Report: Ryan Mallett “not available” in trade


Just before the draft started on Thursday evening, Tom Curran of CSN New England reported that a trade sending quarterback Ryan Mallett from New England to Houston could “soon be done” and several other reporters followed up with reports that a deal was possible.

The Texans didn’t pick up a quarterback before the end of the first round, but, for the moment, it doesn’t look like that’s a result of plans for a trade. Ed Werder of ESPN reported on air Friday that he’s been told that Mallett is “not available” in a trade.

These are the days to take things with a grain of salt and this report isn’t any different. Whether or not Mallett is available early Friday afternoon has little bearing on whether he’d be available later in the day if a team made an appealing offer to New England for his services.

The Texans could find themselves making just such an offer if they don’t wind up drafting a quarterback who can upgrade the Ryan Fitzpatrick, Case Keenum and T.J. Yates trio they currently have at the position. They’ll have the choice of any quarterback still on the board when the second round gets underway unless they find a willing trade partner.

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  1. In other words– the Texans fans backlash and disappointment that their new coach was another Belicheat flunky got the team scrambling to “leak” about how “Mallet is so valued he is not even available.”

    Good luck Houston.

  2. Bortles went 3rd overall, Bridgewater 32nd.
    But no one wants to take a look at a guy with prototypical size, a cannon for an arm and 3 seasons of exceptional coaching under his belt?
    For far less the cost? Makes no sense.
    Good luck, Jacksonville and Minnesota.

  3. Who would want this guy anyway? Tebow almost took his job in training camp. If im Houston, I would seriously consider taking Zack Mettenberger. Potential steal in the 2nd round, and hes already being compared to Big Ben(and not becuz there last names both end with Berger)

  4. Mallet could have been had for a late round pick last year and now, in the last year of his contract, he’s not available?


  5. LOL Tebow did not almost take his job.
    And everyone is available for a trade, if the price is right.

  6. I that means Tampa’s qb of the future is about to be traded to the Texans .

  7. What exactly has he shown that would make him worth anything more than a 3rd round pick, which is where he was drafted a few years ago? He hasn’t done anything.

  8. The 33rd pick for Mallett, a 74th selection a few years ago, who has no in-game experience AND is in a contract year?

    Mallett didn’t show much at Arkansas, but we’re supposed to believe holding a clipboard behind Tom Brady has increased his skill set? Okay.

  9. Pats need a backup QB.

    Even if they draft a rookie today they will need a veteran on the bench as well.

    Mallets experience in the system makes him more valuable to NE than to anyone else as a backup and nothing Mallet has shown on preseason tape would make anybody give up a lot to try him as a starter.

    Nobody is going to offer New England enough to make it worth the Patriots while.
    If New England gets a veteran backup they like than Mallet will be available cheap.

    But getting a decent veteran QB is hard to do.

  10. It would be funny to see Houston get Carr with the first pick of the 2nd round … The irony would be classic!!!! I think only the mannings are the only brothers to get selected number one . But if Carr does in the 2nd round I wonder how many brothers get selected 1rst but in 2 different rounds and by the same team

  11. The Patriots aren’t gonna let this kid go without having a backup for Brady. Too bad for the teams that need a qb because he has a lot more going for him than any of the clowns in the current draft.

  12. Translated and bottom line. Texas got totally ambushed by the Minnesota Vikings trading up to the 32nd pick in round 1 to take Tedy Bridgewater. Bridgewater was clearly the guy O’Brien had coveted and thought he could stealth everyone by talking him down while taking Clowney. Houston thought they could shield him and grab him with the 33 pick in Round 2. But the Vikings sniffed it out because they were sitting on the same guy. And blew up the Texans plan. OOPS! Time for the fallback plan.

    Hey Bill! Any interest in trading Mallet for a #3 and #5 pick.

    And Billy Beli probably said..We’re gonna franchise Mallet after this year and stock up on all of those 1st round running backs and tight ends who slipped down last night. But if you serve up that 33 pick this year with 3 and 5 we may listen.” OOPS! The Vikings really gored the Texans with that Bridgewater move.






  14. The clock is ticking on the Patriots to get something for Mallett now. If they don’t get something for him now, he walks for nothing after this year. He is a better choice than every QB in this draft. He was a top ten talent until character issues knocked him to the 3rd round. Those issues are now nonexistent and he has had a couple of years working with Brady, McDaniel and Belichick. With Brady going nowhere soon, now is the time. The Texans would have to work out an extension. The trade cost would be a 3rd this year or a 2nd next year at most, more likely a 4th this year or 3rd next year if nothing else is involved.

  15. Why do they want him he will not play for 3 more years if he choses to resign there
    I think hes free agent after this yr which he will leave anyway he wants chance to start

  16. Learn from HOFer Tom Brady a few more years and then inherit one of the best teams in the NFL vs. free agency signing with roadkill like the Titans or Bucs. Tough call.

  17. I don’t believe he’s not available in a trade. He’s gonna walk next year for nothing otherwise. I’m sure this is just Bill posturing to drive up his value. I’d really love to see if Houston would be willing to trade the 33rd pick for Mallett and the 58th pick. Houston needs a QB and Bill O’Brien knows Mallett better than most people, so this fills their need and gives them someone with NFL experience. The 33rd pick would allow the Patriots to pick up a stud DE like maybe Tuitt or a TE to fill the Hernandez role like Jace Amaro. I think this trade benefits both sides

  18. Where do some of you people get info. Mallett could have been had for a late round pick last year and Mallett was almost beat out by Tebow last year, the only opinion that matter is Belichecks and he has stated many times how much he likes Mallett. For all the talk about bad preseason tape of the guy has been with back-up off. linemen and receivers. The same thing took place with Cassel in his last preseason with the Pats, everybody said he was going to be cut. He went 11-5 with the starters after Brady got hurt. Put Brady in the preseason with back up scrubs and he will look like crap too. I hope Mallet gets a chance to start at some point with the Pats to show the haters how uninformed they are.

  19. Two words for Houston; ‘Mark Sanchez’! El Sanchise es muy peligroso!!

  20. No way the Patriots trade Ryan Mallet for less than high second round pick this year along with number 1 next year. Real young starting quarterbacks with his pedigree don’t just fall off the watermelon wagon. Mallet is ready to start right now. He loves NE. And the coaches love him and his potential. And for some commenting above. Tebow never sniffed beating Mallet out. And Mallet always looked poised and promising in the preseason.

    The Patriots know that the Great Brady is one freak tackle away from being done forever. And Mallet is primed and ready to lead that young offense without them missing a beat. He wouldn’t be the leader that Brady is. But that doesn’t suggest he wouldn’t become one. Jst like Brady did. And for the losing him for nothing crowd. The Patriots will Franchise him next year before letting that happen. Just like they did with Matt Cassel.

  21. Werder is a rumor monger. The Pats would never tell him anything that they planned on doing. Remember when Ed was running around the Cowboys camp during the TO circus and he asked Parcells a question about T.O. Parcells looked at him and said “Why don’t you tell me what is going on because you seem to know everything.

  22. What would be a bigger bone headed move:

    1. The Patriots not trading Mallett this year

    2. Mallett re-signs with the Patriots after this season

    Don’t end up like the Lakers and hold onto a declining Pau Gasol when good trades to improve your team was on the table.

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