shouldn’t do, and break so many laws? When they know these things are illegal! It’s just stupid! Why waste the talent that you have just to smoke up?

    Saddens me to see so many people waste so much God given talent.

  45. Damn, man. I just heard. I cannot believe this. What a dummy. I remember when I was in the Navy there were guys who were in 15-18 years getting popped for weed and coke and you looked at them like, “Really?” You throw your career away for drugs, man? Really?”

    I’m hoping as a Browns fan that there is more to this, maybe contact and not actually smoking it, maybe trace elements, but even still I wouldn’t have that stuff around me knowing that I was a slip away from a year suspension. Damn. This is just baffling. He is a dummy and I’m being easy on him with that word.

  46. Just say “I didn’t inhale”. I’ve heard it’s worked for people of lower character than Gordon.

  47. He knows absolutely nothing about the league sending him a letter telling him he’s going to be suspended for a full season? He might want to look into that, though I’m sure he is REALLY busy.

  48. COME ON MAN. You can’t be serious.The whole season for smoking a joint? That is so unfair especially since its no longer a secret that weed is much safer, and healthier. Than alcohol,or the prescription drugs the N.F.L. Pumps down players throats. Do the right thing Goodell take marijuana off the banned list. (This is one change to the game. Iam sure everyone will approve of. To penalize not only the player, but the team, and the fans for a player smoking a harmless weed is a joke.

  49. A lot of money was lost today due to outdated policies that have created unnatural market forces. NFL’s business model for punishing marihuana smokers makes the NFL the laughing stock of big business. Markets need to be free and competition needs to be fair.

  50. I don’t think it matters. The Brownies Brass knew this was coming down the pipe, and that is why they picked a running QB.

  51. Just for grins and giggles I’d like to point out that marijuana is NOT a performance enhancing drug. Quite the opposite. It’s a pizza enhancing drug.

  52. As that great philosopher Forest Gump once said: “Stupid is as stupid does”.

  53. Selfish jerk, can’t stay out of the bud long enough to help his teammates.

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